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Good day everyone! <^x^>/

I heard that today is a holiday for us Malaysians! I don’t know what the occasion is but I’m thankful because our fellow citizens could stay home and rest — and traffic-free throughout the entire day! (Laughs)

At the moment, I’m doing my best to trim my body to a much smaller proportion! (Laughs)

I managed to lose some weight and oh boy, I’m so happy about it that I’ve been marching around the house as though there’s a parade going on.

However, however —- There always must be 1 thing that stands in the way of happiness. (Stupid stumbling block, ya?)

In my case now — It’s hair fall.

You see, when you diet, eating less means less nutrient intake. It depends on what is your diet menu. If you are eating only 1 meal a day, then you’re going to lack somewhere in your nutrient tank.

I’m not a doctor nor certified to speak on nutrient consumption but I was told before that dieting could lead to hair thinning and hair fall.

And shit, it’s happening to me now (–again) <x__x>

Today I read the newspaper and there were several articles on hair fall among ladies.

In one of the articles, the passage went along something like… ↓

For men to be bald is not so bad and it’s acceptable. There are bald men who are far more good looking than those with a bush of hair. (Wentworth Miller♥, Dominic Purcell, Michael Jordan, David Beckham — these men pull off well with clean-shaved heads)

However for women, it’s a strict no-no.

Flat chested women are far better off than bald women. Of course, we know that there are unfortunate victims of cancer; let’s pardon them please.

What I’m saying is — Hair fall crisis is very terrifying for women because we love our hair (and so do men).

My hair fall is pretty minor, thankfully..But it’s just annoying.

You know, seeing a strand of hair dangling off your shoulder. You know that hair is detached from your scalp because the rest of your hair are above your shoulder, how can 1 be longer than the others?

Even more annoying is having to pluck your hair brush and pick those fallen strands off the floor.


Every strand of hair on our head is a precious jem! Why can’t the hair on our legs and armpit hair fall instead!? Mustache, pubic hair — whatever. Lose them! Imagine how happy we all would be!

Just when I thought I’m down with 1 quest, another problem arises! It’s like you have 5 pots but only 4 lids; can’t cover and solve everything at once!

This problem of mine is really trivial and petty actually. I’m just being paranoid AND a vain pot. There are people who are going through even more tough times whereby they have so many things going on and so little time/resources to deal with them.

It’s so difficult to keep things in line the way you want them. The helplessness of not being able to be in control.

Maybe you’re having a splendid time of your life and in your eyes, everything is operating according to your wish but somewhere deep in you, you’re silently crumbling because there is still something missing; a void.

Anyway, if you’re having hair fall problems cum dieting crisis — Sheep is sorry because she does not have a solution to them. Perhaps…Just don’t get too carried away with your diet and seek professional help if your hair is falling dramatically.

It’s not to be taken lightly. <-__->

And then — For all of you who are having other troubles that is ruining your happiness…Try to focus on the half milk that is left in the cup rather than half-gone?

Well..making a move now. I apologies for the sloppy and leading-to-no-where writing. Can’t seem to set my head straight. <@_@> It shouldn’t be an excuse though.

Oh well, till next time~♥ <`ω´>/

Baa-bai~♥! <^ω^>/

PS: Not sure if I’m half-dreaming but are these stretched marks on my stomach? You could probably tell me if I were to provide a picture on it but if they really are stretched marks like those after baby production, my cheeks will burn in embarrassment. <x__x> Oh, so paranoid!

In all seriousness, is it possible to have stretched marks after reducing weight? Is it? <;__;> (Cries)

PPS: Sorry, kind of lazy to stick emoticons on this entry. But I’m pretty sure you can fathom out the tone of this entry right? <^v^>

Ok…I just got to know that it was only my state that had a day off, not all over Malaysia..Too bad. <x__x>

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1.  Dino
January 11th, 2011 at 10:56 pm

Cellulite you mean? LOL i mean the stretched marks. Yeah, when you diet. Reason being is you “stretched”your body. ~ you able to reduce few pounds, means you getting smaller, but before that it was not that size. The pressure just created cellulite.

It happens on pregnant woman after the baby was born … maa Sheep-chan know the rest. 0_0

Sou ieba….my sis is on a long term diet plan. After reading Sheep’s blog post, I realize that my sis’s hair not thick compare to last time anymore…must be lack of nutrition X_X

2.  Monkeyd
January 12th, 2011 at 10:39 am

I though stretch marks were something benign and not to worried about. But, I found an article on that would make you feel really bad: . I would prefer a much positive sounding article than that.
“It’s like you have 5 pots but only 4 lids; can’t cover and solve everything at once!” — You could always take one pot and place it on top of the one without the lid, thus solving the problem >.< … I know.. I know that it was just a metaphor. A good one I have to say. I will use it sometime :D

3.  Ms Aya
January 14th, 2011 at 9:33 pm

Dear Dino

Cellulite ja nai..It’s a line I’ve never seen on my body before…Paranoid kana?

So does this mean we need collagen to strengthen the elasticity? (@_@)

Iya, demo takai yo, sonna mono! Soshite, watashi-tachi wa mou hatarakimasen!


Dear Monkeyd

Urgh…so the solution to get rid of stretched marks is collagen..As I was saying above to Dino, those are expensive!

A lot of products may contain Collagen in their ingredients however, the percentage is low. (-__-) Funny enough, they make it a highlighted point as though the product is 100% collagen.

About that metaphor, hahahaha…Guess we just have to keep a keen eye on the pot that has no lid. XD


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