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Latest Artwork~!

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Ms Aya | Sheep

Mood: Hyper!

Good afternoon~!

Sheep is still very genki at the moment and if this goes on any longer — sheep could be a nuisance to everyone!

The culprit behind this genki power is —- unknown…I too have no idea where this positive energy was transmitted from! <^-^>lll

Supposed you are feeling down all of the sudden, it could be — Sheep has stolen your source of happiness. Truly sorry and didn’t mean to!

Oh yes, the other night..I drew a picture and said it will be posted, didn’t I?

Well here you go~ ↓

The idea and technique was inspired by Yoh’s Monochrome World!

You should go check out her gallery; her drawings are fabulous and extremely detailed! Definitely a work of a meticulous hand!

I struggled to draw the lines on the hair and despite its completion…feel there is something missing out…and the lines are too crooked, ne?

Alrighty, got to go now~ I hear thunder and …I smell smoke… <o_o>

Report later~ Toodles!

UPDATE! [5:26pm, Saturday]

Don’t be alarmed! The smoke came from one of my neighbors (Golden’s house). The woman was burning some stuff…Wow…The thunder was rumbling very loudly and viciously…dare she come out and do her burning at such a time? Mmm….. <u__u>

Well then…It’s evening now. You all must be having a good Saturday time, huh? Hanging out with friends.

Very well. This is Ms Aya, wishing you all have a good weekend~♥ <^ε^>/

Ms Aya | Sheep

Mood: Hyper!

Good morning, everyone!

Short entry here! <^∀^>/

First of all, my apologies *again* for the eyesore “Bandwidth Exceeded” banners all over this blog. There’s really nothing I can do about it… Although I can pay a fee to upgrade my Photobucket account to Pro as they insist however — let’s not consider this an option, ok? (Laughs nervously)

Sheep is too stingy to pay anyone money! <-__->

Anyway… As mentioned in my tweets earlier, regarding a stupid cockroach that came out of nowhere while I was eating Mcdonald’s pan cakes…

I just want to tell you — Damn! Ridsect is bloody effective in killing cockroaches, almost instantly~☆! ↓

You don’t have to spray so much as though you’re fogging the whole house, don’t have to follow the stupid cockroach all over the place to make sure its dead and then clean up after its trail of yellow-greenie goo!

Just Ridsect the bugger (it will somehow J-walk a little bit) and there — it’s upside down, dead and ready to be swept away into the bin! <^∀^>/

If the pest is still somehow kicking, that’s about as much as it does — it kicks a little bit but at least — not crawl everywhere.

Bloody useful tool to have in the house~☆!

Well…If you are too stingy or don’t trust such a weapon..there’s always slippers and newspapers to smack the roaches. (Laughs)

- The END -

PS: Flying cockroaches are scary, don’t you think so? Have you been assaulted by one before? (Shivers)