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Mood: Happy and serene

It’s me again!

And it has been ages since I last held a pencil to dirty the paper! <−ω—>/

Well I suddenly had the urge to draw but couldn’t quite capture an image.

There are so many pictures I’d like to extract from my imaginations but upon confronting the paper, immediately I see blanks! <≥A≤>

I then wondered what I used to draw as a kid. <´•__•`>

You know? What kind of pictures do you draw when you were a kid?

For boys, mostly cars and large vehicles such as trucks and lorries whereas girls… we like to draw people in beautiful clothes. (Laughs)

Animals and flowers are favorites too.

“Can I come closer?”

Anyway, here’s a simple drawing by yours truly. ↑ <^v^>/

↑ The expression and body gesture is as though she is asking, “Can I come closer?” with a sheepish smile across her face.

A figure that got me started in drawing.

I used to draw girls (Sailormoon) in nice long dresses and because I couldn’t draw fingers and toes, I had to cunningly hide the arms and force my girls to wear high boots. (Laughs)

Although I still have troubles drawing fingers and toes, it has improved most definitely compared to before! <OAO>/!!!

Being able to redraw an image which I had always tried to put on paper really makes me happy and glad I can draw despite it’s just a small talent. I may not be a spectacular artist but I’m happy to be able to draw something from my mind.

Also redrawing an old artwork from my childhood makes me love drawing all the more!

Well then with this given inspiration, sheep is going to draw more pictures now~♥

For the time being, do tell me…

What did you draw as a kid?

Rainbows? Trees? Flowers? Mum and dad? (Laughs)

Or you hated drawing so you got someone else to do it for you? <^-^>lll