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The Sheep Goes on to Blog!

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers

Mood: Yay!

You know…

Every time when I wish to quit something.. The minute I lash out whether by crying or throwing tantrums (or via blogging)… All of the sudden I feel I don’t ever want to quit.

… The day I bid farewell to PaperDiaries and you guys.. is the day I actually felt like blogging the most.

What the heck right!? <OAO>

Suddenly I am like — Screw the whole self-conflicts and just type away as usual!

As my dear friend Alicia W who told me to do what makes me the happiest, so as my fellow readers…

I guess.. blogging is still in my heart. <u__u>

[ . . . ]

With that said, expect more nonsensical posts from sheep!

This is Ms Aya writing to everyone once again and she has rolled out a red carpet for everyone to line up and each may slap me on my sheepish cheeks for announcing her dumb retirement.

Circle, Dan, Axile, Dino-chan, Alicias, IsaMiao, Bubuchacha, Pittan, Madq, Monkeyd, Evan, Pix, Owl, all the stealth ninjas — come! Apply natural blush on my cheeks! (Laughs)