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Today, I took a little bit of time to fix some of my broken things that has been collecting dusts and cobwebs in my house.

At first my mum wanted to dispose them but from the looks of it, they can be attached again. <.__.>

After all she spent couple of hundreds on those Feng Shui crystals — no way I’m going to let her bin them just like that!

Furthermore, those crystals concern my love life!

My mother bought them for me years ago and barely a week passed, they broke. I don’t know how but they just did and ever since then, we just left it in that condition.

Crystals representing my love life broke — sounds like a bad omen, nay? (Laughs nervously)

Perhaps this is the reason why I have no luck in love. <^-^>lll

Anyway, I managed to piece them back together —

With the help of the super glue~! ↓

Truly useful and reliable in reuniting the detached! <^ω^>/

However it really sucks (and pain) to get your fingers glued together. 

Imagine your thumb got glued to your index finger and when you forced them apart, your fingerprints got destroyed. Is this possible!? <OAO>

If so, die la. Sure you’ll have problems at the air port and immigration centers! 


Well 2 crystal pearls are missing, 1 which represents Love and the other — I can’t remember. <-__->lll

As long as I still have Wealth (the green one), I think… my life should be a fine go. (Laughs)

It’s not because I am money faced and materialistic. Of course I long for love  however, it hasn’t struck me yet (fan girling over manga bishies not counted!) and I don’t want to make searching for a mate my priority now.

Baa.. Anyway, anyway…

While I was in the mood to meddle with little things, I dug out my old pocket watch which I had long ago intended to dismantle it and… ↓

..make something else out of it! ↓

(Laughs nervously) A poorly stitched heart.. <^-^>lll

So uh… That’s about it…

I wonder if my love life will improve after the fix. (Laughs)

Whether it has to do with love life or so on, I always believe that there shouldn’t be broken things kept in the house. Either you rid of them or fix them.

What do you think? <.__.>

And do you fix the damaged goods in your house or throw them away/replace with new ones?


Which do you prioritize? Love or your Wealth?

Black Hair, Black Sheep

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Colored my hair black~! ↓

… And loving it~!

Although I initially wanted to let my natural hair color grow out, I couldn’t stand my unnatural orange tips. 

[ . . . ]

[ . . . ]

[ . . . ]

Good night~♥


Mood: Crabby


This is Ms Aya who hasn’t blogged since the start of April! 

Everyone is fine and dandy, I hope. <´•ω•`>

Well I haven’t been blogging and tweeting much because there aren’t many happenings on my side. Sure, there were a little this and that to complaint about but — I’m cutting down on bitching. (Laughs)

It’s not good for the heart and mind. <-__->lll

Ever since the beginning of April, I’ve been letting my temper flare over trivial issues. My temper is becoming shorter by day therefore, for others’ sake, I’m avoiding social interaction. In this state, I might err and ruin my bonds with others, right?

Speaking of bonds with people, my mother and I seem to be the outcast of our neighborhood.

My neighborhood formed a community whereby the residents hold meetings to discuss the wellbeing of the area once in awhile. And every month, we are to pay a fee for the security service.

My family has never attended the meetings (we happened to be out) however, we never neglected to pay our monthly fees. At first, most of the neighbors were really friendly and would wave or at least smile when they see us.

But ever since the ticked off I had with Golden’s master (let’s just identify him as Mr L), the neighbors became a lil cold towards us.

I understand if Mr L gives me the cold shoulders, so as the other dog owners that I gave a piece of my mind. As for the rest? I have no idea why the change of heart. <=__=>

Last week, I saw all the neighbors in our row shifted their rubbish bins across the road. By ‘default’, we keep our rubbish bins in front of our house, correct?

So my mum and I wondered if this was a strict order by the town council or by our community? And is it compulsory for all houses to do so? We were oblivious.

Then the other day, my mother went over to pass some books to the only neighbor we have good ties with and asked about the rubbish bins. Mrs P told us that it was the community’s idea to place the bins across the road so that if the crows were to peck on the garbage, they are spared from the stench.

You see, our area has lots of crows that prey on our garbage and as a result, the rubbish spills and scatters all over our front gate.

Mrs P said she and her husband was wondering how come our bin was not shifted and thought maybe we just didn’t want to relocate it.

I don’t know what my mother told her but when my mother got back, she said she felt a bit sore that we were not informed, whether we would have followed or not — we were left in the dark.

Anyway, we’re guessing that Mr L has been poisoning the other neighbors about us. He is an active member and is quite close to the acting head of the community. He talks a lot to the other neighbors too.


I won’t accuse Mr L for instigating this coldness. It’s just that.. knowing groups and communities, politics are always played in this field.

In every community, there’s always a hierarchy in which you have to climb to gain approval, respect and authority on others. To reach to the top, you have to be a role model..and kiss butts to win favors. Also, pick on the under dogs, bad mouth them just to make themselves look better. <-__->

In any case, we do not know what is going on therefore, we shall not make any accusations — yet.

…I do hope Mr L isn’t so low to gossip like a c*nt. 

For now, let’s talk about groups and communities — in general.

What do you think about groups and people who play politics?

Have you been ostracized from a group just because 1 person didn’t like you and the rest just followed?

What makes a group strong in bondage and what rips them apart?

Do you like to be part of a club?

Personally, I am not much of a gang person — more of an individualist. I do think it’s fun and healthy to do activities in numbers and how complete one can feel to have that sense of belonging. Other than this, I do not know much so.. you tell this black sheep. (Laughs)

What’s it like? <.__.>

I shall close this entry with a photo that is– absolutely unconnected to the topic. (Laughs)