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Oisu, good people of the webs~!

I did mention on Twitter that I’m going to blog about how one may get paranoid over Facebook, didn’t I? <´•ω•`>

Well this is something I am not sure if you and others would feel the same because as you know…Sheep is a worrywart, always paranoid over…anything. <_   _>lll (Laughs nervously)

Paranoid in the sense that I’m worried what is being posted on to my page and what I’m being tagged into by my friends. I think some of you may relate to this matter. Sometimes, you just want to take a day off from logging into your Facebook. You know, you don’t want to be in the equation of the many people who are addicted and glued to Facebook, posting nonconstructive comments, liking stolen quotes or skimming pass the music videos in which nobody gives a shit.

However..your hands get itchy.

Ok, you don’t necessarily have to log into Facebook to check if anyone has made any remarks on your latest post. You could check your e-mail and if your inbox is empty, no anticipation. Even if there are some comments, you could read directly from your inbox without opening Facebook.

But nooooo…You were tagged into a photo.

“What photo? Oh nuuu! I might look horrible in it! Better check it out! Don’t want who-and-who to see me in an unflattering state!”

And off you go to Facebook with your fingers crossed.

Thankfully, it was not the kind of photos that you feared getting exposed. It was just one of those funny joke-of-the-day pictures that people viral.

If your friends are not one of those people who simply and anyhow tag anybody into photos, you can feel relief I guess. But if you have those trigger happy type, then you could get paranoid AND annoyed for eternity. (Laughs)

This may not be much of a big deal to sweat over as it depends on what kind of friends you have on your Facebook. There are ass clowns who would dig up shit photos and news about you and then post it for the rest to view. These are the contacts I’d put my guards up.

Although nothing of that sort has happened, there are just some people whom you know you can’t trust in keeping secrets and stuffs.

To say that I want to keep a low profile would contradict the fact that I blog and tweet openly for anybody to read. And to say that I have something to hide is not exactly right as well. It’s just that if there is something I want others to know or see, I’d prefer it come from my own mouth rather than the influences of others.

Stories changes as one passes to another. <u__u>

Oh well…Speaking of photos, sheep is just damn paranoid la. I don’t really like people snapping photos of me because I don’t know how to smile and act natural. <;__;> No way is sheep photogenic!

I kind of envy how people can look good in photos and in person. As well as those who don’t give a fuck about such things. <^-^>lll


Another reason I get paranoid over Facebook is its ability to share content.

Websites like Failblog, Photobucket and Mangafox has this ‘Like’ button when on clicking it, you have allowed it to post onto your page, sharing the content to your friends. With the intention to share, this makes a pretty convenient feature.

However, I heard that for some pages, there’s a virus that once you give it permission to post or share, it will do it without your consent or something. So when I’m surfing on webs, I get paranoid that I might accidentally click those buttons and who knows what embarrassing junk will appear on my page.

There was a time before Facebook, I accidentally clicked an ad which led me to a porn site.

Freaked off my pants~!

(Just so you know, my extend of porn exposure is in small GIF’s. Never really watched the real stuff)

Nowadays, ads can be so darn sneaky as to suddenly appear, as though it knows where you’re about to hit the right-click. (Bull-eye! We caught you, dirty fool!)

Bloody nuisance.. <x__x>

Because of this incident, I got mighty careful with such things especially now that it can be posted in Facebook so easily. <u__u>

[ . . . ]

Facebook is not all bad as I make it seem. This is just my insecurity speaking. (Laughs nervously)

I would like to say that as much as I sometimes feel that Facebook is a bother (lazy to make replies), I’m thankful that it has helped me to reconnect with some old friends. Last weekend, I met up with my ex-primary school mates, Selene and Lexxie.

And then there’s Yannie too…which..I forgotten to snap his picture — again…<^v^>lll


This, sheep is thankful! <^v^>/

So with that said, is there anything about Facebook that makes you paranoid?

What do you like and hate about Facebook?

How addicted are you to Facebook?

Do you even have a Facebook account?

Oh yea, those who have the same paranoia as me — what you can do is try not to post too much. You’ll only attract unwanted attention if you post a lot of things. I mean — control your posting if you don’t enjoy finding spams or ‘dangerous conversations’ in your inbox.

PS: Something I noticed..You know an FB newbie when he/she makes a joke about how Facebook is all about the Face and a Book. Lameness!

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1.  krayle
January 25th, 2011 at 9:46 pm

Sheep-chan! ohisashiburi da ne! (:

I am super addicted to Facebook. Even if there’s nothing there I will keep returning to the home page.. I don’t even know why! But I like it because it helps me to keep in touch with friends. They’re just a click away!

However recently something happened with one of my exclassmates.. he’s not on facebook but somehow he was able to see the friends pages that I visited… I was very paranoid after that and even deleted my account for a short while… But that guy’s just a jerk la.

I have more to say but I don’t think it’s very nice for me to hijack your comments section! (: Hope you’re doing well, Sheep-chan!

