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Mood: Retarded

Hola, ever lovely boys and girls~!

Look at sheep who is all ready to go for the countdown party~! ↓

Y~ay! \<^∀^>/~

Wahahahahaha! LET’S BOOGIE~! (← this sounds so 80′s!)
{ . . . ]

{ . . . ]

Ok, that’s a fib. I’m not attending any parties.. I was just trying out the dress I bought this afternoon.

Isn’t it lovely~? <^ω^>o (Laughs)

Well, sheep doesn’t go to parties so…like always, I stay home and either watch TV, read or sleep early. <^-^>lll

Anyway for the rest of you, have a good time outside and please don’t get too wild ok?

That said…

Happy New Yearmy lovelies~!

May you have an absolutely wonderful beginning and may we go through the year together~!

Yours Sincerely,

Ms Aya the Sheep~

Abai yo!