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Protected: Unspoken Words

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♥~~Pillow Talk~~♥

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How’s everybody? <^-^>

I hope you have savored your holidays very much because it’s now back to school and your desks, people! (Laughs)

Baa.. I spent my first weekend of the year at my brother’s place. Although it was only 2 nights there, I had major troubles falling asleep. I was very much wide awake and prior to that, I also couldn’t sleep well when I was at the hospital with mum. Despite that it was just 1 night…I felt so drained for days!

Sure, we can make up our rest by taking daylight naps however, the quality is just not the same as the rest you get at night. You’d really feel ruined if you don’t get a proper rest.

Anyway as we know, there are reasons as to why we can’t seem to sleep sometimes:

  1. Napped too much in the noon and as a result, your body and mind is active during the night. (The Owl symptom)
  2. High sugar intake; causing the body to be hyper active so much so your body wants to move rather than rest.
  3. Talkative mind — Too much going on in your head. You’re constantly conversing with yourself about current worries and events. (Bet you suffer this your whole life!)
  4. Afraid of nightmares because you just watched a scary movie.
  5. Uncomfortable — Maybe you haven’t changed your bed sheets for a period of time, that’s why you’re itching..Or there are mosquitoes in the room. (Laughs)

For my case in the previous nights — I would say it has a lot to do with discomfort.

You see, I came to realize why I can’t seem to sleep well when I’m at other people’s place/hotels. <u__u>

In those restless nights, my mind worked around the clock and all sorts of nonsense I could think of while tossing and turning but I never once asked myself why I couldn’t sleep. Then…just last weekend while I was struggling to sleep, it occurred to me what seemed to be the problem..

It wasn’t that the weather was hot. Nor was the gunshots from my bro’s computer. (He was playing COD:Black Ops, at 4am!)

It was simply because of the pillow.

A pillow ruined my sleep.

It was a small squarish pillow, rather hard and high. It wasn’t those type that you’d use to rest your head; more of one you’d put on your sofa for hugs and resting your arm.

My brother did give me a proper bed pillow however it was too big and fluffy. How do I describe it?

It’s big and so soft that your head sinks in and the side completely buries your ears.

Then I recalled the other sleepless nights I had at other places and it struck me – “Aw, so that’s why I couldn’t sleep!”

Those pillows that I used at other people’s place were big, high, hard and some were too head sinking.

Whereas my very own pillow is flat and ‘tenderized’. (Laughs)

Damn, maybe next time when I go for a sleepover, I should darn well bring my own pillow! (Laughs)

But yeah, we all have our preference when it comes to pillows, right? <^v^>

You may like it hard and high. Or cotton-soft pillows. Perhaps you favor bolsters.

It’s pretty much like choosing a tooth brush, whether you like it soft, medium or hard. (Laughs)

So that being said, what kind of pillow are you most comfortable? And what gets in your way to Slumberland?

Baa…Just when we thought sleeping is the easiest task we can all do. (Laughs nervously)

However, there are still people who can sleep anytime and anywhere, without difficulties. I mean — they can even contort their bodies and still sleep in such positions! Real aces~!

Oh well, time to leave~

People, do sleep well and — all the best to the school-going kids~!

PS: Sheep is a hugger. Need to hug something when asleep otherwise will become an owl. <;__;> What about you? <^w^>