Magical Sheep in the Pond

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Do you see sheep? (Laughs) <—ω—> ↓

Imagine if there is a magical sheep in a pond somewhere — a sheep that can grant wishes~!

Well of course you must give a token to this mysterious sheep in exchange for a blessing. <—ω—>/

Just so you know — sheep isn’t keen on food as a gift. Er…. Japanese food is fine but no other because this sheep is on a weight watch! <TAT> (Laughs nervously)


Please give sheep money, meaningful gifts or something antique~! (Laughs) 

In return…I shall…. 

I shall…. 

Well IF you ever find this secret pond and magical sheep, only then we’ll discuss your wishes! 

Alrighty, dumb jokes aside.

You’re seeing the new home for the kura-kuras (tortoise).

My brother loves his pet tortoise very much and because we have quite a lot of them, tanks can no longer accommodate the growing green creatures!

↑ Brother carries over Sir Frantic Kura to survey its new home (in its preliminary state).

My mum said since we’re building a pond with a small water fountain, we should also include a grotto for Mother Mary to dwell in. <^-^>

So yea, a new addition to the house. <^∀^>

By the way, this month is our 1st anniversary in this house. Y~ay!

Some of you have been following my blog since a long time now and has seen this house when it was empty and grassless, remember?

Well that said, thank you for being my companion for this long! 

Thank you darlings~

PS: Do you know of any fishes that can co-exist peacefully with tortoise? Mum wants to rear fishes but we aren’t sure what kind can get along fine with tortoises.. Suggestions, anyone? Thank you~

PPS: Out of curiosity… If sheep could grant you wishes, what would you give to me..and what would you ask from me? <.__.>

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9 comments so far

1.  Lexxie
March 29th, 2011 at 11:08 pm

I see a statue of Mother Mary. =)

PPS: I would give my love to you and I would ask the same in return. ♥

2.  Dino-chan
March 30th, 2011 at 10:33 am

When was the first time…..I visit this blog?…2009? XD

Didn’t know your brother likes kura-kura, they are sooooooooo peaceful and cute in certain angle. ;3

How much does it cost to buy that? Is paradise! XDXDXD

I have no idea with fishes that co-exist peacefully with tortoise but maybe you can try and ask about goldfish? Small fishes are not allowed since kura-kura might accidentally chomp on them. T_T Shop that sells fishes will know the answer ;) Hope it helps.

For the PPS, I would give you my study room and I would as you to come and stay with me T^T

3.  Ms Aya
March 31st, 2011 at 2:36 pm

Dear Lex

You see right! XD

Love? Aw that’s too much. (.__.)
I actually thought you would give me some virtual coupon or game in exchange…for another game or something. (Laughs) XD


Dear Dino-chan

2009! All because of the ice-cream phone! (Laughs)

My bro loves kura kuras very much! Each has a name! And if you spend time with them or bother to get to know them, you can tell they have different personalities which is so amusing!

Oh.. RM7K+. ($_$)

Sou desu ne…If we were to put guppies, they will become food to the kuras! Gold fishes are too common but as Dino has said it, probably can get along and would be easier to take care too.

Dino keeps fishes?

And and..

Mmm… If sheep stays with Dino-chan…I think we’ll go to Starbucks many times in a week and … disturb Yooi nonstop! Wakakakaka! Also…ber-poupee! XD

4.  krayle
March 31st, 2011 at 8:34 pm

Lol, Sheep-chan, your use of emoticons always makes me LOL!

5.  Dino-chan
April 1st, 2011 at 11:48 pm

RM7k! O_O That’s a whole lot of amount for…investment lol but kura-kura ~ so cute ;) So..XD maaa~ I wonder how many kura-kura can be fit into?

My brother keeps it to be exact. Arowana….=.=”"”"”RM200 last time. Now? ….as it grow = worth of money $$$$

hahaha ber-poupee ;) That would be GREAT! Chocolate cream chip ? :P

6.  Owl
April 11th, 2011 at 7:56 am

I’m actually not sure what kind of fishes can co-exist with tortoise. (As a matter of fact, I think that tortoises eat certain types of fishes.) Try asking the pet shot you’re going. Or if that’s not an option, there’s always Google. ;)

I would give you my brother, but I’m not sure if you would want him. XD Just kidding~ I would give you some Panera cookies as an offering. I’m not exactly sure if that restaurant is over where you live, but it’s this awesome bakery that has the best cookies in the world. It’s like taking a bite of heaven.

And my wish would be a new cell phone… with an Internet plan and one that you could plug regular headphones in. I have had the LG Xenon for two years and the pixels are constantly changing color. Yeah… it’s time for a new phone for me. orz

7.  powerpuff10012
April 19th, 2011 at 4:04 am

Adorable^^ hey I only found out this cos my mum told me… ( she has a turtle ) and… well, it is still small after two~ years!!! only because my mum found out that not letting a turtle hibernate – the turtle won’t grow(O.O)”! Pretty alike goldfishes… they won’t grow if the tank does not have enough space…! I did ask at a pet store and they said that causes no harm but is a bit contra natura:/

8.  Ms Aya
April 19th, 2011 at 8:24 pm

Thanks for the suggestion on the fishes, minna!

So far… my kuras are doing fine with the gold Chinese koi fishes — ok — not exactly sure what they are called but none has been harmed. I however can’t say the same for the mud fishes because one of my kuras killed them. (Cries)

My smallest kura attacked the mud fishes the minute they got in… That kura even came up to me with the fish’s head in its mouth!

There goes 2 of my mud fishes. :(

Maybe… I should get fishes that are bigger than the kuras, no? (.__.)

9.  Circle
June 20th, 2011 at 3:24 am

Hey ! Wishes ! And turtles. I almost never saw any turtles, I was arround 14 last time I saw one.

But, woaaaaaaaaaaah~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!! This fountain is like a castle, I could live in something this big and nice ! And the garden really looks cool ! I didn’t know you moved. I sure didn’t come in a long time, heh… ):

Anyway ! Wishes ! (^__^)Y

I would give you a story that you would never forget. In rewards I’ll ask you to spread to all the people you like.


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