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Good day, everyone!

I’ve been meaning to blog about this question a very long time ago however, each time I try to get it on my paper — all thoughts mysteriously vanish, as though I have my very own Bermuda Triangle at the back of my head. <TДT>

And just now, I tried to summon the ‘writer’ side of me but ended up wasting an hour writing a couple of useless paragraphs, another hour gone to looking intently at the paper in hopes that words will magically emerge out of nowhere and —- 5 seconds to draw a raging sheep. <-__-> ↓

Writing is a real challenge! <`A´>

With that said, pardon my poor opening on the subject and let’s proceed straight to the question:

Would you prefer a naive or an experienced mate?

By that, I mean do you like a person who is pure and innocent or would you prefer a smart and independent partner? What do you think of them?

I’ve been reading some Japanese love stories and most of the stories that I’ve read are very typical in which the female character is very naive, clueless and spineless while the male is the more capable, have a backbone — well typically of an alpha built.

And the antagonist is usually a smart and conniving girl who pretends to befriend our simplistic protagonist and then tries to ruin the happy couple.

Sounds familiar? You might have read or watch such a story before.

What bothers me is — Why do some people think that a smart woman is necessarily evil and cunning?

There are men who love innocent, child-like girls but frowns at smart and capable women. Ok…nobody really like a sly person (man or woman) who has ulterior motives and out to cheat you or something.

But I should think that we ought not to think that experienced women are evil and always conspiring for their own gain.

Simply put to say, a smart and senior woman can be pure and innocent than you actually think they are.

I can’t remember if someone told me or I overheard by accident; a guy once said he likes the innocent type of girls because they are pure and everything is a first time to them. Cute! Whereas smarter women, there’s a fear that they may leave or they may scheme against him.

So imagine girls…If this type of guy tells you, “Mmm…you’re the smart type of girl…I prefer the innocent type.” How would you feel?

Well…if it were me, I’d knee him in his cable for implying that I’m evil and manipulative. I mean — for fuck sake, I’m not that wicked. <`A´>

Should you really come across such a guy, do not despair because there is nothing wrong in having intelligence. Do not feel defeated to girls who are ditsy and lack of experience. What really matters is how you use your knowledge and for what purposes.

The reason why some girls seem innocent is because they have yet to know anything.

Can a naive girl guarantee that once she learns that she can use her sex appeal to her advantage, she still wouldn’t resort to such means?

Imagine you are blind and can hardly sense shit. Somehow, you have fallen in love and pledged to love him with all your heart. But one day by God’s will, you have your eyesight and you found out your man is downright hideous. Would you still love him as much as you did in your blind days or would you fled?

I think..the real charm is not within a person’s innocence or how intelligent they are but instead — the choices and decisions they make based on their sincere intentions.

A smart woman may know how to flaunt her body to win people’s attention but she chooses not to because it’s demoralizing and unethical. And her decision is not simply made out of ignorance but in fact, through weighing thoughts and consequences. discovered that you are God and you can do anything you want and yet, you choose not to simply abuse your powers for selfish gains.

What I’m trying to deliver here is.. There is some pureness in a smart woman and it is her knowledge and wisdom that makes her so.

Those prepubescent girls are seemingly pure only because they have yet to know anything. Once they are aware of things, then we have to see if they use their experience for good or evil. Suppose they can retain themselves for a long time, then I tip my hat to them.

It’s all about staying true to yourself..and that’s what makes a person pure.

Now, I’m not exactly bashing young frivolous girls but I just want to introduce a perspective that is, smart women should not necessarily be considered manipulative and evil.

Baa.. <u__u>

Right now..I’m thinking of how to make this subject gender-friendly in which we can discuss about both men and women. But when it comes to smart and innocent type, it’s usually among women, right?

On a side note, Nic and I talked about this ‘Holier-than-art-thou’ type of people. Again, common within the female colony.

Yea, there are those who fence innocence just to make themselves look good and others look dirty.

They will pick out something you’ve done that an innocent girl should not do and tell you, “Oh, you’ve done that? I’ve never and would never because I’m such a goodie~”

You know, implying that you are not as holy as she is.

(Well, true I am not. Because kicking their ovaries comes easily for me.)

Ergo with that said… Questions for you boys and girls~!

Boys ♂ Which do you prefer? Mature or immature girls and what do you think of them? For you, does maturity play a major role in a relationship?

Girls ♀ → Which do you category do you belong in? Naive or Experienced? Do you feel offended when people say you are otherwise?

For the fun of it, do you know of any holier-than-art-thou people? Want to bitch about them? Go right ahead! (Laughs)

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1.  Aiko
December 22nd, 2010 at 6:37 pm

I prefer experienced one. naive girls in a certain story is too common for me. i think you should write a story with a unique sense. how ’bout this, a smart girl and a playboy one. what do you think? [i'm just suggesting]. oh, btw, i’m also in the mood yesterday on writing a story but i can’t really think what will be the attitude of each characters.

