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Mood: Kyaa!


O go kigen yo, minna-hun~!

Blogging here is the naughty sheep who went and dug out some old clothes from her closet~! ↑

The black mini skirt that you see above is quite obsolete! To think I used to wear such a short, short skirt in public! <`A´>

Well…I outgrew that skirt so much so that it just can’t cover my fat ass. <x__x> (Laughs nervously)

What I’m striving to do at the moment is to lose weight and hopefully, return to my teen size. It may be impossible because my body isn’t just fatter than before but it has changed..Unlike before, it was really a brat’s body.

Now…I wonder if I can call myself a ‘woman’. <´•ω•`> (Laughs nervously)

O youth~! Why did you leave me so soon~~~?

Ah well…

Sisters who are on the same quest…let’s work hard (literally, work hard) together in order to achieve that pretty, slender and healthy body~!

And guys!

Please cherish our efforts for we are doing this to please you~! (Ok, some of us are simply vain and don’t want to lose to other girls in terms of appearance)

Speaking of which — I finally got the Starbucks Year 2011 planner~!

In the previous weeks, I’ve been overloading myself with Starbucks coffee — just to redeem this planner!

Although I was short of 3 chops, no idea why the person just gave it to me…How kind! (Rejoices)

But I think for the time being… I’m going to stop drinking at Starbucks. <-__-> Because my true love is Coffee Bean. <^-^>v (Laughs)


Alrighty, time to stop spouting nonsense. <—ω—>/

This is the rather sleepy Ms Aya, signing out~

Have a jolly good day~!

PS: Sheep seems to be very lazy nowadays so..please pardon me if I have not replied your comments/tweets. (Laughs nervously) Such an ‘O’ blood, yea. <^-^>lll