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Today, mum and I went to town for dinner.

At the entrance of the shopping plaza, there was a huge man — just standing in the middle of the path looking rather lost and dumbfounded. That figure was awfully familiar to me as I felt I’ve seen him somewhere, some place.

Just as we passed by this man, he saw me — eye-to-eye — in a very disturbing manner.

Mum and I then took the escalator to the second floor, went in to a restaurant, sat ourselves down and browsed through the menu. To my surprise, I saw this man again — now staring awkwardly across the window!

“Did he come all the way up here?” I pondered. “What for?”

He kept looking at me and even tried to enter the restaurant but he was prevented by the waiters. This man then hung around outside the restaurant until he was later shooed by other shop keepers.

I asked mum if she noticed this man when we first entered the plaza and indeed she has. Mum said it was hard to miss because he was big in size and something about him didn’t seem right. She also noticed that he was fixated on us awhile back.

It was then I decided to tell her that I saw this man before and he stalked me once.

It was in year 2008, I was hanging out in a shopping complex. As I was walking around, I saw a huge man walking aimlessly and each time he was about to approach somebody, I noticed they pulled away from him and staffs at the shops were trying to keep him out.

From what I could tell, this man was trying to ask something from people but no one heeded him.

Observing the way he moved and the looks on his face, he seemed deranged and — just not right. Sorry to say but he kind of look like Debilitas from the game Haunting Ground. 

I kept my distance and continued my walk however, he begun to call after me and followed me around. I shook my head and sped up my pace because I really didn’t want to get involved with whatever this man was up to. First of all from what I could make out, he speaks Chinese; a language which I’m a stranger to. Secondly and most important of all — He behaved mentally unstable!

In that day alone, I made so many detours and when he somehow found me, he came after me. There were so many people in the complex but he kept coming after me! 

Even the last minute I hopped into the car, he was there — watching me leave! 

I didn’t tell anybody about this incident because I felt there was nothing to be alarmed. And ever since then, I didn’t encounter this man… Well…Until today. <x__x>

This isn’t the first time I’ve been stalked by a stranger on foot. There were a couple more incidents. One of them was my neighbor. Also in year 2008, this old man moved next door to my house. He doesn’t have a very pleasant face and I’d say, girls will be afraid of him because he has that I-am-a-cheeky-old-man written all over his face.

Despite his unpleasant exterior, he appeared to be getting along well with the neighbors. He also talked to me but I kept our conversation at minimal simply because I didn’t find chatting with him interesting nor benefiting.

Then it came to a point when each time I take Auwlithe out for his walk, this old man would also come out at the same time and wait for me at the feet of our neighborhood stretch.

You see, when I’m about to go home, I have to go pass him and he always stopped me for a pointless conversation. In addition when he couldn’t get me on the spot, he resorted to calling my house phone (which I never once entertained upon seeing his number).

As time went by, I noticed he doesn’t wait at the feet of the neighborhood anymore but further from it. So far that our neighbors would not be able to see us chatting. Suspecting this man was up to something, I then took another route back home — a route which he won’t be able to see me and my dog at all.

I got home and told mum to hide Auwlithe inside the house while I peeped outside. Minutes later, I saw the old man checking in my house compound every now and then. It was very suspicious of him to do that!

I told mum what I suspected and she felt the same. She then told me to wait inside while she go out and pretend to talk to this man casually.

When she got out and greeted him, he just shrugged and walked elsewhere.

Let’s say — This neighbor of mine was concerned about my safety. He would have told my mother that he did not see me returning home with my dog (Auwlithe and I hid in the house until late at night). Shouldn’t he said something about our whereabouts? Instead, he avoided my mother.

Anyway the next morning, my mother informed the other neighbors about this man’s suspicious behavior and whenever I went out for a walk, they faithfully came outside and monitored me. They noticed that ever since they came out during the time I go for walks, the man would just stay at home.

This went on for a couple of weeks and we soon realized he was nowhere to be seen. One of my neighbors asked the household members where he has gone to and what do you know?

— He was sent to prison. 

As well as his son. 

Their crime remains a mystery.

When we all found out about this, we were glad they were taken away.

I mean — Who likes living next to a criminal, right? 

Oh well… This is sheep’s encounter with stalkers. Not sure if I can call them stalkers because they weren’t so obsessed to the point of hanging outside my house 24 hours. But I can say they are creeps! 

I don’t know what I did to have become a creep magnet but — as mum has put it, all this is because I always go out alone hence an easy and vulnerable target for stalkers. 





[ . . . ]


Alright! Enough about sheep’s stories~☆! \<^∀^>/

What about you? <^ω^>

Have you been stalked by a creep before?

