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Magical Sheep in the Pond

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Do you see sheep? (Laughs) <—ω—> ↓

Imagine if there is a magical sheep in a pond somewhere — a sheep that can grant wishes~!

Well of course you must give a token to this mysterious sheep in exchange for a blessing. <—ω—>/

Just so you know — sheep isn’t keen on food as a gift. Er…. Japanese food is fine but no other because this sheep is on a weight watch! <TAT> (Laughs nervously)


Please give sheep money, meaningful gifts or something antique~! (Laughs) 

In return…I shall…. 

I shall…. 

Well IF you ever find this secret pond and magical sheep, only then we’ll discuss your wishes! 

Alrighty, dumb jokes aside.

You’re seeing the new home for the kura-kuras (tortoise).

My brother loves his pet tortoise very much and because we have quite a lot of them, tanks can no longer accommodate the growing green creatures!

↑ Brother carries over Sir Frantic Kura to survey its new home (in its preliminary state).

My mum said since we’re building a pond with a small water fountain, we should also include a grotto for Mother Mary to dwell in. <^-^>

So yea, a new addition to the house. <^∀^>

By the way, this month is our 1st anniversary in this house. Y~ay!

Some of you have been following my blog since a long time now and has seen this house when it was empty and grassless, remember?

Well that said, thank you for being my companion for this long! 

Thank you darlings~

PS: Do you know of any fishes that can co-exist peacefully with tortoise? Mum wants to rear fishes but we aren’t sure what kind can get along fine with tortoises.. Suggestions, anyone? Thank you~

PPS: Out of curiosity… If sheep could grant you wishes, what would you give to me..and what would you ask from me? <.__.>

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A little something for you Blackberry folks~☆!

For the first time, I purchased a theme and I gotta say — I’m loving it very much~!

It’s a cute theme by BerryGoodthemes~☆! ↓

BGT - Bearable 6.0

Supports software 6.0
(Click here for more details)

I tried some of the free themes available on Blackberry app world however, they didn’t appear properly and were not very friendly to the eyes.

Then on browsing further I came across this theme (Bearable) which prices at US$0.99 (RM3.15), instantly liked the colors — and purchased it.

It’s quite a neat theme. The highlights are pink in color and comes with a set of new icons~☆. ↓

Ideal for pink lovers AND those who are tired of the standard looking icons.

But I must tell you, not every part is highlighted in pink.↑

When the media card is concerned, it remains default blue. <=__=>lll

Apart from this, the theme is pretty simple, chic and refreshing. The plus side is — there is no error in viewing and it runs smoothly.

That said, if you come across this theme and wondered if it’s worth your dollars, I’m telling you this is what you’ll get. <^-^>/

Oh yes! It goes well with cute and girlish wallpapers too~! ↓

You decide. <^-^>/

Suppose you have any questions, you may fire away in the comments section provided below. <^ω^>/