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Nightmares for 4 Nights!

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Blogging to you is a very low spirited Ms Aya who is having troubles sleeping.

“Has it anything to do with your pillow?”

Well no..My pillow’s comfy and drifting into Slumberland is easy however — it’s where my mind has been wandering off to!

In the last 4 nights, consecutively, I’ve been having very disturbing dreams.

First dream, I was trapped in a huge arcade arena; couldn’t get out and the place was dark and noisy.

Second, I was trapped in somebody’s house and was humiliating myself endlessly by being all clumsy and frivolous without my consent.

Third, I was trapped in a supposedly shopping complex which had rooms leading to another — These dreams were annoying in the sense they were long and constantly keeping me quarantined under uncomfortable places and situations.

However last night’s dream was a terrible nightmare.

Would you care to listen?

Well I’ll do my best to keep it short and concise.

In this dream, I appeared to be a teacher cum school counselor and the high school students were very fond of me. It’s funny to think myself as a teacher and counselor but it was even more weird that I could fly and nobody seemed to bother about it.

In dreams, my flying feels like..Do you know the game Quake? →

There’s a cheat mode which enables you to tamper the gravity and allows you to fly and float through walls.

So anyway — Me…A flying teacher whom the pupils adore and respect.. What’s so scary about that? I’m not the one doing homeworks… (Laughs nervously)

Well.. There was a creepy female student who was rather obsessed over me. No details were filled up in the dream as to why she was clinging on to me — you might have had such dreams before whereby you seem to already know your role, as though it’s your alternate life you’ve been living subconsciously.

I’m going to fast forward to the ‘scary’ part.

This student tried to trick me into standing near the train doors. We were inside along with other people and somehow, I could sense that something bad was about to take place. With that, I inched my way from the door and the next thing I knew — Another train came crashing!

It was as if my train was in a cross junction and the other train just slammed right through us!

I watched 4 nuns and a man in a suit got blown by the deadly impact. The visual and moment felt so real, much more realistic than of those you see in the movies.

My legs wobbled in fear so I picked myself up carefully and motioned to the lifeless corpses that were covered in blood. And then I remembered that the vile student was hit directly by the other train. Her body was no where to be seen. Without much thoughts for her, I called for help and counted the people that were in the cabin.

I thought I got the right number of people until someone said I missed a head — which was her, who emerged out from the darkness of where the train was struck.

At this point, I tried to wake up. But it was helpless and somehow, the event restarted at one point where I had to go through the same thing. I could learn from my previous mistake and prevent certain things or amend happenings but it was really tiring and annoying. Everything I tried to change had new possibilities and obstacles.

I don’t know how I got up from this dream. When I woke up, I was scared to think, go to the toilet and even to look into the mirror because I was afraid of what I might see. You know, your mind plays tricks on you when you are mentally vulnerable.

And if that wasn’t enough, I had a second round of nightmares when I resumed to my sleep.

What the heck!?


What’s going on!?

Could it be…Sheep is in spiritual danger? (Cries) <;__;>

I hope tonight I won’t have nightmares..Is there anything you can do to prevent them?

What would you do or think if you get nightmares for a few days in a rows?

PS: Before I slept, I spoke to my brother on the phone. He told me he was going to sleep soon, and so did I. Then I asked him out of curiosity, if we were to sleep at the same time, will we have the same dreams? Then he said, “You stupid! I was wondering the same thing too!”

I hope..he didn’t have any nightmares last night…Really do hope so… <u__u>