As We Grow, Life Changes

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How is everyone feeling? <´•ω•`>

Is there anything you are very enthused about? Or nervous because there are exams waiting for you to crack over? <´∀`>ノ

In any case, I very well hope everyone is doing fine and dandy~

On my part… Thankfully sheep is less upset and seem to be regaining her spirits. A good night’s sleep is the best cure to ‘restarting’ the mind’s gear! In all honesty~!

With this said, do try to turn in early for the night instead of staying all night drowning in worries~

Anyway today… I had  lunch with a colleague and she told me bits and pieces of her marriage. Ever since I begun working here, I’ve been hearing words like ‘parents’, ‘wives’, ‘husbands’ and ‘children’ a lot. It’s a school — Of course those words crop up like mushrooms!

The thing is — Some of my colleagues are already married and they share a glimpse about their husbands (Well, majority of the staffs are women).

So after I had lunch with my colleague, I can’t help but to feel odd because — Husband talk?

I thought only 30+ year old people talk about their spouses— 

[ . . . ]

Please let me rephrase: Only women talk about their husbands. We know darn well husbands don’t talk about their wives (unless they want to do their dick measuring to see who scored the best babe OR mighty scared their wives find out about their secret cubicle bitching).


So I then remembered that my colleague is more senior than me; so is the rest of the staffs. In addition, I realized that I am in this new phase in life in which the subjects of interest changes.

You know… When you are in kindies to elementary school — You talk to your mummy about that boy you like in school.

Then in secondary school, you have ‘crushes’ and may even have ‘boyfriends’.

In University, they are still known as boyfriend(s) — well.. A truly privileged boyfriend(s) with exclusive treatment.

Thereafter, we may now pronounce you, “Husband and wife~

Currently I am in the after-20-years-old dating stage. Come to think of it, I have not been listening to girly gossips on who-is-having-a-crush-on-who anymore. They just don’t reach my ears anymore and this has made me understand why adults couldn’t seem to care of such things anymore.

Uno, it doesn’t concern them (provided their daughter is being fiercely pursued by a horny teenage boy). Duos, they have their own level of gossips.

Eventually we grow out of old habits and routines, correct? <.__.>

Style changes. Topics changes. Priority changes. Preference changes.

The point is — you will go very far in life, maybe at a fast pace too without realizing and once you do stop to let events seep in, you will find out that you’ve changed — or not, but the environment that surrounds you most definitely has evolved (Heaven forbids — The world deteriorates and every living being mutates into a vicious zombie out for live meat — GAAAH! Ma ta ro!”

From talking about anime and games to husband talk — that’s a big leap for me! (Laughs) I mean — When I was younger, I did interact with adults however they do not discuss about their husbands to me — rather, they gloat about their children and how adorable they are. <-__->

Anyway I’m a bit stunted at the moment and I foresee there will be tons of family talks ahead of my days. I guess my youth is expiring soon.. (Laughs nervously)


I can always come home, eat a pack of Skittles and become a 9 year old again! You too, when you’re happy, you’re happy and that makes you youthful. Keep this in mind! 

Oh right, since this entry is about age — I might as well lump this topic which I intended to blog on a separate entry. 

Sorry to keep you here for long? Sheep will be quick — promise! <´•ω•`>/

Working in this environment, I meet people of all ages. Young, same age, old — Just when you think it’s a great pool of people to socialize with.

However for some of us… we seem to only be attracted to people of a certain age.

Perhaps you get along better with your friend’s parents than your school mates. Or you prefer to hang out with the kids in the playground than to join your office folks.

Pretty sure you noticed that your friends mostly consist of a particular age, either older, younger or as old as you are.

Well I think that initially, we commence by making friends who are in the same year as we do. For one, when we go to school we are grouped according to age and then put in the same class. So naturally we start our friendship building in our classroom.

Then we slowly connect to other classmates who are also in the same year. From there, our social network expands and we mingle with people of all ages.

But why do we have this connection to people of a particular age?

Example, why is he so popular among the younger girls and why does the seniors hang out with that junior girl!?

You know, that sort of thing?

Well my hypothesis would be…

It’s all about your maturity level.

Suppose you are more interested in life after college, you would prefer to hang out with your working seniors to learn and get insights of working life.

So as for children lovers (No, I don’t mean pedophiles and cougars mind you!),  you naturally have the ability to deal with them than with a fully grown adult.


This will be as far as I explain my hypothesis because..

As promised — Sheep shall not keep you here any longer therefore today’s questions~~~!

1. What stage in life are you in now? As in what kind of topic mostly surrounds you?

2. What do you think will always be your interest in conversation? Games? Celebrities? Gossips on your friends *naughty naughty*

3. Which age group do you feel most comfortable with and which is lesser?

4. Do guys talk about girls? <.__.>

5. If someone were to pay you $100 to drink 5 cans of coke and follow up with 5 somersaults, would you take up this wage?

5. … Do you find sheep being a nuisance online? (Laughs nervously)

PS: I see very long replies in the previous entries. Sheep will try to reply as soon as possible. With this sudden surge of happy energy, sheep is going to abuse it by running in circles ergo.. see ya~

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1.  Monkeyd
July 19th, 2011 at 7:19 am

[1] I am working too. Not in the field I want to but it is better than sitting at home waiting for the perfect opportunity. My co-workers are family people but they rarely talk about them in the workplace. There are always a few in every office who boast about their kids. “Do yo know my kid for 1st place in so-and-so competition”, “My son got into blah-blah university with so-much scholarship”, “My daughter sings like lady gaga :P ” and so on … They exaggerate every small detail to make it seem like their children fell from the sky.

