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The Sheep Goes on to Blog!

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You know…

Every time when I wish to quit something.. The minute I lash out whether by crying or throwing tantrums (or via blogging)… All of the sudden I feel I don’t ever want to quit.

… The day I bid farewell to PaperDiaries and you guys.. is the day I actually felt like blogging the most.

What the heck right!? <OAO>

Suddenly I am like — Screw the whole self-conflicts and just type away as usual!

As my dear friend Alicia W who told me to do what makes me the happiest, so as my fellow readers…

I guess.. blogging is still in my heart. <u__u>

[ . . . ]

With that said, expect more nonsensical posts from sheep!

This is Ms Aya writing to everyone once again and she has rolled out a red carpet for everyone to line up and each may slap me on my sheepish cheeks for announcing her dumb retirement.

Circle, Dan, Axile, Dino-chan, Alicias, IsaMiao, Bubuchacha, Pittan, Madq, Monkeyd, Evan, Pix, Owl, all the stealth ninjas — come! Apply natural blush on my cheeks! (Laughs)

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Hey-o everyone.

By right, sheep is supposed to retire from blogging and apparently a lot of you were sad about it. *Aw*

Well I am not here to eat back my words, though very tempted as I really love blogging and you peeps are so fun to meddle with. (Laughs)

Anyway right now I am here to announce that I’ve received an e-mail from imodelsholding. Another invitation, you say?


They want to press charges on PaperDiaries because of my blog entry about them  → Click Here to read

The said e-mail which I received this evening. ↓

To which I replied ↓

Dear Dove,
I will not remove my blog post on your modeling agency.

In this blog entry, it started out as a question and curiosity about modeling agencies (such as yours) that operate alike, followed by information and testimonials I happened to find online, precautions and feedbacks from my readers.

Since I did come across your modeling agents, I decided to include your agency’s name, otherwise the information on my blog will be just as invalid as your additional reason regarding my post that was based on other sources and not entirely my own experience.

While it is true I did not go over to your office to fully witness and learn your agency’s operation, it is however my right to surf online and gather information about any agencies before deciding to commit myself — in which turned out I received nothing but negative remarks on your company.

And in defense of my readers and those who stumble onto such information, they deserve to know whether an agency is authentic as we are all very well aware of scams happening in all sorts of forms. (somebody has to get the information out there, nay?)

In other words, I viral the information I found, noted that I’ve seen your agents in Bugis and Orchard, and emphasized the safety and precaution steps for those who aspire to be models.

“I could be wrong about i Models Holdings since I’ve not personally been for the interview. This entry is based on what I’ve found online and if you have landed on this post through search engines, then it must mean you are also seeking for information regarding this subject — In other words, it’s just like what I’m doing — Scouting for information before making any moves.

All in all, this entry is directed to agencies that could turn out to be scams or at the very least — misleading in their promises. I’m mostly trying to stress the point about keeping your guards up to such approaches.”

As quoted above from my blog post, I believe I am being very fair in my research and have urged my readers that they may go for your try outs with a promise of being careful and wise.

Do know, prior to releasing this blog entry to the public eyes, I tried searching online to prove myself wrong about your agency but to no avail. Until today, all I read is ‘scam’.

Your ill reputation were reconfirmed by my readers (some of your former recruits) in my comment’s section. I cannot force them to apple polish your operation; everything is as it appears and many were not happy with your agency apparently.

I bet you, if I were to have attended your interview and was gravely dissatisfied with your service, I would come home and blog about it and your agency will find a way to penalize me somehow. So please do not give the excuse that blogging and spreading information I’ve found is not valid and usable hence should be removed.

I know your company is trying to defend the reputation however requesting to remove people’s opinions on your company will not help. My readers and myself — we do not fancy fibbing.

For now, this is my defense and I stand by it.

Ms Aya from
Visit Ms.Aya at


If there are more replies, sheep shall add it to this post and keep it updated for all of you.

For the time being, what do you fellas think?
Is sheep in the wrong here? 

What would you say or do if you are in this situation?

*Updates! – 22nd July 2011*

Got a reply from imodels.

Very lengthy indeed… And the legitimacy is questionable too. <=__=>

Mmm… I think it will be pointless to reply with the same length of paragraphs because ultimately — I won’t remove my blog post.

Baa… Can I just reply as the following? ↓

Remove post?

Hahaha… No. <^-^>

Sounds like a troller, nay? XD


Anyway, I posted the above e-mail in no means to harm their reputation but instead, to convey their message to others. Well.. Why conservatively share the details with me when you should be explaining your operation to the many unhappy peeps in the comments area, right? <u__u>

Farewell, My Buddies

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers

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