2.  bubuchacha
December 22nd, 2010 at 9:11 pm

Based on the prejudices of other people, i belong to the naive type. Its not that I consider it a bad thing, but I dont really agree.
In my case, it seems like a liability, some guys I know suddenly stopped courting me before, because of this reason. “Im such a good girl, and Im far different from them”.

Yeah I admit Im not the typical party girl who is easy to get along with, but im no Ms good girl or what you label as ‘Holier-than-art-thou’ type. Im an open minded, fun loving person. And im in for some spice in life. Hope you see the difference :)

On the other hand, ‘Holier-than-art-thou’ type should burn in hell. Ive encountered a lot of them, always there to criticize and judge people. But when the same situation happens to them, they act wilder and stranger than you could imagine. It just sickens me.

3.  Monkeyd
December 23rd, 2010 at 11:12 am

This is an absolutely great topic. I have seen that it is common for guys to be very friendly with a tomboyish girls but would only want a relationship with innocent/naive type girls. Back in my country most of the marriages are arranged marriages which many guys don’t mind since they know that their parents will only find them innocent naive girls. I am not saying there is anything wrong with being with a naive girl but it all just seems like a weird fetish, no ill intended.
I would blame the media for all this. They put these stereotypes in our heads, like those of guys falling in love with innocent girls (typical Kimura-Matsu combo) or smart and mature girls (Kimura in Long Vacation and yes I like Kimura’s doramas), girls falling in love with macho/rich/sensitive guy and so on (not seen much chick flicks).
Answering your question, I think maturity does play important part in a relationship. I also think that no one can remain immature throughout life. Sometime or another they will realize that they need to buck up and take control of their own lives. Since men hold on to their pride (I deleted this line, guess what was here) too much it would be great to be with a woman who is sensitive and understanding on his behalf too since life is all about adjustments.

4.  bubuchacha
December 25th, 2010 at 12:09 pm

Pardon me for posting another comment here.

I changed my blog’s URL, and this link directs you to my blog, since the old one isnt working anymore :)

Happy holidays!

5.  Monkeyd
December 25th, 2010 at 4:47 pm

Sorry for commenting here coz I don’t seem to be able to comment on your blog. I can just see the text “POST A COMMENT” which cannot be clicked and nothing below it either.
Just wanted to say thanks for the info on the coffee. Also, Sunscreen was one of my favorite songs when I was in school. It just appealed to me for some reason. Never actually had youtube back then, but thanks for the video, had never seen it.
Happy holidays and happy new year.

PS: I am also moving my blog to a better and faster host which gives me unlimited storage and bandwidth. Also, I got a domain too: . Time for me to start blogging (New years resolution XD)

6.  bubuchacha
December 27th, 2010 at 12:41 am

@Monkeyd: its ok! as long as Ms Aya dont mind :)

You can post a comment by clicking on the post, then at the lower part there’s a comment box (below the “POST THE COMMENT”)

Yeah, that song is really packed with advices and “must do” in life.

7.  krayle
December 27th, 2010 at 10:49 am

Gomen, Sheep-chan, it’s been a long time since I visited, ne? ): I’m sorry! Just been so swamped with things. ><

Well personally I feel that I am a different category (lol!) My friends have said that I'm the scary 'Black Widow' category where guys think that I will f*** them then kill them, because I come across very fierce. So I'm definitely not the innocent category I guess!

But guys who say that they prefer the innocent type… well I'm tempted to think that they are just insecure. An
innocent' girl will be one who will pander to their ego and treat them like god when they show how 'experienced' they are. They are afraid that they won't be able to match up to a woman with experience who has seen the world and will probably show them how inadequate they are… darou? That's what I feel la. How to say… guys want to flirt with interesting women, but they don't want their girlfriends to be interesting because they will feel threatened when other guys talk to them? hahahaaa basically, these kind of guys who categorise girls like these are dickheads and are most likely very immature and won't know how to treat a woman right!

8.  Ms Aya
December 28th, 2010 at 9:22 pm

Dear Aiko

Hahaha~ A smart girl with a play boy. That sounds fun. XD

Well, you can try observing people in real life and perhaps you may get inspiration on how you’d want your characters to be like. XD

Writing…Kickstarting is almost all the time difficult but once you got the juice flowing, it keeps going. Really!

Dear Bubuchacha

Hmm…You’re decent. And there is nothing wrong about it. XD

You’re right. Those type of people who believe they are much holier are in fact, worse than the people they condemn. All they do is criticize and so ever ready to point out other’s mistake yet, they are no better.

Hahaha, it’d be really funny if they ended up in Hell. (^-^)lll

Ok, noted. Will bookmark the new link. XD Thanks for informing sheep~


Dear Monkeyd

I have seen that it is common for guys to be very friendly with a tomboyish girls but would only want a relationship with innocent/naive type girls

Story of my life… (-__-)

You can say it’s some sort of a fetish because something about these girls turn them on, that it does not matter whether they really love these girls but just find them adorable when they do a certain gesture; cute voice, the way they behave etc.

