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Mood: A little bit flabbergasted

I’m not exactly sure what to call these people. They act much like idiots but I wonder if there is a proper term for them.

You see, they behave like this:

For example your friend has a problem — let’s just say she doesn’t know how to assemble a shelf and asks for your help.

So you study the instruction manual and she watches you inspect the tools and all. Bit-by-bit you try to make sense of the instructions and you test to see if you should put the wood vertically or horizontally.

As you try to assemble, your friend points out and tells you that you are doing it wrongly and it should be done like that and so on — Acting like a smart alec, dictating over your shoulder and instructing you what should be done and occasionally try to take over when you’re in the midst of solving the matter. In addition when you try to reason with her, she argues even more!

If she knows how to solve the problem, why asked you for help in the first place, correct?

It’s not like you belittled her in some way just because she couldn’t figure it out.

Anyway, so you figured the whole matter out (no credits to her nonconstructive and noisy sound effects) and you go, “There! It’s done.”

Instead of thanking you (maybe she did but followed with a spiteful “—but”), she goes on to say, “Oh, I actually knew that the wood is supposed to be like this —–” or Oh, it’s so easy I actually knew how to fix it but I just asked you in case.”

Personally when I’m dealing with this type of people, I don’t expect praises like “You’re a genius” or a sincere thanks. A “Yay! It’s fixed!” makes my day however, I really can’t stand doing favors for such people.

It’s not so much about the gratitude; it’s how annoying they behave while you are helping them. 

Sometimes I just flip and tell off, “Alright, so you know how to do it. Then go on, fix it!” 

Flabbergasting indeed. <=__=>

Have you ever crossed path with people like this who asked for help at the same time, they want to make you feel less of a help?

What are they called — besides idiots… and jerks? <-__->