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Today I’m here to address a problem regarding the Blackberry Bold Wi-Fi and BIS issue.

Blackberry is all about going online 24 hours using the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS for short) in which we subscribe via our service provider (Eg Orange, Starhub, Digi, Maxis et al).

Some users may not fancy the idea of subscribing to BIS on a monthly basis because they think it’s alright to leech on hotspots with Wi-Fi all the time however and sadly, Blackberry Bold doesn’t let you off easily.

Just when you think you can save money without the use of BIS by leeching on Wi-Fi networks, you instead find your phone credit/bill going sky high; a leakage in your credit!

I’ve mentioned this matter a bit in my review but here are some emphasis.

Pardon me if I don’t get the terms/jargons correctly! I’m not an expert in this area! <-__->

And in this case, it’s mostly for prepaid users as I have no idea how postpaid works.

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No! My Polaroid Camera!

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I’m so upset right now! <´•__•`>

Weeks ago, clumsy sheep dropped her Polaroid camera and now it can’t seem to function at all!

It landed on the floor so hard that the batteries and certain parts came rolling out! 

I put everything back into place and even changed the batteries but it just wouldn’t work!

I also tried to dismantle the camera just to check the insides if there were any loose or broken parts however there’s this one very stubborn screw that prevents me from doing so!

Oh so frustrated and upset! <TAT>

What am I to do~!?

I wonder if taking to the camera shop for repair will help… <´•__•`>

It’s a waste to let it be a mere look-at ornament in the house. (Cries)