No! My Polaroid Camera!

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I’m so upset right now! <´•__•`>

Weeks ago, clumsy sheep dropped her Polaroid camera and now it can’t seem to function at all!

It landed on the floor so hard that the batteries and certain parts came rolling out! 

I put everything back into place and even changed the batteries but it just wouldn’t work!

I also tried to dismantle the camera just to check the insides if there were any loose or broken parts however there’s this one very stubborn screw that prevents me from doing so!

Oh so frustrated and upset! <TAT>

What am I to do~!?

I wonder if taking to the camera shop for repair will help… <´•__•`>

It’s a waste to let it be a mere look-at ornament in the house. (Cries)


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1.  Dino-chan
June 11th, 2011 at 10:03 pm

Is still consider a camera.
>_< Go to camera shop and see whether can it be fixed first.

:) Is not antique camera so is for sure they cannot say do not have spare part to repair it.


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