[2] As for an evergreen conversation would be anything about the school days. Just thinking of them makes me nostalgic and happiest person. They are not all good memories, but me and my friends cherish them all. It is the most common, talked of, topic among us and I am sure will remain so forever.

[3] I do not like kids in general. I grew to dislike them because the parents do not discipline them properly and they grow up as needy, spoiled brats. I do not mind being around kids that are inquisitive and well mannered. I appreciate those qualities mainly because that is how my parents bought me and my sister up. Like most, I do prefer to be around those of my age. I do have some younger friends, but I cannot talk about the things of my generation to them. I feel there is a big generation gap.

[4] None of my friends are married yet. A couple of them are engaged though. We do not talk about girls in a demeaning manner. We might tease each other for leering at one and some basic chat about our girlfriends. Definitely no “***k measuring to see who scored the best babe.” That’s just disgusting.

[5] NO ! I once accepted a challenge to drink a gallon of milk under one minute. The WORST experience of my life. I don’t even go near milk now. There is no point risking health issues to rake in some cash. the repercussions might end up being worse than what the cash would help. I did mine for fun and I still won’t recommend anyone attempting it.

[6] No. ‘Nuff said.

2.  Circle
July 20th, 2011 at 3:04 pm

☼~\≤´v`≥/ ~ohayo ! (Nanaaaa~~ Katamari on the swing~~ !)

Holidays since Tuesday, can play video games all night long ! *laugh & cry*

Relieved that Ms. Aya feels fine now ! Wait, is she ? I don’t know since twitter said otherwise !

Anywayyy ! Let’s have a sunlight bath ! Write to Sheep changes a wasted day into a good one.

So Sheep is working in school and is the youngest ? Just as I am.

Let’s talk about the topic, heh ?

I can’t say much, just agree to what you said. *cries*

No matter what my colleagues talk, I just can’t get into their world ! Always talking about their family, complain about pupils, sometime talking on X ! Adults are boring, they only make me think I’m a child. Of course I am ! I don’t want to be a grown up if this means being pissed off all day long ! *laughs*
Maybe this is because I work in the wrong place. I don’t like french educational system so why would I even work there ?! Am I masochist ?
Hopefully, I got a funny colleague which seems to enjoy listening my bulling ! Too bad she always push me to look for a girlfriend. -___-
Then, it won’t last because I’ll change work next year.
Soooo… I could investigate on married men for Sheep~! Seems they rarely talk about their wife ! When they do, it’s just for bitching on her ! How cheap !
Nobody talk about Skittles there, #1 topic seems to be holidays & holiday trip/places, then comes up week-ends. Lame from “grown-ups” ! Why can’t they enjoy the whole week, the whole day ? Will they get harmed to enjoy working ? Duh. Sorry !

Ok ! Questions ! Answers !! Love that. Love games such as “from the answer, guess what was the question” too.

1 – Err… I think I’m in the stage “you should have a girlfriend before you get ugly” since that’s what I can ear around me everyday. *laughs*
Seriously, what’s the matter to be such in a hurry ? I don’t care being ugly when I met her, she’ll love the whole me. Will she ? *laughs*
Topics around me can change from friends to friends. (I stated for work already) Topic #1 ‘girls’, slightly different depends of the person (b.e. one of my friend got a big crush I introduced to him, another friend wanted to introduce me to his girlfriend, before he met her, he was telling me how much he wished to have one). Topic #2 ‘boys’ which is the girly alternative of topic #1. Topic #3 seems to be politic, which bores me.
Topic #4 ‘this world sucks’, can be translated “work world”.
I’d like to say Topic #1 is Dreaming ! But seems that everyone around me is so depressed !

2 – Dreamin’~~☆ ! I could spend my whole life sharing what’s inside. As of mainstream subjects… I can’t say, it depends of the person more than the topic itself. Everything can become my tea cup as long as it leads us somewhere !

3 – Tricky. I don’t know. I’m not uncomfortable with people, but saying which age group I feel comfortable or no… Cookie lovers ?

4 – As you can see in my answer to question #1, YES ! A lot ! They can change from day to night when it comes to girls ! I feel roreny~~! .____.

5 – Ms. Aya is my best ☆nuisance★ ever !


(I don’t make any effort to talk a proper english… duh ! ):

See ya~~ !

3.  madq
July 22nd, 2011 at 1:28 pm

1. Rebuilding and assuring stability.
2. I’m mostly a listener who tends to ask alot of questions. Easy to keep a conversation going.
3. Doesn’t matter.
4. Yup…
5. Probably wouldn’t
6. We’re the ones soliciting your blog. Can’t say you are.

4.  Mei
July 28th, 2011 at 12:48 am

Having a job must be nice. I wanted to have a job this summer, but my dad insisted that I spend my vacation without any work. I wish I took the job; it’s boring without having school to look forward to.

I’m not really sure what stage of my life I’m in. I suppose I could see I’m at that point where I’m starting to communicate with others who are older or younger than me. High school does that to you I presume. (Maturity! \o/)

Although I do admit that my main interest in conversations is, uh, rather difficult for me to say. Though I will say it’s filled with a lot of insanity, but those conversations only happen when I’m around with those who I know really well.

It’s pretty much me talking about this history anime called “Hetalia” and then ends with me screaming, “The Spanish Armada!” or “The Austrian Succession War!”

I feel more comfortable with those my own age. Anyone under or over will make me feel a bit nervous especially if it’s just the two of us.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that guys talk about girls. A chance to get $100? Sure, I’ll do it. I need the money anyway to prepare for this anime con. Nuisance? Where on Earth did you get that idea? You are most certainly not one. :)


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