2.  尼科拉
January 27th, 2011 at 6:37 am

Baaaa ||
The whole point behind this sharing of information makes me hmm concerned, ’cause you know just a situation – you are getting married and somehow a photo of your wife/husband appears on facebook… I’ll leave the details to your imagination @
That’s why it’s private life …
Well I hate everything about facebook,’cuz it’s against the normal comunication means known to the human.It’s trying to replace them,but I really don’t see a way to do this …
And to answer your last Q:Nope,don’t have a facebook acc and I don’t think I willl have one [:

3.  bubuchacha
January 27th, 2011 at 9:07 pm

When I created a new account in facebook, its like a big slap on my face. You remeber that I keep on bragging that facebook is a waste of time and I would rather be dead than to have a facebook account?!

But I ended up making one. And the reaction of people is what I really hated the most. Anyhow, still its my fault by creating this image that no one could make me do it.

On the brighter side, It helped me a lot in re-connecting with my good old and lost friends. Also it served as a good avenue to be able to stalk my crushes and to see good online shops.

Based on my observation, I’m not really dependent on it, to the extent that my day wouldnt be complete without it. Anticipation stirs me to open it. Looking forward for my friends comments, questions and the like.

4.  Monkeyd
January 27th, 2011 at 10:13 pm

WOW ! My thought exactly !
What I did:
1. Went to facebook and changed my privacy settings to be more secure
2. Haven’t logged on to facebook ever since.
3. I get tagged in a photo, I ignore it. If some one posted on my wall, I ignore.
All my friends (new and old) have access to my profile where I have listed my im and email. If they really want to get in touch, sending an email/im should be no problem. Also I do not like every one else knowing what I am talking about with a particular friend. I prefer email/im coz it has that sense of privacy. I have also realized that “getting in touch” with old friends might be exciting at first, but then it just dies out and you go on. If you really want to get in touch, meeting them in person is much better.
I really do not like the idea of social networking. I prefer old-school type of calling people up and meeting at places to talk rather than post it for the rest of the world to see. My friends are partially the same. They would call each other up more often to talk about stuff than post on their “wall”. You can never be far away to make a call. Its just all about whether you really think it is worth it. I do not critisize/hate people who are engaged in social networking as I know everyone has their right to opinion and choices and I respect that. I just don’t want to be made involved in it.
PS: Been a bit busy, so just came in and read the posts I missed :D

5.  Bez
January 30th, 2011 at 8:53 am

I get paranoid that somehow facebook is going to show the sites I visit. Not that they’re all that bad or anything. But its not like I want people to know. I’m pretty private about things, really.
I get paranoid that I’ll go on my profile and there will be stuff automatically posted on my wall, saying what things I’ve looked at etc. And people will comment.. judge me and stuff or be confused or think I’m stupid… before I have time to get rid of it.

6.  Ms Aya
January 30th, 2011 at 2:04 pm

Dear Krayle-chan


That’s so unhealthy, having to keep refreshing the page! XD

Baa..I guess it’s universal. In every group, there’s that 1 person that nobody likes. (-__-)

You are welcome to say anything and as long winded as you may by the way. XD Do that when you’re free instead of refreshing your FB for updates! (Laughs)


Dear 尼科拉, Monkeyd and Bubuchacha


Yea, I agree that it ruins true interaction which is meeting outside in person and hanging out.

I mean — sometimes it’s fun to chat online and stuff however, there are just some friends that you wish to meet in person and hear them laugh instead of a mere LOL text.

Or to exchange information that isn’t on our walls in which everyone knows and nothing is new. Imagine if you tell the whole world what’s going on via FB and when you meet your friends and you want to talk about some events, then your friends go, “Oh, I read that on your Facebook already. Haha”. The conversation dies just like that.

As for privacy, it’s the same as above. For certain things, you want only certain friends to know. Even though you can lock your stuff and make it available to a selected few..well I get paranoid thinking I might have forgotten to lock it. (=__=)

Oh hey, Monkeyd! Busy with work I suppose. XD


尼科拉 ← Is this Chinese or what? Sheep can’t read! (x__x)


Dear Bez

Exactly my worries!

You just summarized my whole blog entry into 1 paragraph! (Laughs)


Oh goodness! I’m not the only one who worries about such matters! XD

To constantly check to make sure nothing funny or unwanted appear on our FB before the noisy friends start raining your inbox with comments that consist of “Hahaha!” “LOL” “What is this?” “OMG!”

7.  你科拉
January 30th, 2011 at 10:19 pm

Dear Sheep,
Indeed it is Mandarin,but it is also just a phonetic translation : ) So don’t get confused googling it ^^

8.  Monkeyd
January 31st, 2011 at 3:06 am

Unfortunately no. I did not anticipate the economy to be this bad after graduation. My friends who graduated a year early got jobs, but my batch just got caught in the wrong time. The companies do not even reply to the applications for about 3-4 months. Most of the replies are along the lines “sorry but this position is either canceled or is not currently accepting”, some never reply, and remaining rejects :(
Bah ! No worries. I am living my life fully. The job is just so that I can finally move away from the clutches of my parents and have my freedom and be independent.

9.  Ms Aya
February 7th, 2011 at 9:22 pm

Dear 你科拉

I better get someone to help me translate, for the fun of it. XD Hahaha~


Dear Monkeyd

Ah..Getting employed is pretty tough all over the globe. Well good luck man. XD Just got to be persistent.


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