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The Sheep — Cooks?

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Hello everyone~♥!

A short entry if you may~ \<^ε^>/

Sheep is not one who does the cooking in the house. I’m more of the ‘order’/'take out’ type. (Laughs)

But I don’t think I can keep doing that, can I? (Laughs nervously)

As a lady, I should know how to cook because well…For one, knowing how to cook is very handy and a life saver (not to mention, money saver as well). Home cooked food is the best and you can’t tire of it (Unless the home chef has a really horrible palate). In addition, much healthier and it saves you the trouble from having to go out for every meal!

It’s a good living skill~☆☆!

So anyway, I cooked my own meal last week~☆! ↓

It’s Beef and Bamboo in Oyster Sauce. Recipe from Whimsical Buddies blog.

I cooked this dish twice, with mum’s guidance. *Thanks Mummy dear*

Well this dish isn’t all that hard to cook. In fact, it’s very simple and quick for bums like me. <^-^>lll

The difficult part is the chopping board. There are methods on how you should cut your meat and vegetables. The size and thickness/thinness determines how well the food turns out. Don’t forget — Timing and precision as well. For kitchen virgins, you might be slow in slicing but if you cook often, you’ll get the hang out of it.


Well…I’m going to dedicate my Sundays to cooking…most — of the Sundays. (Laughs nervously)

[ . . . ]


Actually, I’m pretty depressed at the moment and am trying to keep my mind occupied just so to escape certain thoughts. And this shouldn’t be an excuse to write a sloppy entry. I’m wasting everyone’s time, right?

Anyway, have a good week and — appreciate home cook food, ok? (Laughs)

Oh, if you do cook — can you spare any good tips for newbies like me? Like how to handle a knife and all that?

And if you aren’t a kitchen lover, well…When do you plan on learning how to cook and differentiate onions and garlics? <^∀^>/

Any funny or interesting kitchen stories?

Just for giggles… ↓