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Replying to an Old Message!

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Exactly 1 year ago, for the fun of it I wrote a message to my ‘future’ self, which some of you may remember.

Now, it’s time to unearth and reply to it~! (Laughs)

Here’s what I wrote last time! ↓

Dear 2010 Sheep,

How are you? I’m trying to picture what kind of clothes are you wearing now. A space suit? A futuristic attire? Nay! That’s absurd! It has only been a year. However at this rate and our carelessness towards the environment…it’s possible that we will have to start wearing protective suits in time to come. How sad…and tacky! <≥A≤>/

By the way, are your boobs any bigger? (Laughs) It would be nice if they have grown fuller however, I hope they are not illegal — get what I mean? <OAO>(Laughs)

Right now, I’m thinking about your well being..whether you’re happy and contented with the way things are going for you.

“Are you any closer to your dreams?
Have you fulfilled your hair of revenge?
Is Auwlithe still fat and grumpy?
Are you living in the new house now?

How are the neighbors there? Friendly and warm?
Have you been visiting Aunty Sebasti and her family?
Do you still keep in touch with Nic and Fe?
What cellphone are you currently using?
Have you made any true friends?
Are you seeing anyone special?

…Are you still as lonesome as ever?”

Well, I know I won’t be able to get your answers immediately. It’s going to take a year to finally get those questions answered. But don’t worry, I’ll patiently wait for your reply for I know, it takes time for those answers to take place.

In this letter, I can only tell you how is it like to be ‘me’ right now, who is 21 years old and still calls herself a sheep. (Laughs)

I have no complaints being me because I’m very comfortable with the way I am. Although not many people agree with my behavior and resentment towards humans, I’m able to dismiss their disapproval and carry on living with myself let it be if I’m alone.

I always believe that no one should force themselves to hop on the band wagon just because everyone else is doing it. People lose themselves when they do so. Also, they have to live with such a pretentious life. <TAT>

Anyway, for your sake — I hope you have found peace in yourself and able to live without any guilt and insecurity by now. Most importantly, live your life well. Do good no matter what.

One more thing: Please continue to blog at PaperDiaries even when no one is supporting you. Blogging has become a hobby that you enjoy so much. It would be a waste if you stop because of other people’s influence. <u__u>

Well, on top of all that has been said, I hope you are living a good life and by now, have someone special to hold dearly to. Though I don’t encourage you to be in a relationship yet. I think one year of acquaintance is still too green. Let’s wait for another couple of years, shall we? By then, we can start interrogating 2011 sheep! <^v^>/ (Laughs)

Before I end my message, it seems there are a few more messages from your friends. ↓

* Names are concealed for protection

I’m not sure if there will be messages from your blog readers as well but by any means, please read them with an open heart~

Thank you and see you soon~!

Hugs and kisses,

2009 Sheep 

Reminder: This message is scheduled to be unearthed on the 19th December 2010, night. (Laughs)

Well to begin with…


In fact! <OAO>

I suspect it has shrunk! <TAT> (Cries)

Don’t ask for more details, please! I just feel that it has disappeared and am reluctant to wrap the measuring tape around for confirmation. <≥A≤>

As for the following… ↓

  1. Are you any closer to your dreams?
    What dreams..Oh! ‘That’ dream. Still far from it. <^-^>
  2. Have you fulfilled your hair of revenge?
    It’s not exactly the length that I’m striving to reach but it’s much longer now. Going to keep this up! (Pumps up!)
  3. Is Auwlithe still fat and grumpy?
    He still is! Now I call him a ‘Tub’ because he seems to be like one! The sad thing is, he’s getting older. <;__;> I hope he can live as long as I do because I’ll definitely die of loneliness without my dear, dear baby!
  4. Are you living in the new house now?
    Yes, living in a beautiful and cozy home. <^-^>/
  5. How are the neighbors there? Friendly and warm?
    At first, some of them were. But after the dog incident, they seem cold towards us.
  6. Have you been visiting Aunty Sebasti and her family?
    Still do. In fact, will be seeing them next week!
  7. Do you still keep in touch with Nic and Fe?
    Yes. We are chatting actively on Facebook and made calls via Skype to keep in touch. Next month, Fe will be coming back to PJ so there’s a chance of meeting up again!
  8. What cellphone are you currently using?
    No changes to my cellphone. My Samsung Star is in tip-top condition and there’s simply no excuse to replace it!
  9. Have you made any true friends?
    Well…I do have some good companions to talk and be talked to. Quite thankful that they talk to me sometimes. <^-^>
  10. Are you seeing anyone special?…Or……Are you still as lonesome as ever?
    (Laughs nervously) N-Nobody..Not a single prospect! <ºAº>lll S-should I start digging out my old contacts and check on them? (Laughs nervously)

Truthfully, there hasn’t been much changes since last year. My life has been pretty stagnant and nothing so big has yet to take place.

However, I’m very thankful for the short and little events that has happened. I got a taste of working life. In spite it was just a short period of time, it was a good experience and am looking forward to start working outside again. (More on this another time~!)

And then, I got to meet Nic-sempai, Spit and Yannie too~! (Laughs)

Well overall, year 2010 has been rather kind and lenient with me. <≥ω≤>

I hope next year, there will be more happenings to come~!

I also wish that everyone enjoyed this year much more than I did and may the coming year do you good~!

Maybe you’re saying, “I’m not into this whole New Year resolution” or Every year is the same old shit” however, isn’t it nice to know that you’re still walking this Earth after a year has gone by? Which means there is still a chance to pursue a goal or a dream?

(Laughs nervously) I’m not one to speak of such matters but even so, let’s be positive. <^-^>/

[ . . . ]

Sheep better make a move now before blogging poorly articulated thoughts! <≥A≤>

Till next time, everyone~

In case I don’t blog sooner, I wish all of you in advance…Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year~!

Have a great year end with your friends and family~!

PS: Oh right…Another highlight for this year →  Sheep became short sighted! ↑