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In the Hospital with Mummy

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Mood: A little bit worried


This is Ms Aya your lil sheep who is at the moment in the hospital with her mum!

Well mum have an annoying thyroid residing at the side of her neck…


Let me rephrase that: ‘Had’ — because it was removed earlier this afternoon.

↑ Mum, before the operation and her kind friend who stayed and prayed for her.

When mum was sent to the Operation Theater, my knees went weak and was of course, worried for her sake. The doctor said the only danger in this operation was there is a very fine nerve which he should be careful not to cut because it will cause her voice to change. <´•__•`>

Other than this, no worries. <—ω—>

We told my uncle about this matter and he said, “Cool, she might come out and sing like Elvis Presley!”

Oh~ Wouldn’t that be totally awesome~? (Laughs)

So for 2 hours plus, I waited around with her friend and we hoped everything would go swell.

By God’s grace, she came out, although looking pale and tired — mum was fine and still, that same annoying voice. <^-^> (Laughs nervously)

Now all there is left is for her to fully recover. And from now onwards…

She will be taking medication for life.

Wow right?

Imagine the cost of medical supplies and having to pop pills daily; It’s a torture. Therefore we must really take good care of our health so that we may part the world gracefully and not live in so much of pain.

Baa~ <u__u>

Anyway for the fun of it…Would you like to see how a thyroid looks like?

Nah, have a look~! ↓

This bugger…is cancerous! Thank goodness it is out of my mother’s neck! \<≥A≤>

[ . . . ]

Looks disgusting, huh? <´•__•`>

It’s about the size of my palm. <T_T>

Imagine a fat fucker inhabiting your body..and growing hair too… 


Oh well… If I were to tell you to eat proper and healthy food, there aren’t food which are 100% free from harmful chemicals. One of my relatives who has been a vegetarian for life died of cancer so with that said, feasting on only vegetables isn’t a surefire shield from cancer and diseases.

So what can be said?

I can only tell you not to take signs for granted. Let’s say you feel there is something not right in your body, a lump that shouldn’t be there — do not carelessly dismiss it. That could be your cause of suffering/death in time to come.

That said, please heed to such matters ok?

Good~ <^ε^>

Sheep is going to make a move now. \<—ω—>

Take care, everyone~!

From the desk of Ms Aya~

PS: Staying overnight in the wad with mum…Shit..where am I to sleep!?