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Mystery Clothes!

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This is Ms Aya your ordinary ‘O’ type girl who is trying on a dress that.. doesn’t belong to her~! ↓

Strange story. 

My mother found this black piece along with a knitted blouse hung up neatly in her wardrobe. She is positive that she never bought such clothes before. Besides, they aren’t her type (and size)! <≧A≦>/

[ . . . ]

Don’t look at me! 

I have no idea where did those come from. 

I did not buy any clothes recently and if I did, I will quickly have them wash and wear on the following day *You darlings will definitely see them on the blog/Twitter*! (Laughs)

This is quite strange, don’t you think?

I then jokingly asked my mother, “Hey, is THAT MAN still living with us?” 

You see.. Long ago when we shared the same roof with dad, I remember my mum, brother and I used to find ‘new clothes’ in the laundry basket; a black working skirt, a woman’s blouse with lipstick marks on and a little boy’s clothing — none of which belonged to any of us.

Mmm… Suspicious AND dirty laundry indeed. 

Mum questioned that man about the clothes and hastily, he claimed his office colleagues were pulling a prank on him. 

That dastardly ass would say all sorts of lies — ridiculous lies I tell you that an 8 year old could detect his fibs! 

They are so pathetic to the point telling the truth is a much easier option than pressuring the brain for stupid excuses. 

Anyway, we cut ties with this man and now we are leading a happy and peaceful life! (Laughs)

So yea, now you know who doesn’t celebrate Father’s Day. 

As a child, it was painful and filled with disappointment however, things turned out splendidly well!

That said… For your sake I sincerely hope you don’t have a father like mine.. or.. end up with a cheating husband.. or be an adulterous spouse. <u__u>

Baa… Perhaps if given some time, I should blog on “Life with an Adulterous Father.” (Laughs) 

Perhaps so~

What say you?

And regarding the mystery clothes — really have no clue how it got in mum’s closet. 

For those of you who have sisters, you probably get your clothes mixed up, right? (Laughs)

[ . . . ]

[ . . . ]

Abai yo~♥!

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