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O go kigen yo, minna-hun~!

Blogging here is the naughty sheep who went and dug out some old clothes from her closet~! ↑

The black mini skirt that you see above is quite obsolete! To think I used to wear such a short, short skirt in public! <`A´>

Well…I outgrew that skirt so much so that it just can’t cover my fat ass. <x__x> (Laughs nervously)

What I’m striving to do at the moment is to lose weight and hopefully, return to my teen size. It may be impossible because my body isn’t just fatter than before but it has changed..Unlike before, it was really a brat’s body.

Now…I wonder if I can call myself a ‘woman’. <´•ω•`> (Laughs nervously)

O youth~! Why did you leave me so soon~~~?

Ah well…

Sisters who are on the same quest…let’s work hard (literally, work hard) together in order to achieve that pretty, slender and healthy body~!

And guys!

Please cherish our efforts for we are doing this to please you~! (Ok, some of us are simply vain and don’t want to lose to other girls in terms of appearance)

Speaking of which — I finally got the Starbucks Year 2011 planner~!

In the previous weeks, I’ve been overloading myself with Starbucks coffee — just to redeem this planner!

Although I was short of 3 chops, no idea why the person just gave it to me…How kind! (Rejoices)

But I think for the time being… I’m going to stop drinking at Starbucks. <-__-> Because my true love is Coffee Bean. <^-^>v (Laughs)


Alrighty, time to stop spouting nonsense. <—ω—>/

This is the rather sleepy Ms Aya, signing out~

Have a jolly good day~!

PS: Sheep seems to be very lazy nowadays so..please pardon me if I have not replied your comments/tweets. (Laughs nervously) Such an ‘O’ blood, yea. <^-^>lll

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Nicknames — Don’t we all have one for ourselves? Whether it’s an abbreviation of your real name, a word that describes your identity or, some shitty name that your pals associates you with.

In short, every individual has a secondary name be it self-proclaimed or labeled by others. We can talk about 2 things here: Uno, the joy and pride of giving yourself a suitable title and duos, the sorrowful moments of being called nasty names pertaining to your flaws.

We’ll begin with the harsh names given by people and then on with the sugar names. Some people do not like to be given names, especially when the name points out an embarrassing flaw or weakness of theirs. Although it depends on how one would absorb it, aggressive name-calling is considered a form of bullying. It may seem harmless for it is something verbal, a sound passing through the air however, it shatters one’s self-esteem as hard and solid as a rock.

Nobody fancies being called “Fugly”, “Bed-wetter”, “Homo” and other derogatory terms out in the open for others to listen. For example, we’ll take an unflattering young boy as a victim to name-callings.

Why in the first place, do some people get verbal-bashings? Could they have done something to deserve such treatment? I can only think of 2 reasons: 1) Maybe you screwed up a group play on stage 2) You have a queer trait that helplessly stands out like a sore thumb and others couldn’t dismiss/resist it.

Childish yet wicked huh? Anyway resuming to our given example, let’s say this school boy isn’t very good looking; he’s sickly pale, scrawny, pigmentation all over his face and body, scruffy hair… All these causes him to be rather shy among the kids and as a result, stammers when he is in the center of attention. Because he has yet to know how to build confidence, other kids start to make fun of his funny stammers and calls him names like “Coward”, “Chicken”, “Cricky” and so on.

That’s just an early stage to it. Once kids learn more about their toy, their dictionary of insults broadens. “Freckles”, “Walking disease”, (__insert derisive names here__) — Associations that makes you want to remove all your mirrors in the house.

It is sad that there are children going through a stage like this to the point every minute of stepping out of the house is a living turmoil.  No doubt events like this need to take place in order to morph an individual into a stronger persona. It would be lovely if these kids don’t take their lives away so soon before growing to that ultimate beauty. Life in this world is unpredictable — but what makes you think you know the Afterlife any better? <.__.>

Before this entry becomes more of a Self-Improvement material, let’s move on to the brighter good of nicknames! As I have said in the beginning, nicknames are as though branding yourself.

