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Many,Many Things to Do!

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Oh my…

Has sheep been away for too long? <´•__•`>

Well I’m sorry for neglecting the blog but I’m even more sorry because this absence is about to prolong.

As some of you might know, we’re in the midst of the Chinese New Year celebration. Some relatives came by my house for a visit. ↓

(Laughs nervously)… we all… have been oinking throughout the week.

Although today is already the 4th day of the celebration, the mood is still here meaning, most of the shops are closed and people are relaxing.

Even so… Sheep has a lot of things to do. (I’m going to speed through this entry)

One, PLAY Dead Space 2~! ↓

Two… FINISH READING my books! ↓

(4 books to go!)

Three… LEARN to drive and get my license! ↓

Imagine a sheep driving. Wow~ Wouldn’t that be freaky? (Laughs)

Well after my uncle and brother go back, sheep should have more than enough time to do all these. Also I should be able to work by then. (Laughs)


Oh ya! <°A°>

Sheep has been making lots of noises about getting a Blackberry Bold 9780, hasn’t sheep? <—ω—>/

Well after making a back and forth decision as to whether I should get it….finally I went ahead and bought it last night~

Wallpaper source: Click

Right now I’m trying to configure the phone, particularly its Wi-Fi. Having trouble browsing the Internet using the Wi-Fi alone. <;__;> (Tears)

In any case, I’ll blog a full review on this phone next week if time permits. So please wait patiently~

I think you are pretty busy with your own things as well, right? <^-^>

Baa~ <u_u>

It’s already the month of February so..Let’s do our best to carry out this year’s goals and resolutions~!

So that being said, sheep shall blog to you next week or so~!

PS: Valentine’s Day is approaching… Aw.. Sheep no partner again…What about you? <;__;> Got any romantic plans~? <^-^>/ (Laughs)