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Big and Sophisticated Words

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When reading a book that is punctuated with many big words, don’t you just wish the dictionary is built in your head — instead of having to pause every now and then to reach out for the big book to flip pages?

‘Perturbed, grandiloquent, jibed, segue…’ —- WHAT? <@_@>

So troublesome and it disturbs the flow of reading!

Although by reading the full sentence, you can roughly guess what the words mean but sometimes you just want a pinpoint definition.

Can’t blame the author because my vocabulary lacks. <´•ω•`>

So when I have the time, I’d read the dictionary to learn new words and definitions. But as much as I try to remember them, I keep forgetting because not all words are used in daily conversations; just as we don’t speak formally at all times.

I think we are programmed to simplify our thoughts and words before speaking therefore, simple words escape our mouth. In lieu of ‘lucid, we say ‘plain.’ Or ‘endeavor’ to ‘try.’

With that said, we don’t regularly use and practice the new and big words that we learned; we recycle the simpler words.

I admire people who have a wide range of vocabularies and really know words in and out. I find them to be very admirable and would like to learn more from them. However some of these people can be very stuck up and arrogant. <´•__•`>

You know? They have that aura that signals you they are in a higher league and you are inferior. Mean ones will nitpick on your shallow choice of words and make you feel so low (English nazis prosecuting you for using some words incorrectly).

For me, I don’t mind these people being all high and mighty but to shame me? That’s unlikable! <`A´>/

But then again, arrogant people don’t bother me as much as jealous people.

Yup — jealous people. 

Those that envy your improvement and ought to sabotage you or in any way try to depreciate you. <=__=>

There are a few which I suspect are jealous of me. When I happen to use a newly learned word, they would go, “Oh, someone is talking big words here.” (you can tell by the tone of voice whether he/she is complimenting you or isn’t happy) And then suddenly they aren’t interested in listening and the conversation goes cold. That! Or they try to speak with fancier words or point out a mistake.

I don’t really know why people do this. <@__@> Such an act does not benefit anyone.

First of all, why are you pissed that I’m using a ‘new word’? Shouldn’t we apply what we learned? Otherwise what’s the point of learning?

Secondly, if you don’t understand — you can just ask or consult the dictionary later. Don’t feel ashamed. I know there are arrogant jackasses who would give comebacks like, “Hah!? You don’t know what that means? How dumb!” Owkay, I understand if you dislike asking from such a person. Then again, jealousy is so uncalled for.

And for the record, I’m very certained I have not given anybody a treatment like that! <`ω´>/

Anyway, I think you know how jealous people are and what they try to do in order to make you lose out. Not just in terms of speaking but other matters as well. Jealousy is the same in any situation. They envy you at the same time, they think you don’t deserve any better than they do. So they try to ruin the goodness for you to satisfy themselves. How despicable these people are!

Pretty sure you encountered these sort of beings so YOU tell me more about it! <u__u>


About people who are not very good with words — Please don’t feel any lesser! <≥A≤>/

You know… As much as I admire people with eloquence, I’m also amused by people who can’t speak well because they have the creativity and effort to deliver their message across.

The gestures and their simple way of telling is very entertaining and funny. I don’t mean funny in the sense of how poor they are but in the way of how creative they express themselves. Most of all, I find them cute, relaxing to talk and I understand these people better compared to nibble tongues and their jargons.

So yes, please don’t feel you’re lousy. <^ω^>/

That said, sheep admires people with excellent command of English as much as laymen’s language~


What I ultimately DISLIKE is — people who always say, “Don’t know!”

This is the most boring answer and conversation, nay? <-__->

“What do you want to eat?”

“Don’t know.”

“Where do you want to eat?”

“Don’t know.”

“Do you even want to eat anything?”

“Don’t know. What about you?”

“Me? If you say Don’t know again, I’ll gnaw your face right off and head to Burger King!” 

(Laughs) For the time being, this is all from the sheep. <^∀^>/

So darlings, let’s do our best to improve ourselves not just in learning new words but other things as well~!

Screw jealous assholes who try to put us down! 凸< ̄へ ̄>凸

!! roar !!

↑ Here’s a photo for your tired eyes to rest on~ (Laughs)

Baa-bai~♥ <^ε^>