(I deleted this line, guess what was here)

Mmm…..Can’t quite figure the line. One more hint please? (Laughs nervously)

Happy Holidays to you too and look forward to your new blog! XD

Dear Krayle-chan

Daijoubu, Krayke-chan isogashii dakara. iin desu.

Eh~~~~ Krayle-chan is that much of a scary person!? (o_o) Zenzen miemasen wa, sonna hito! XD
Honma ni STRICT desu ka!? XD

They are afraid that they won’t be able to match up to a woman with experience who has seen the world and will probably show them how inadequate they are… darou?

Un, sou omou! Because women are becoming more independent and are able to match up with men. So perhaps some men are not able to catch up with the smarter and more sophisticated women, therefore seek women who are much easier to dominate. And they use the excuse, “I just want an ordinary housewife who can cook, clean and give me children.”

The strange thing is — men cheat their housemakers for either a working lady or a hooker. XD Adui… (x__x)

9.  krayle
December 29th, 2010 at 12:22 am

Sheep-chan~~ (:

Perhaps only to guys? hahaa!

that’s the thing see! alot of men (i’m not saying all, so please don’t be offended if you have a penis but do not act like the men i’m talking about) have double standards with the women that they want to marry, who they want to treat them like god so they can feel good about themselves, vs the women that they want to have affairs/play/have fun with.

that being said, those are for mf-ers who think that women are dolls for them to play around with. there are still good men who will be faithful and love a woman for who she is, and not because she makes him feel good. I pray for Sheep-chan that eventually she will find such a man, or that such a man will find her. (:

10.  Monkeyd
December 29th, 2010 at 3:31 am

@Ms Aya
“(I deleted this line, guess what was here)”
XD. I guess you do not watch Kimura’s shows. I was referring to his very famous dorama called Pride. Writing about “men having pride”, that dorama popped into my head. Just didn’t want to make another reference to his dorama so deleted the line. But now nvm.

I made up my mind to make a blog, and now I have no idea what to write about (>_ I might end up doing some basic PS tutorials which I have learned so far along with some random thoughts posts.

11.  Owl
December 30th, 2010 at 2:23 pm

I hope you don’t mind me jumping in.

Yeah, it’s true that a lot of Japanese authors make the heroines seem that way. That’s why I don’t read that many shoujo manga.

Though I think some guys prefer the innocent type because girls like that can be easily persuaded.

I’m afraid to say that I can be considered the naive type. I’m not really sure if I would offended if someone called me that. Cause I can be like that sometimes. (^_^”)

12.  Ms Aya
December 30th, 2010 at 3:24 pm

Dear Krayle-chan

Double standards? They demand triple standards! Wife, mother AND a whore in bed!

Well…I think men don’t really need emotions to have sex that’s why they can do it with any woman as they please. While women prefer to establish an emotional relationship before sex? Owkay..there are women who sleep around for money and material purpose..still… Mmm….This is so puzzling…


Dear Monkeyd

Yea, never heard of it. Hardly watch dramas because for me, 1 show is the same as the rest. XD

Blogging tutorials is good. A lot of people will definitely appreciate it. Oh ya, I forgot to mention — I saw the link you posted the other time which is one of your work. Not well versed in 3D sculpting so can’t really say much. But to be able to form something, that’s really splendid. XD I’m not good in digital art so ya, I think it’s great that you can do something about it. XD


Dear Owl

Go ahead. Jump in. XD (Laughs)

I think it’s ok to be naive at some point. As long as you don’t get carried away and deem everyone else unholy and stuff. XD

13.  Monkeyd
December 31st, 2010 at 3:06 am

When I thought of starting a blog, I was thinking of a hundred things to write about. But, as soon as I registered a site and logged in, all the ideas seemed stupid and thought to myself “who would want to read about this?” Nevertheless, I will start it sometime soon and think of something along the way.
There are only 3 things need to make a good 3d model: patience, patience, and patience. It is almost like trying to make a model using a piece of cloth as compared to making it with clay. The idea of 3d-sculpting sounds very cool but from a beginners perspective they are just too hard to grasp since you are seeing things in 2D and not real 3D. Considering I just started toying with 3d modeling, it took me a week (5-6 hrs/day) to get that far. That’s just tooooo time consuming and not to mention ridiculously repetitive. I would rather make things out of real clay (if I every get my hands on it) that use a 3d modeling program.

14.  Ms Aya
December 31st, 2010 at 10:32 pm

Dear Monkeyd

I don’t think you should take your thoughts for granted. They might sound uninteresting to you but perhaps readers would fine it amusing. I blog lots of rubbish (so I think they are) and yet people do read and correspond. I’m lucky I guess but it doesn’t matter. As long as you write in a manner that people can follow, they will like your articles.

Hahaha, patience is needed in everything!


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