Offline? Online?

What were your feelings and how did you overcome it?

What do you think were their intentions?


\<^ε^> Baa-bai~ *Muacks*


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1.  littleyue
March 26th, 2011 at 1:46 am

I never encounter any stalker but I was once “greeted” by a pervert.. Damn that guy keep asking to see my panty!! I was alone that time and it was quite late at night.. TT_TT

2.  Ms Aya
March 26th, 2011 at 9:17 am

Dear Little Yue

That’s.. super creepy! (o_O)

How old were you then!?

3.  Isabellmiao
March 26th, 2011 at 10:42 am

OHMAIGOD! i’m glad that nothing happened to you before they send your neighbour to the prison. who knows what he’ll do.

4.  Dino-chan
March 26th, 2011 at 1:02 pm

Why stalkers exist ~ why!?

That’s so dangerous and creepy. Really thank god you are okay! Back as Sheep and blogged about this. Which means, that huge guy has been loitering in that place daily? ( maybe ) ~ is been so many years since the last time you saw him.

I remembered one incident, I was waiting for my dad to fetch me up in a bus station. There was no place for me to sit down but stand~ so I stood up and from side view of my eyes, I saw someone approaching me.

It was a nigro man. He’s super tall and all he can converse in is English. That was my first encounter. He talked to me and I ignored him at first, slowly i paid my attention to him since everyone was looking at me ignoring the guy (sigh) ~

He asked me about KL, which place is nice to hang out, what’s my name,where I live~ =_= ~ I stopped and I just smiled and looked else where, pretended that I’m not going to stay there for long! Hopefully he just leave me alone for goodness sake.

He didn’t! He keep on talking to me. I mean!~ obviously I dun want to talk to him already, I walked few steps away from him and he followed the same. Few minutes later, he poked me and continued to ask me the same stalking questions!~

Luckily, by that time, my dad came finally! I told him I gotta go now, BYE! Ran to my dad’s car a.s.a.p and when my dad saw that fella, he stepped on the accelerate pedal right after I closed the door.


5.  Ms Aya
March 26th, 2011 at 9:58 pm

Dear Isabellmiao

Thanks for your concern!

Really don’t want to imagine what would have happened… Really! (x__x) With that chi koh pek…urgh!


Dear Dino-chan


I think he hangs around that area. The first time I encountered him was at a different complex.

Dino-chan! That was such a scary experience! (O_o) Some more he poked you, which means he touched you. (o_O)

Although there are some foreigners who need help in directions, but still have to be careful especially those workers type. I hope Dino-chan won’t have this kind of experience ever again!

6.  Owl
March 27th, 2011 at 11:00 am

That must have been a scary experience for you!

I can’t say that I have been stalked before. Though in my neighborhood it’s possible. When my neighbors were really little, this creeper drove by the house in this van, asking them if they could help find his dog. Their cousin was about to go up to him, but luckily, the oldest brother stopped him and said that they have to ask their mom first. They all went inside and came out to find the guy was gone.

Another time was there was this lady who would always walk by their house and each time she would have a different kid. They didn’t even look like her but she had a different child every time.

Also there was this other time when my friends were walking around the neighborhood and there was this crackhead down the street. He sees them and starts to follow them. My friends then start to run back to house. I would have been fearful for them if they haven’t mentioned that the crackhead had to hold on to his pants when he ran after them. (I don’t know how it is in your country but in the US some guys tend to wear baggy pants that cover half their but.) Luckily, they got back inside the house safely.

Yeah, our neighborhood is full of weirdos. Though, surprisingly, I have never experienced any of these events. I can’t help but feel left out. X’D

7.  Ms Aya
March 29th, 2011 at 10:27 am

Dear Owl

Though, surprisingly, I have never experienced any of these events. I can’t help but feel left out. X’D

Be really glad you’ve never faced such a situation like this! It can make you very paranoid!

If this happens to you in a mall which you don’t frequent to, at least you get a piece of your mind but if it’s near your house, you might not get a wink in your sleep at all! (o_o)

It’s dangerous if the stalkers knows your dwellings! Very!

(I don’t know how it is in your country but in the US some guys tend to wear baggy pants that cover half their but.)

We have youngsters wearing such pants and exposing their butt cracks too. XD

Eeee…. (=__=)

8.  bubuchacha
March 29th, 2011 at 12:47 pm

good thing that intrusive, freaky neighbor is already in jail!

that’s really scary, and of all of your neighbors, why was he interested in you?

maybe you should be more cold and snob with strangers ms aya so that they wont think of getting close to you, that might put you in danger.

i also have this creepy stalker, he’s a classmate before and whenever i go to malls, i always find him there. seems like following me whenever i go.

