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Mood: Mad


Imagine… You are going through a difficult time.. In this situation, maybe you failed an exam or an unfortunate incident happened to you. <x__x>

Upset and in despair, you go to a friend or a family member to seek comfort and consolation. At this point you really need encouragement and a comeback however you can’t seem to bounce out of this gloom on your own.

So your buddy tries to revive your spirits and keep you positive but negativity overwhelms you. Well, you are deeply effected and saddened so much so you just can’t help but to counter every word with negativity and excuses to remain in this depressing state.

Then… your buddy says, “Hey! There are others who failed/are in a more terrible situation than you!”

“Sucks to be them…”, is what you may mumble under your breath. 

Or if you are feeling very sore, self-centered and the whole world is being unfair to you at the moment, perhaps you’ll snap back, “So!? What have THEY got to do with ME!?”

Otherwise, you might feel relief that others are going through the same unfortunate situation as you do and finally able to eat some cakes.

Personally, I don’t react well when people try to cheer me up along the lines of “who-and-who is doing worse than you!”

In fact it angers me! <`A´>/

I dislike when people expect me to cheer up after learning that other people are suffering the same situation or much worse because — you are asking me to rejoice upon other people’s misery! <`A´>/

I understand that you want me to be grateful that I’m not in total loss and despair as some other people however, it’s hard to find comfort and consolation in someone else’s misfortune. <´•__•`>

It just doesn’t feel right. <´•__•`>

Instead, I hope those people who are enduring the same problem or a great ordeal to pull through and may they find their solution and happiness.

I won’t say I’m so unselfish to think this way at the same time I don’t have that mentality of wanting to save just my own ass. Although I may not be able to relief these people of their worries, I certainly do not want to harp over their miseries to make myself feel any better.

With that said, please don’t ever tell me the grass on the other side is dying. Just — hug me and say, “Talk to me when you feel like it.” Of course, say this only if you mean it. (Laughs)


Sheep wonders… Is it wrong to think and see it this way? <´•__•`>

Oh well… What do you think? <.__.>

↑ Tomorrow — Sheep in Wonderland~! (Laughs)