Nicknames can be fun when used in a good and non-offensive manner. I wonder why do people call themselves this and that. For instance, why SPITxFIRE? Why Dino-chan? Why Bubuchacha? What does Krayle means? (Laughs)

It’s amusing what we proclaimed ourselves to be but it is even more interesting to know how a name came about. Perhaps you are a hot-headed guy hence the reference to fire or you’re cuddly thus relation to a cuddly animal.

Do you wonder how my ‘Sheep’ title came about? AHAKS! Sure you do! (Laughs)


You’re going to have to wait another time to unwrap this lil mystery. I can however tell you how ‘Ms Aya’ became my pen name~

Embrace yourself!

[ . . . ]

[ . . . ]

YA LAR! \<≥A≤>/

I was a silly teenager who was a fan of an anime called Weiß Kreuz. Fujimiya Aya was my favorite character →

When I started blogging, I thought of using my real name at the same time, I was worried about my personal safety. You know, the danger that lurks on the Internet? <-__->

‘Sheep’ came to mind but I wanted a more human name and after playing Hinokakera ( ), it reminded me then again of the name Aya, so I decided to use ‘Aya’. Also because the name is short and it starts with ‘A’. (Laughs nervously)

From time to time, I do think I should use a proper name seeing Ms Aya and Sheep sounds so juvenile but they are too stapled to my identity therefore, always come back to the conclusion of letting them be.

So yes, my pen name derives from Fujimiya Aya of Weiß Kreuz; not that I have any similar traits with this character or anything meaningful. (Laughs nervously)

Perhaps your nickname means something special to you? <.__.>

Well, maybe the name you use online is a mere disguise. Pet names should be more personal and meaningful as in, an abbreviation of your real name in which your parents and friends addresses you by. It reflects on the closeness of your bond with somebody. For instance, your name is Susan but your best friend calls you Sue. It’s like a code that only your best buddies know and can call you by.

Pet names are wonderful and it defines the closeness of one’s friendship. You see, being called with a fondly name can make one happy just as calling a hideous name can upset a person.

You may argue that some people are just joking and shouldn’t be taken seriously. TRUE, but it depends from whose mouth is speaking such names. If a close friend called you a ‘Fatty bum-bum’, you know that she is right but even though you’re out of shape, she still hangs out with you and is there to support you no matter your size. You trust her not to run off just because you’re big.

In other words, in spite of being completely aware of your flaws, a good and sincere friend would not be disgusted and shunned from you instantly. A true friend sees not only your flaws but as well as your good points and embraces you wholly. This is just one of my ideas of good friends. You may agree or otherwise.

So if a person who doesn’t really know you or hardly speaks to you were to tease you like that, of course you would feel offended. That person doesn’t know you and so do you know him/her enough to know if this person is really mean and out to hurt you. Does that person appreciate that despite you are not perfectly trimmed, you do have the stamina for a long marathon?

Speaking of which, now I’m thinking….Which love is stronger?

One who is blind to all of your defections and just love you for all the good you are OR.. one who knows and sees every flaw in you  yet loves you whole-heartedly?


When I wrote down this blog entry, I intended to just write about the good of nicknames and ask where do your nicknames derive from. Then it derailed and seem to focus on verbal-bullying and suddenly, a choice of love… (Laughs nervously) It snowballed along with different topics, huh? <^-^>lll

Perhaps, we shall continue this in the comments sections after you have your say~! <u__u>

Unsure where to begin? <.__.>

Do tell..

  1. Your nicknames/pet names — what do they mean? Who calls you by those names?
  2. Opinions on verbal abuse.
  3. Weirdest nicknames you’ve ever heard! (For me, names with numbers are weird! EG: Cat2130, MIL2000 — spells of spambots to me la!)

Very well — Off the sheep goes~! <^∀^>/~