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Today, mum and I went to town for dinner.

At the entrance of the shopping plaza, there was a huge man — just standing in the middle of the path looking rather lost and dumbfounded. That figure was awfully familiar to me as I felt I’ve seen him somewhere, some place.

Just as we passed by this man, he saw me — eye-to-eye — in a very disturbing manner.

Mum and I then took the escalator to the second floor, went in to a restaurant, sat ourselves down and browsed through the menu. To my surprise, I saw this man again — now staring awkwardly across the window!

“Did he come all the way up here?” I pondered. “What for?”

He kept looking at me and even tried to enter the restaurant but he was prevented by the waiters. This man then hung around outside the restaurant until he was later shooed by other shop keepers.

I asked mum if she noticed this man when we first entered the plaza and indeed she has. Mum said it was hard to miss because he was big in size and something about him didn’t seem right. She also noticed that he was fixated on us awhile back.

It was then I decided to tell her that I saw this man before and he stalked me once.

It was in year 2008, I was hanging out in a shopping complex. As I was walking around, I saw a huge man walking aimlessly and each time he was about to approach somebody, I noticed they pulled away from him and staffs at the shops were trying to keep him out.

From what I could tell, this man was trying to ask something from people but no one heeded him.

Observing the way he moved and the looks on his face, he seemed deranged and — just not right. Sorry to say but he kind of look like Debilitas from the game Haunting Ground. 

I kept my distance and continued my walk however, he begun to call after me and followed me around. I shook my head and sped up my pace because I really didn’t want to get involved with whatever this man was up to. First of all from what I could make out, he speaks Chinese; a language which I’m a stranger to. Secondly and most important of all — He behaved mentally unstable!

In that day alone, I made so many detours and when he somehow found me, he came after me. There were so many people in the complex but he kept coming after me! 

Even the last minute I hopped into the car, he was there — watching me leave! 

I didn’t tell anybody about this incident because I felt there was nothing to be alarmed. And ever since then, I didn’t encounter this man… Well…Until today. <x__x>

This isn’t the first time I’ve been stalked by a stranger on foot. There were a couple more incidents. One of them was my neighbor. Also in year 2008, this old man moved next door to my house. He doesn’t have a very pleasant face and I’d say, girls will be afraid of him because he has that I-am-a-cheeky-old-man written all over his face.

Despite his unpleasant exterior, he appeared to be getting along well with the neighbors. He also talked to me but I kept our conversation at minimal simply because I didn’t find chatting with him interesting nor benefiting.

Then it came to a point when each time I take Auwlithe out for his walk, this old man would also come out at the same time and wait for me at the feet of our neighborhood stretch.

You see, when I’m about to go home, I have to go pass him and he always stopped me for a pointless conversation. In addition when he couldn’t get me on the spot, he resorted to calling my house phone (which I never once entertained upon seeing his number).

As time went by, I noticed he doesn’t wait at the feet of the neighborhood anymore but further from it. So far that our neighbors would not be able to see us chatting. Suspecting this man was up to something, I then took another route back home — a route which he won’t be able to see me and my dog at all.

I got home and told mum to hide Auwlithe inside the house while I peeped outside. Minutes later, I saw the old man checking in my house compound every now and then. It was very suspicious of him to do that!

I told mum what I suspected and she felt the same. She then told me to wait inside while she go out and pretend to talk to this man casually.

When she got out and greeted him, he just shrugged and walked elsewhere.

Let’s say — This neighbor of mine was concerned about my safety. He would have told my mother that he did not see me returning home with my dog (Auwlithe and I hid in the house until late at night). Shouldn’t he said something about our whereabouts? Instead, he avoided my mother.

Anyway the next morning, my mother informed the other neighbors about this man’s suspicious behavior and whenever I went out for a walk, they faithfully came outside and monitored me. They noticed that ever since they came out during the time I go for walks, the man would just stay at home.

This went on for a couple of weeks and we soon realized he was nowhere to be seen. One of my neighbors asked the household members where he has gone to and what do you know?

— He was sent to prison. 

As well as his son. 

Their crime remains a mystery.

When we all found out about this, we were glad they were taken away.

I mean — Who likes living next to a criminal, right? 

Oh well… This is sheep’s encounter with stalkers. Not sure if I can call them stalkers because they weren’t so obsessed to the point of hanging outside my house 24 hours. But I can say they are creeps! 

I don’t know what I did to have become a creep magnet but — as mum has put it, all this is because I always go out alone hence an easy and vulnerable target for stalkers. 





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Alright! Enough about sheep’s stories~☆! \<^∀^>/

What about you? <^ω^>

Have you been stalked by a creep before?

Offline? Online?

What were your feelings and how did you overcome it?

What do you think were their intentions?


\<^ε^> Baa-bai~ *Muacks*