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This is Ms Aya who woke up rather early today. <^-^>

The feeling of getting up early after having ample rest or because you are looking forward to something is truly great! When you wake up, you can somehow feel a glow beaming in your face, ready to start the day cheerfully. Good vibes, o good vibes~

However, I didn’t wake up feeling all that awesome. Instead, I woke up rather angry! \<`A´>/


Thanks to some stupid dogs lingering outside my house! \<`A´>/

I’ve rant about this before and here I am, doing it again! Certainly turns one into a monster, early in the morning!

It’s really annoying to wake up and find a pile of shit outside the house. Really! You wouldn’t like it either.

One plus side is I don’t see Golden squatting outside my house anymore…But now, there are 3 dogs that belong to this old lady. Every morning around 6am, she goes for a walk with 2 other grannies and her 4-legged friends, that are unleashed.

Very irresponsible indeed.

This time I gave them a piece of my mind!

One of the old ladies kept looking at me cursing and hurling the umbrella, which was meant to frighten the dogs away. At first, my mother said not to even bother talking to them because old people are too stubborn and they just won’t care.

It was really hard for me to dismiss  them for they could just watch us spray water outside the house and see us being all frustrated and not give a damn at all. Not expecting them to clean outside my house but at least, be modest enough to keep your dogs away. They could not display such consideration therefore, I too did not give a fuck about manners and proceeded to scolding them.

The busybody lady denied and said the dogs belonged to her friend, who was walking ahead — pretending nothing was going on.

I scolded them using a language which you wouldn’t speak to an elderly (They are Cantonese so… you can pretty much fathom what kind of words came out from my mouth).

But who gives a shit, right? (Oh, right…they do give shit– literally)

Oh well…..Hopefully after this, those dogs will not cross my path leaving their litter. <u__u>

Anyway, on a brighter side — Last Monday sheep was in Damansara and managed to visit a couple of friends~☆ ↓

Sheep and Nic! (In Nichi, Tropicana Mall)

Spent some time with Nic in the morning~☆

We went for Dim Sum in Damansara Jaya and then walked around memory land. Also, got to see her darling Snowy~! ↓

This old chump is still active and playful as always. <^-^>

It was really funny of Nic to introduce me to her maid, saying, “Our dogs were friends!”

Most of the time you’d hear, “Our parents are friends!” but in this case — dogs! <^v^>/

(Laughs) My old dogs were friends with Snowy and Merlin (Fe‘s dog). Good times..

So yea, pleasant memory. Thanks a lot Nic, for spending time and taking me around.

Also, for lending me a couple of games~ (Laughs)

And many thanks to Yannie for taking the trouble to come over to The Curve! It was really nice meeting him, the English Nazi and…Oh dear…Forgot to take his picture!

Sorry! Was too busy ‘caressing’ the poor guy… <^-^>lll (Laughs nervously)

Oh, sounds absolutely wrong. XD

So alright, time to start the day~! <^∀^>

Everyone, have a good start! I hope you didn’t wake up in rage as I did!

Sucks to spoil your long, long day! <_  _>lll

Here’s a nice song that might just get you all pumped up for the day~

Anime: You’re Under Arrest 2
Song title: Starting Up

※ I don’t own this video nor did I upload it.

でわみんなーさんーーーバアーバイ~★! <^v^>b

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1.  Monkeyd
November 25th, 2010 at 5:50 pm

The kids had break from school for a week last month and it was my worst week. Everyday morning to evening, all they do is play and scream right outside my house. Since I am a night owl, it really bothers me coz I would be tying to sleep then. I used to get up being super irritated for the first few days. I realized later that its best to goto normal sleeping rhythm for the remaining days of the kids break. I really cant scream at them since I know I used to get screamed at by my neighbors when I was a kid and used to play outside our old house. I do not want to spoil the kids fun but I cannot understand why they gotta scream.
Also its really a wierd situation when its an old person who you have to confront with. They will always snap at you no matter what you say. They consoder it as disrespect and a bystander will always side with the older person due to pity for theor age.

2.  Monkeyd
November 25th, 2010 at 5:52 pm

Bah ! Please pardon my poor tense and typos. I really gotta proofread my comments before submitting :( (

3.  bubuchacha
November 25th, 2010 at 9:30 pm

haha! you always
encounter the same old dogs and their frantic owners! goodluck to that ms aya!

by the way, the dog is soooo cute! its fur is somewhat the same as a sheep’s wool

4.  Ms Aya
November 28th, 2010 at 2:55 pm

Dear Monkeyd

Well children are children..Out of excitement, they scream and do all sorts of things. It would be great if there is an adult to accompany them so that they do not go overboard.
Hahaha…yea…some old people are like that…they expect to be respected just because of their age..not because of what they have contributed…
Anyway, for your case…guess you gotta know when the kids come out and play so that you can time yourself when to sleep or not. (x__X)


Dear Bubu

Thanks for the luck!
After telling them off, there don’t seem to be any pesky dogs lingering outside my house! Hurrah! XD

Hahaha, you should see him in motion! Very cute indeed! When his master calls him, he knows how to bark in response! Very well trained you can say! XD


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