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Imagine… You are going through a difficult time.. In this situation, maybe you failed an exam or an unfortunate incident happened to you. <x__x>

Upset and in despair, you go to a friend or a family member to seek comfort and consolation. At this point you really need encouragement and a comeback however you can’t seem to bounce out of this gloom on your own.

So your buddy tries to revive your spirits and keep you positive but negativity overwhelms you. Well, you are deeply effected and saddened so much so you just can’t help but to counter every word with negativity and excuses to remain in this depressing state.

Then… your buddy says, “Hey! There are others who failed/are in a more terrible situation than you!”

“Sucks to be them…”, is what you may mumble under your breath. 

Or if you are feeling very sore, self-centered and the whole world is being unfair to you at the moment, perhaps you’ll snap back, “So!? What have THEY got to do with ME!?”

Otherwise, you might feel relief that others are going through the same unfortunate situation as you do and finally able to eat some cakes.

Personally, I don’t react well when people try to cheer me up along the lines of “who-and-who is doing worse than you!”

In fact it angers me! <`A´>/

I dislike when people expect me to cheer up after learning that other people are suffering the same situation or much worse because — you are asking me to rejoice upon other people’s misery! <`A´>/

I understand that you want me to be grateful that I’m not in total loss and despair as some other people however, it’s hard to find comfort and consolation in someone else’s misfortune. <´•__•`>

It just doesn’t feel right. <´•__•`>

Instead, I hope those people who are enduring the same problem or a great ordeal to pull through and may they find their solution and happiness.

I won’t say I’m so unselfish to think this way at the same time I don’t have that mentality of wanting to save just my own ass. Although I may not be able to relief these people of their worries, I certainly do not want to harp over their miseries to make myself feel any better.

With that said, please don’t ever tell me the grass on the other side is dying. Just — hug me and say, “Talk to me when you feel like it.” Of course, say this only if you mean it. (Laughs)


Sheep wonders… Is it wrong to think and see it this way? <´•__•`>

Oh well… What do you think? <.__.>

↑ Tomorrow — Sheep in Wonderland~! (Laughs)

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1.  Mei
July 29th, 2011 at 1:48 am

That’s an adorable Alice in Wonderland costume. ♥

Anyway, I don’t think it’s wrong to think that way. In my opinion, that’s a thoughtful and kind way of thinking.

When people say those kinds of expressions, they’re really pointing out how your situation could be worse, but when you put it that way, it’s understandable those kinds of things would anger you.

2.  bubuchacha
July 30th, 2011 at 8:04 pm

Same here Ms Aya!

I think you have a real good reason to feel bad about being compared to people who also experienced the same misery!

Personally, I cant draw strength to move on on other people’s bad experiences. I dont find it very uplifting anyways. Its as if your unintentionally letting them down in any sort if you resort to that way of thinking.

3.  Dino-chan
July 30th, 2011 at 11:04 pm

I hate it too when people commented ” You are so much lucky than many people out there” and etc. Why must we compare?? You are you, you are not me, I am not you.

Your sadness or negative thoughts are not as same as unfortunate people out there. Everyone’s situations are different. The best way is stop comparing. ;( But people do compare … is hard to change that fact.

Sheep is human, the people who commented below this post are too. We have feelings, we sometimes emotional ~ is no wrong and is NOT a criminal to cheer a person up! T_T ~~ it doesn’t cost that much time deshou?

Just like you said – rejoice upon other people’s misery. ;/ ~ Hidoi yo! Sounds like sadist!~ Am I right?

I won’t do such a thing, I will try my best to cheer them up because it is very cruel to say that sentence. We should brainwash their brains

4.  Circle
July 30th, 2011 at 11:05 pm

Sheep in Wonderland is wonderful~!
I love the soul you put in the outfit ! Simple and fulfilled with a child spirit~! This is just so Alice~!
Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, ok !
So, you got your personal way of thinking ?
Is it wrong or not ? … Well, does it matter ? That’s just the way you are !
In my opinion, trying to change self is a dangerous because illusory and it can make things even worse. As it is said, “the leopard cannot change its spots”. It is way better to stay what we are, and try to be aware of our personal behaviors so we can handle them in a more appropriate manner.
Moreover, as we are human beings, we are deeply subject to our own feelings which alters our perception, right and wrong can become fuzzy sometime.
So… how can you be the wrong one because you’re not thinking just as the others ? Most of great people had their own way of thinking ! However, it won’t make you someone exceptional just because of a very personal way of thinking ! *laughs*
You made your own opinion from your experiences, don’t let yourself be uncomfortable because you try to do as others.
How you think, I find it simple, deep hearted, as a mother would comfort her child ! Why to bother with pointless comparisons ? When concerned about your friends and you want to share you heart with them, best solution is just give a hug. Lot of people needs contact, but This is not an easy thing to give and receive.
So… You may be disappointed not to receive because people can be scared of doing something wrong. Well, don’t be disappointed, never !
Ok, so what about me ?
I don’t know what would be the best for me, I know that a sincere hug would make all my troubles lighter, and just as you, other people misery saddens me, so it doesn’t help stating their distress.
Okay, talk to me whenever you want ! *pats Sheep* Baah.
Ba~Bai !

5.  madq
August 2nd, 2011 at 12:28 pm

I kind of believe in karma where a positive attitude results in positive energy. I do try to have epathy for other people. I’ve felt sadness so I can relate to other people’s misfortunes. I worry, what if I stopped caring?

6.  Monkeyd
August 3rd, 2011 at 9:01 pm

From personal experience, I do not try to cheer anyone up because no matter what I say, it won’t help. You can never say, “I know what you are going through” because you do not know what they are going through, even if a similar thing happened to you. Everyone has their own emotional threshold and sensitivity.

Sometimes when you try to console someone it will backfire and the person will get angry at you, and if it is a girl, the waterworks starts. Girls are quite troublesome at times. I have also gotten in trouble because I did not try to console, which was because the last time I did try, I was told, “leave me alone”.

I have learned how to deal with girls who are upset, call up their girlfriends and tell them to take over, but I do stand by. It’s not that I do not care, it is because I cannot help. I do not want to hear “why did you not try to console me”. So I do what I can. I care, therefore I do what is best and so I do not care if I am accused of being insensitive, when I was being sensitive and understanding…. ‘nuf about be.

I have not been consoled that often, mainly because I never took anything to heart. Very few things turn me off and so I might not always be happy, but I am usually content. I can still understand why you would be more upset. Someone trying to make you feeling better by pointing out someone else that is less fortunate than you is quite low. But, don’t we all do it ourselves at some time or another. You see a celebrity on TV followed and bugged by paparazzi or some other poor soul, the first thing you say to yourself is “I feel sad for him/her”, then your mind goes to “I am glad I am not in his/her shoes.”

The Alice costume reminds of a MONSTER from the game I used to play. Here is how it looked:


7.  Monkeyd
August 6th, 2011 at 3:01 pm

Argh. The link is broken. :@

Working link:


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