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Sayonara Otaku Days?

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Hey, cupcakes~!

Guess what!? <´∀`>

About the phone case that I’ve been worrying for days?

It finally arrived in my post box~!  \<´∀`>/ ↓


Good thing it got here!

And lookie! There are even little hearts sprinkled all over~!

Since sheep is given so much love, let’s not waste it, right? (Laughs) Sheep shall stick them in her diary or somewhere. <^-^>/

Now…with its incorporation.. my BlackBerry looks and feels — complete! (Laughs)

You know, I never thought I’d get a new phone so soon. I was really attached to my Samsung Star and it has been my companion for a year plus. Really… I couldn’t imagine myself getting a new phone afterwards, most especially a BlackBerry in which I just never fancied.

Then…Somehow — it got to me. <@_@>

I wonder, what is the next phone I’ll get? I really hope it won’t be so soon because changing phones as a hobby is really costly! <`A´>/

Speaking of hobbies, the other day I was counting how many things do I have interest in — plus those that I once upon a time cultivated.

Reading, writing, blogging, drawing… These are hobbies I’ve been doing over the years to date.

However, there is this one hobby that used to be the central of my life.

That hobby, namely — ANIME.

Throughout my school days, I was totally into anime and everything I ever talked about was anime, anime and ANIME. To the point I had absolutely no idea who-is-who in the Westlife band — heck, who sung the Ketchup song[?] <OAO>

The minute I arrived school, the first thing I’d do is look for my fellow anime buddies and we’d go, “Hey! Did you watch yesterday’s episode!? Yaaaaaa~~~ He’s so kawaii! Yaaa~~~~” You know, typical fan girl conversation. (Laughs)

We would talk about the characters, the theme songs and then we would also draw and write fictions. It became a huge hobby and truthfully, I believed anime made me a much perkier and colorful person.


How did I stumble onto anime culture?


The very first time I was exposed to anime culture was during my kindergarten days. A Japanese girl introduced me to Sailormoon. We couldn’t talk because of the language barrier so she just showed me what she brought to school that day, which was a picture book of Sailormoon.

The first thing that mesmerized me was the drawings of the sailor scouts. They were different from those Western cartoon; more attractive and more captivating. Whereas Western characters I knew then were very simplified and.. it was just not appealing to me. Disney princesses and Barbie was so blah to me.

So yes, Sailormoon was the very first anime for me. I wasn’t too privileged to watch the anime but I got hold of all the manga. At that age, I couldn’t understand the story (didn’t figure that Uranus and Neptune were lesbos) but it didn’t matter as I was more fascinated by the art work.

Then as I got older, I came to know about Rurouni Kenshin (American title: Samurai X). ↓

My very first time having a crush on a character. (Laughs nervously) Followed by DragonBall.

Then during highschool days, AXN started to show more anime shows such as SlamDunk, Saiyuki, You’re Under Arrest, Vandread, Fushigi Yuugi and many more.

SlamDunk ↑

Saiyuki ↑

That was the time anime prioritized my homework (Laughs); wrote fictions, drew pictures, learned a bit of Japanese and listened to their music. At that moment, I thought that when I grow up, I’ll definitely get involved more in the anime field. A manga artist or translator perhaps.

However as it turns out now…

Look at where I am?

[ . . . ]

Pretty much nowhere near to anime.

In fact… the interest is fading away as we speak.

Why the sudden change of love?

It is not that anime and manga is unobtainable. With the Internet, we can easily download or read online. And there are new anime and mangas booming out here and there. Adobe Photoshop is a big leap for graphic designers too.

Well to put it simply — I feel that anime isn’t a practical hobby for me or something I should be spending too much time on. If I were serious on pursuing as a manga artist or something in relation to anime, then being a full time otaku is to my benefit. But sadly, I can barely draw and design.

Another reason would be — I get depressed when watching or reading manga. Some of you may understand this feeling.

It’s like — You watch an anime about highschool life and how beautiful it is to have awesome friends whom you can count on in times of trouble. Then when you’re done after days of marathon, you put the box set aside and wake up to reality which is so different from the anime world.

In other words, anime is like dreaming. Pretty on the screen and pages, but in real life you can’t fast forward hardship and misery.

I won’t say anime/manga is the only thing that causes this reality/fantasy delusion but as well as any movies or love stories. They all give you dreams and fantasies to hold on to. Some of them that are possible, others, not. It depends which do you hold onto.


Anyway, I think I grew out of this.

It happens. We just grow out from things that we once loved so much. Whether there is a practical reason to it or not — it just happens.

Having that said — Your turn~! (Laughs)

Is there a hobby that you used to do with so much love but now, hardly ever spend time on?

And are you an anime fan or were?

What was your first anime?

Go on, let’s hear about your love for anime or something that you once practiced religiously. <^ω^>/~