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Mood: Dead tired!


I know it has been very idle here for some time and I really want to write to all of you however…

Sheep is a little bit preoccupied at the moment so for the time being, you can watch a couple of videos here that were taken this afternoon. ↓

More emphasis will be given later… or some other day. <^-^>lll

Gomen ne?

Dead tired…

And my right arm is aching.. <x__x>

… You know the reason. <_  _>lll

PS: Created a new Youtube account… I forgotten my access particulars and have problems recovering my account. GAH! >__<


UPDATE! – May 25th, 2K11 


Hello again~

Your ordinary ‘O’ type girl is here to blog again~

I went on a little adventure with my brother last weekend and it was a treat for me because I rarely go for outdoor events. <´•__•`>

It’s not because I dislike sports but the thought of being around people puts me off. Anyway since I was with my brother, it was fun. <^ω^>/

Last Saturday, we (along with my brother’s friend) flew in a Cessna plane and circulated above the heart of KL for about an hour. ↓

The moo-moo Cessna plane~

Sounds ordinary? <.__.>

Well not exactly. <^__^>/

My brother co-piloted the plane (One Day Pilot Program) so it was a pretty big thing~ (Laughs)

<^ω^>⁄  My brother, on the right side of the controls.

As fun and exciting it was to soar in the sky, I couldn’t help but to wish we quickly make our landing. Was it that frightening and giddy to motion on air?

Nay. I actually felt sick because of the puke stench. The passenger before me vomited on my seat (could feel the dampness!) and over the earphones so yes, you will definitely feel sick and disgusted too! <´•__•`>

It smelled like a mixture of milk, oats, bread — pretty much dairy I’m guessing. <x__x>

Say with me, “UUUurrrghhhh!!!”

↑ [ From left to right: Sheep, brother, brother's friend and one of the crew members ]

The One Day Pilot Program works like this:

The pilot will take off the aircraft for you and at a certain point, you take over the steering wheel and he will guide you as you go. Landing will also be done by the pilot.

There weren’t any bizarre and long-winded briefing as we expected. In fact, it was pretty casual. We just go there and straight away climbed in the plane, without any lecturing.

Suppose you are very interested in air sports in Malaysia, visit this website for more information! → One Day Pilot

They also have other air sports such as SkyDiving, Microlight and so forth, interested parties —do check it out~

Regarding the shooting club that earned me a sore patch on my arm… (*refer videos above)

O~wie! <´•__•`>

There are 2 types of guns available:

  1. Glock 17 pistol
  2. Shotgun (Single-barrel/double-barrel Olympia)

[ . . . ]

You don’t expect to spray a machine gun as you do with a watering hose, do you?

Our military may have the equipments but of course they aren’t easily and widely available for civilians. <_  _>

Even so.. A sniper rifle would be a nice treat. <^ε^>/ *bolt-action, please~*

Gosh… Ever since I fired the shotgun (1/4 shots hit the target — argh!), I felt so pumped and all I could think and dream of was to go on a shooting spree!


Trigger happy sheep! 

Imagine the inconsiderate driver beside you litters the road and you quite displeased with such an attitude, you wind down your window and introduces your shotgun shell to his/her head.


Awesome feeling! 


Anyway, gun maniacs who wishes to open fire for real — check out.. ↓

  1. Klang Shooting Club (Facebook)
  2. Hopefully..this package is still redeemable → 55% Off -Pistol & Shotgun package for 2 persons at only RM199!

Priorly it was RM445.60 so it’s a real bargain for you guys!

This package expires on the August 11, 2K11 (it stated so) .. ergo..hurry? (Laughs nervously)

As for location, it’s in Klang Pekan Meru. It’s advisable to key in the coordinates (which they will furnish you) into your GPS rather than relying on the address because the ranch is in a rural area and Google might not be so much of a help.

Well then… Sheep has to stop here. <´•ω•`>

June is going to be a very hectic month for me but even so, I’ll make time to think of something to blog for you guys, alright? And you in return please do not forget to wish me happy birthday on the 15th. <^-^>/

Now that I’ve informed you, there is no excuse for ignorance! (Laughs)

Ok.. To wrap up this blog entry..

For kicks and giggles… <^x^>/ ↓

LET’S SAY—! You have a gun and the license to do whatever you want with it. 

Let’s just say — YOU CAN do whatever you want. Killing is legal for you… 

How would you use your gun and for what reasons? <.__.>


And what guns do you like?  

Shotty? Magnum? Machine gun? Flintlock?<^v^>/