Im not exaggerating.

There was one time, I saw him near the grocery, and since were not friends or that close, I didint bother to approach him or say hi.

After a few minutes, when I was at Mcdonalds, i saw him at the counter again, and the stalking went like forever that day, and scared the living daylights out of me!

It also happened on another mall, first i saw him near the bookstore, then at different parts of the establishment, he’d been following me all day!

9.  Ms Aya
March 29th, 2011 at 9:09 pm

Dear BubuChacha

I was the only young girl there. :(

You’re right..I shall not be too friendly because it’ll make me seem vulnerable to these people. (-__-) But I think I already carry myself as a stuck up snob! (o_o)

Oh dear..Maybe he had a crush on you? And wanted to chance upon you to be friends? Even so… stalking and constantly appearing on sight is not the way to go. (=__=)

Most of all, nobody likes to be monitored in their private time (outside work/school). Always seeing the same faces, who likes that? (x__x)

Grr! Don’t understand why some people do this.. Seriously…No life perhaps?

10.  bubuchacha
March 30th, 2011 at 1:50 pm

keep it up ms aya!

maybe! but i dont give a damn on him, not that im rude, but what he’s been doing is scary, and besides, he also did that with my other girl classmates, so that makes him a class stalker!

11.  Ms Aya
March 31st, 2011 at 2:32 pm

Dear BubuChacha

How disturbing. (o_O)

I wonder what was going on in his mind and whether does he still do this?


I neglected to mention that my former neighbor who went to prison had the tendency to come out of his house, half-naked — exposing his ginger red body. (=__+) Very unpleasant sight indeed.

Eeeer! (x__x)

12.  Dino-chan
April 1st, 2011 at 11:43 pm

Mom reminded me of another incident.
Just a short one, another nigro man again.

I was in Carrefour supermarket for groceries. He approached me and talked in english. Directly asked me ” Can we be friends? ” ~ I was startled.
Then my mom came to me and thought he would walked off. You know what he did? He told this to my mom ” Aunty, I am interested with your daughter, can we be friends? ” We quickly excused ourselves and ran away from him.

Long queues were everywhere, so we had no choice but to wait for our turns. Finally our turn and I was putting the stuffs on top of the conveying belt. Suddenly someone touched me from behind and ran away…it was HIM…

Everyone were shocked….it was silly that I didn’t screamed.

13.  bubuchacha
April 2nd, 2011 at 12:08 am

so weird!

he’s somekind of an exhibitionist as well huh?!

14.  Axile
April 16th, 2011 at 1:43 pm

Hmmm… it’s really a mystery!! It’s like reading a thriller novel! I am soooo curious about his motive and what made him end up in prison! Although it’s better to end things that way for you are now safe!!

2 years ago, my friends and I were in the village swimming pool. We were all girls and were around 10? There were like, 2 pools and we transferred from a pool to the other. We were of course all wearing our bathing suits.

We were walking around until our friends’ mom told us to jump into the water, quick! We then looked up and saw two men creepily holding up their cellphones in the terrace of the club house we were staying in!! So we called for the guard and the guard told us he inspected their phones and saw a zoomed in video of us walking and playing around!! Good thing the guard deleted it and checked the bluetoothed files just in case!!! I was traumatized and found it hard to wear swim wears ever since!! -.-

15.  Ms Aya
April 16th, 2011 at 7:37 pm

Dear Axile

We heard that his son was sent to prison for sniffing glue. As for the old man, no clue. (=__=)

For your case — Man! Those perverts! Very good of you all to report that to the guard! And props to the guard for taking action right away!

The video could have ended up being their pleasure — Urgh!

Well, you can still wear bathing suits.. Just — stay alert for people who are behaving out of character.

16.  Circle
June 20th, 2011 at 4:07 am

Lots of scary stories. D:

Popular subject, Ms. Aya.
Seems your readers care a lot about you ! Or that people love jerking about people they fear.

I heard a lot of similar events, mostly by girls of course !
My sister has been followed by a man twice, and their used to be a man which were showing his stuff in front of the school (to 6-10 years old children).

Listen and talk to your family about your own safety. If you got scared, let one person know where you are and what you are doing (even if this is not pleasant).

If you are careful enough with yourself and your child, you shouldn’t fear stalkers, they can be prevented. Perverts hates to be spotted.
But what about these peoples hiding behind a good life & nice manners ? They can be horrible at house, murdering their family, raping their defenseless children and nobody knows…


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