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Yeh-lo, BB users~

It’s been some time since I last contributed to the BlackBerry Papers and I apologize for the irregular updates!

I didn’t download and test many apps in the past weeks however, there are 2 neat apps I’d like to share with all of you!

For wallpaper lovers — here’s a neat and FREE app by qBOTron! ↓


This app enables your phone to automatically switch wallpapers according to the schedule which you can set.

It can be daily at a certain time or in every 5 to an hour or change by itself every week!

A must-have for users who love to display a variety of wallpapers and itches to change every day~!

Simple and easy to use app!

You just have to create a targeted folder and put all the wallpapers that you’d like to rotate. ↓

And then select your schedule.

A slight downside would be that the app rotates the images randomly; you can’t set for which wallpaper to be used on which day or time. It is completely at random!

Some users may be fine with shuffling your wallpapers however, I still think it’s a good app for wallpaper lovers.

In any case, do download ShowOff and test it yourself!

After all, it is free! (Laughs)

Next free app is the Chess game by Solverlabs. ↓

Good for those who love mind and strategy games!

You can:

  • Play against the computer (5 difficulty levels)

  • Solve chess puzzles

  • Play a handicapped match with the computer (whereby you can handpick which of the comp’s chess pieces to be ‘lenient’)
  • Play against your friend (as in you take turns with your friend. Once you make your move, pass your phone to him or her. NO online matches, sadly!)

Fun and a good time waster? <.__.>

The good thing is that the game does not require you to go online just to play it! Just challenge yourself as when as you like!

So what are you waiting for? <^∀^>

Check it out at the BlackBerry App World to see if your model can support this mind boggling game!

If you did come across these apps and yet to have tried them, get going already! <^∀^>/~ (Laughs)

Now pardon me, I’m off to outsmart a certain CPU. <^ー^>

Middle level is sure — tough… <´•__•`>lll


Well then.. Lots of love~,

Ms Aya


The wallpapers are so not mine and I do not take credit for them (and the apps). If I can retrace where I found them, I’ll leave their owners’ links for sure! So — peace? <^ー^>v