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Today I’m here to address a problem regarding the Blackberry Bold Wi-Fi and BIS issue.

Blackberry is all about going online 24 hours using the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS for short) in which we subscribe via our service provider (Eg Orange, Starhub, Digi, Maxis et al).

Some users may not fancy the idea of subscribing to BIS on a monthly basis because they think it’s alright to leech on hotspots with Wi-Fi all the time however and sadly, Blackberry Bold doesn’t let you off easily.

Just when you think you can save money without the use of BIS by leeching on Wi-Fi networks, you instead find your phone credit/bill going sky high; a leakage in your credit!

I’ve mentioned this matter a bit in my review but here are some emphasis.

Pardon me if I don’t get the terms/jargons correctly! I’m not an expert in this area! <-__->

And in this case, it’s mostly for prepaid users as I have no idea how postpaid works.

For starters, please do this! ↓


You’ll find out why soon enough.

So without further ado…

Scenario #1:


  1. did not subscribe to BIS
  2. switch on your Wi-Fi
  3. surf the browser
  4. can’t access certain apps (Blackberry apps world, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp…)

Surprise! — your phone credit drastically drops like a stock market gone horribly wrong!

What happened?

I thought I was on Wi-Fi?
Yes, you were however Blackberry’s Wi-Fi and Service Network is connected which means if you go on Wi-Fi, you are using your mobile network to connect as well. It’s like you’re being charged double!

How do I configure the primary Internet network to be Wi-Fi instead of my mobile service?
As for other phones, we are able to select a primary profile to surf the Internet. For instance if we do not use Wi-Fi, we will get prompts on whether to use our Service Provider profile which may require charges OR to switch on the Wi-Fi. Unfortunately BlackBerry does not function this way. You CANNOT SET WI-FI as your primary Internet connection. Don’t ask why, there’s just no option for that!

So how can I avoid credit deduction when using Wi-Fi to surf?
Then SWITCH ON your Wi-Fi and DATA SERVICES. ↓

This way, your phone credit won’t get deducted. In this state you will however not be able to make or receive calls and smses because your phone line has been deactivated.

Once you are done, SWITCH OFF the Wi-Fi and most importantly, your DATA SERVICES!

Scenario #2


  1. Subscribed to BIS
  2. Find your credit mysteriously deducted!

What happened?

You have exceeded your BIS data limit.

When you subscribed to BIS data plan, there is a limit given depending on your service provider and their data package. For some service providers, they do not state the data limit and when you go overboard, you received no notifications and thereafter, further usage will be charged on your phone credit or bill.

In other words, you have to treat your BIS data as precious phone credit which means, use them sparingly!

How do I reserve my BIS data?
Whenever there’s Wi-Fi within your zone, please connect! By doing so, you are using the bandwidth and speed of the Wi-Fi, which means you’re not using your BIS data and is less taxing.

Opening and uploading files that are huge requires lots of data therefore, either you connect to Wi-Fi or try to reduce the size.

Also be aware of active applications running in the background. ↓

Leaving your app (for example: Twitter) running on its own will consume data without your knowledge!

So keep it close to prevent data lost.

For the time being, I can only come up with these as solutions to the problem.

[ . . . ]

Are you regretting your decision to get a BlackBerry now? <´•__•`>

.. Well.. Me too.. <´•__•`> (Cries)

Anyway, if you have questions or alternative solutions — shoot away!

We are in this together!

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We are in this together! *cries*


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