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Judging a Book by its Cover

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We are taught never to judge a book by its cover for appearance can be misleading and surprises unfold. One’s heart may not be as beautiful as the face and a plain exterior may very well have the most exciting personality that others can only hope for.

Nobody enjoys being judged critically based on appearance alone because we believe we are worth more than what meets the eye. Additionally, it is rude and discriminating to form assumptions according to one’s look.

You would be upset if somebody thinks you’re immature and an incapable adult just because you have a childish face or that you don’t stand out as a pretty being in which people concludes that you are a loser with no greatness in presence.

In every way, we are not pleased if people were to judge us according to our exterior — especially when they get us at the wrong angle! (Laughs)

Although we do our best to refrain from being so judgmental, we still commit this act rather shamelessly, which brings me to wonder…

“How do you judge a book by its cover?”

What is it that you sought after in a person’s face to tell you if he or she is a pleasant or a menacing individual? <.__.>

Is it by their outward presentation; the way they style their hair? The clothes they wear? Does the way a person smile affects your thoughts and feelings for them?

There are many signs and things to look out in a person that helps us to give an idea or pre-warn ourselves what kind and how an individual might turn out to be.

Personally, I used to hate it when people make assumptions about my persona. A number of people thought I was an evil snub and that I’m anything but a Chinese (which I really am a Chinese!). Or that I look older than my actual age and… <-__-> .. a few other stuff.

However I came in terms that I cannot stop people for assuming based on my looks therefore what you can do is, as you may have already been taught — Prove them wrong. <^-^>/ (Laughs)

I admit, I do judge people by their looks and I’m not ashamed of doing so because I always tell myself, “Hey! You could be wrong — I hope you are wrong! This person could be a good person for all you know so please, give a chance!”

Do not jump to conclusions until proven to be true.

However my dear friends and readers, please…

I hope when you are judging people from their looks, do not judge by their natural born features.

That’s silly and you get nothing out of it.

How does having a slightly imbalanced eye width indicates that this person is a bad or good person? A slightly bigger than usual nose does not mean this person is a greedy pig just like a natural born wide doe eyes does not imply an everlasting innocence.

In other words, to judge you have to be wise and just. You read a person by their behaviors and the way they carry themselves — Not by picking natural born flaws and defects. That is so mean. <`A´>/

When you get careless and fall on your butt, does your friend give away that gentle and kind smile? Or does she have that sinister ‘Serve you right, biatch’ grin?

I guess that’s how we tell a person’s character? Or at least this is how I do it. <_  _>lll

… Am I doing this the wrong way… I wonder. <´•ω•`>

You tell me.. and the rest of us! (Laughs)

Oh, one last thing I would like to point out.

“You can’t judge a book by its cover” is quite a bullshit phrase if you ask me. We all wear ourselves on the outside one way or another. I believe we study a person’s attitude and genuineness through the way we present and carry ourselves outwardly (i.e the way we dress, take care of our hygiene, speak, body language…).

It’s just that I think it’s ridiculous to read and make assumptions based on birth features such as how beautiful blue eyes are, small and cute noses, high cheeks, freckles — how silly. <=__=> There are no stories in those, really! (except scars and wounds)

Well then…

How do YOU judge your book covers, darlings? <´•ω•`>


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