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This is Ms Aya your lil sheep who is at the moment in the hospital with her mum!

Well mum have an annoying thyroid residing at the side of her neck…


Let me rephrase that: ‘Had’ — because it was removed earlier this afternoon.

↑ Mum, before the operation and her kind friend who stayed and prayed for her.

When mum was sent to the Operation Theater, my knees went weak and was of course, worried for her sake. The doctor said the only danger in this operation was there is a very fine nerve which he should be careful not to cut because it will cause her voice to change. <´•__•`>

Other than this, no worries. <—ω—>

We told my uncle about this matter and he said, “Cool, she might come out and sing like Elvis Presley!”

Oh~ Wouldn’t that be totally awesome~? (Laughs)

So for 2 hours plus, I waited around with her friend and we hoped everything would go swell.

By God’s grace, she came out, although looking pale and tired — mum was fine and still, that same annoying voice. <^-^> (Laughs nervously)

Now all there is left is for her to fully recover. And from now onwards…

She will be taking medication for life.

Wow right?

Imagine the cost of medical supplies and having to pop pills daily; It’s a torture. Therefore we must really take good care of our health so that we may part the world gracefully and not live in so much of pain.

Baa~ <u__u>

Anyway for the fun of it…Would you like to see how a thyroid looks like?

Nah, have a look~! ↓

This bugger…is cancerous! Thank goodness it is out of my mother’s neck! \<≥A≤>

[ . . . ]

Looks disgusting, huh? <´•__•`>

It’s about the size of my palm. <T_T>

Imagine a fat fucker inhabiting your body..and growing hair too… 


Oh well… If I were to tell you to eat proper and healthy food, there aren’t food which are 100% free from harmful chemicals. One of my relatives who has been a vegetarian for life died of cancer so with that said, feasting on only vegetables isn’t a surefire shield from cancer and diseases.

So what can be said?

I can only tell you not to take signs for granted. Let’s say you feel there is something not right in your body, a lump that shouldn’t be there — do not carelessly dismiss it. That could be your cause of suffering/death in time to come.

That said, please heed to such matters ok?

Good~ <^ε^>

Sheep is going to make a move now. \<—ω—>

Take care, everyone~!

From the desk of Ms Aya~

PS: Staying overnight in the wad with mum…Shit..where am I to sleep!?

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1.  krayle
December 29th, 2010 at 12:18 am

I hope you managed to find a place to sleep! like a couch or something.


But anyway I’m glad that the operation was successful and that your mom is fine! Interestingly, my mother also went for an operation to remove some cyst from her throat area a few years back… Thank God for keeping them safe and well! (:

2.  Monkeyd
December 29th, 2010 at 3:45 am

Hope your mum recovers well. I also have known relatives who have been popping pills everyday since they had some sort of surgery. Its pretty sad mainly because they are retired with pension (for ex-govt. employees) and these medicines take a big chunk out of it. They then have to depend on their kids to help them with the expenses, which obviously they feel ashamed of. My parents keep telling me “take care of your health” and “always have a retirement plan and make a lot of investments for the future since there is no guarantee that your kids will look after you.”

In this time and day, there is no food product (veg or not) that do not have harmful chemicals in them (because of all the treating and pesticides and artificially grown stuff). So I guess the best way to live is to be careful of what you eat (organic etc.) and exercise.

3.  Dino-chan
December 29th, 2010 at 11:35 am


Yokatta your mom is all right from the operation. T_T Taihen deshita ne. If your mom’s voice ever changed to Elvis Presley, go for audition HAHAHAHA

God will make sure your okaasan fully recovered ne ^3^ No worries since the operation went well.

Sheep-chan must take care too ne? And drink more milk :P

Waa…so that is how thyroid looks like O_O …. that must be painful for her…

4.  Ms Aya
December 30th, 2010 at 3:36 pm

Thanks Krayle-chan, Monkeyd and Dino-chan~

My mother is fine and she has already been discharged from the hospital. (^-^) She’s not allowed to simply turn her head (360 degrees) or it might reopen the cut on her throat. (x__x)

As for the thyroid…It’s really disgusting! Why does it have hair! HAIR!? (OAO)!!!

The doctor said that the specimen is at the lab now, going through a test to check how cancerous it is.. (and I hope they can tell me why there’s hair on it!).

