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Presenting to you…

My latest artwork~♥! ↓

On paper, I was a little bit proud to have drew these; a King of Spade card and a Queen of Hearts card. <—ω—>

However.. One major problem:


!! Cries !!

Despite using a ruler, I just can’t draw straight lines! <TAT>/

No matter how many times I keep trying, my lines always end up crooked!

Shit… Even a ruler can’t save sheep in this department!

What about you?

Do you too, have troubles drawing a straight line even with the help of a ruler?

I think some people do have this problem whereby they can’t draw lines very well.. <;__;>

Is this a disease? <.__.>

PS: Kindly never ever assign me to draw lines for you. In such an event, I will stab you to death with a ruler! <OAO>