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Why o Why o Why

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers

Mood: Languid

In reply to a certain tweet:

“What made you began to write over the internet and look there for someone special ?”

I won’t say I blog so that I can connect to my special somebody out on the Internet.

I just want to write the things I couldn’t say in person or never had the chance to do so. You see, as a person I see myself as a hideous being which no one will ever pay enough interest to engage a conversation with. Besides I don’t speak as good as I do in writing and I am usually quite slow in responding. I behave rather awkwardly in person too!

Blogging for me is to reveal my inner self in a way however, it might seem misleading as I may not appear to be how I really am as a person. In other words, my writing and behavior may not match the impression you may have initially formed. One thing is for certain, my thoughts and feelings remain the same despite how my words and actions may differ.

[ . . . ]

Oh gosh, sheep is so emo at the moment! <´•___•`>

Pardon me for blogging very negative entries off late. Something is awfully wrong and bothering me for which I can’t seem to speak of.

I hope.. you all are happier than me. It sucks to be languid and crabby, you know.

That said, hope to bounce back to enthusiasm and blog lively entries for you peeps behind the screen~♥

PS: Auwlithe says, “Hi!”

“Please feed me!” (Laughs)