We’re waiting for the results and..more images of the little fucker too. XD

So yes, please do take care of yourself. As Monkeyd has pointed out, exercise regularly as it helps your body toughen up. Besides eating and exercising, I think purging is good too because it rids your body of toxics. Therefore, sweating and dumping should be done daily. (^-^)llll

Other than this….What do you think? Anymore to add? XD

PS: I slept on the bed while my mother took the lazy chair. She said she didn’t want to sleep on the bed because it was hard for her to get off the bed. (x__x) The nurses that came in to check thought I was the patient when they saw me on the bed. (-__-)lll

5.  Monkeyd
December 31st, 2010 at 12:06 am

“She’s not allowed to simply turn her head (360 degrees)”
XD At first I didn’t realize what you meant but then I got it.
Also I did not know till a while back that having a flu is good for your body (also throwing up) as it is natural cleansing process done by the body when it encounters a foreign entity that is not meant to be there and fights it. Pretty amazing machine, this body.

6.  bubuchacha
December 31st, 2010 at 10:45 am

my my, that thyroid is bigger than what i’ve imagined!

can i ask what’s the specific medical condition is called ms aya? cause my mom also got some kind of mass in her neck and she’s still afraid to undergo surgery to remove that, hoping that it will “dissolve” miraculously.

hope your mom recovers fast!

i really love staying at the hospital though :)

7.  Ms Aya
December 31st, 2010 at 10:38 pm

Dear Monkeyd

Yup..You see..When animals are sick, they instinctively know that they should purge out orally in order to recover. By doing so, they eat certain food (eg dogs will eat grasses or weeds) and vomit. They usually recover themselves this way! (o_O)


Dear Bubuchacha

Specific medical term…I’m not sure..We recognize it as Thyroid..There are 2 types and methods to remove it.

1) The solid type which is as seen above. This thyroid can be surgically removed on the spot in a day.

2) The soft, liquid type. It can be troublesome because the doctor will have to extract it bit by bit and can’t be completely removed in a day. You have to make frequent visits to the hospital and have it sucked out.

It is advisable for your mother to have it checked and removed because it could be cancerous or even if it’s not, the growth may choke your mother in the neck. (which my mother begun experiencing this not long ago).

Hahaha, that’s odd of you. What would you do over there to keep yourself entertained? Oh right..your studies is related to the medical field, isn’t it? XD

8.  bubuchacha
January 1st, 2011 at 1:43 pm

My mom got 2 mass in her neck, and she’s scheduled to have a biopsy to check whether its cancerous. SO the doctor will get a small sample of that mass by puncturing her neck a bit and my mom is hesitant to do it, it scares the hell out of her.

I like the smell of the hospital, the white painted walls, the cold air conditioned rooms and the food presentation. hahahahaha!

But my studies aren’t related to any medical stuffs, im an ab-psychology major, the one specializes in counseling and psychological tests, not serious disorders, which falls to psychiatry.

9.  Ms Aya
January 4th, 2011 at 11:12 am

Dear Bubuchacha

On both sides of the neck? The operation may be risky then! Because according to my mother’s doctor, they will have to make a bigger cut and removing the thyroid is going to be difficult. Furthermore, our neck is very fragile! (Shivers)

I saw the stitch on my mum’s neck. (Goosebumps) But seriously, your mother should really see a doctor because it could get a lot worse and who knows if it can be reverse later.

Oh, counselling. That’s interesting. XD Psychological — suddenly I’m thinking of you being a mind reader!

10.  Pixy
January 7th, 2011 at 9:38 am

My mom do operation for her ovary also couple of years back, remove something ‘cancerous’ from her ovary … After the operation, she also must have her medical whole life …

11.  Ms Aya
January 8th, 2011 at 2:43 pm

Dear Pix

Oh no…
That’s a horrid..But she is ok right now isn’t she? As in she can still do a lot of things and carry on with her life? (o_O)

12.  Pixy
January 10th, 2011 at 3:07 pm

of cos ok lah … She can still do housework … Just that she need to constantly take hormone pills

13.  F~
January 12th, 2011 at 4:31 am

i hope your mom’s much better now that, that tyroid’s out..p.s is that like a hair, aunt also had tyroid but it was much bigger and obviously worst..sadly she passed last year..p.s did you stick something on every button on your keyboard??

14.  Ms Aya
January 14th, 2011 at 9:20 pm

Dear Pix

That’s good news. XD


Dear F

Mum’s alright. Still can yak a lot. XD
There are many different types and shapes of Thyroid; some may be cancerous and others not. As for your aunt, was it due to cancer or what?

Yup, every key. XD


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