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The Sheep — DRIVES~!

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Good day, you all! 

How did you celebrate your Labor Day? Must have had a blast and ample rest I suppose! 

So many things going on in the famous people world, ne?

The Wedding of Prince William and — his lady whose name I don’t remember. And then there’s the death of Osama Bin Laden which… I wonder if there’s a conspiracy behind because I find it a bit coincidental that the minute Obama’s ethnic was questioned by Donald Trump, suddenly the most wanted man who has been on the run and hiding for 10 years is found and executed. A fabrication, perhaps?

Baa… <-___-> Suspicious indeed!

But who am I to say? I hardly follow the news and the little knowledge that I have can barely form a solid opinion. <=__+>

Anyway that is for America to think. <u__u>

Now… a small update and progress on my side, to those who are curious.. <^ω^>

Despite that sheep is 5 years late, sheep has finally started her course on driving~! (Laughs)


For the very first time, I got behind the steering wheel AND moved the car! (Arcade and bumper cars are not counted!) 

Somehow I realized that driving isn’t all that frightening. I still find that people are more scary than anything else! <TAT>/

So today I spent a few hours rounding the driving circuit. It’s going to take more practice to completely maneuver a manual car.

Damn, the Clutch paddle!


Before, I used to get nightmares of cars in which I’m at the driver’s seat and the self-willed car keeps running over my family members and random animals and people!

Very annoying and always sends me screaming like Hudson! 

But now that I got a grip in driving for real, I should have more control I guess.. Therefore…

Screw you, driving nightmares! 

I control the vehicle, biatch! 


I think I’ll be able to get my driving license by next month!

And..maybe I’ll be able to get my own car say — 10 years from now!


Oh come on! Do you know what is my dream car? <`A´>/

It’s a Mini Cooper! ↓

And this small baby costs a bomb!

With the equivalent its value, you can buy a bigger car!

However negative for sheep… I’d like a small car with 2 doors because I have no intentions of giving people a lift. It’s just going to be me, Auwlithe and my shopping bags!

If I have a family by then and my children wants a ride to school, I’ll tell them to hitch a ride with daddy or cycle to school!


[ . . . ]

Owkay, I ‘ll shut up — for now.

↑ This is Ms Aya before she colored her hair black and with a sour face, reporting out~♥!

PS: Enough about me, me, me and I, I, I’s! What about YOU!? Anything to share? For instance, you first time driving? Thoughts on Osama’s death? Anything?

Sheep seems to be running out of topics to blog, don’t you think?

Mmm… Got to strap on to my Thinking Cap and ganbate!

You too! Otagai o ganbarou!


!! WAR CRY !!