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Great day, everyone~!

We’re now in the month of November and pretty soon, we’ll be celebrating for the coming year! But let’s hold that on and first, greet our fellow Scorpios and early Sagittarius — Happy birthday~

Wow….November…soon December comes and it will be the end of 2010. And then it’s 2011. <—ω—>≈

This year, newly weds were nuts over the 10/10/10 date. Priorly, it was 9/9/9, 8/8/8 and so on. (they are just numbers, in my opinion..). Well 2012 will be the last time we’ll ever hear of this nonsense (ok, beautiful and fated numbers to some of you) unless all of the sudden there’s such thing as 13/13/13.

So next year is going to be very intense…Can you imagine newly weds squaring off in the Registrar of Marriage to destine themselves on 11/11/11?

Usually, 3 types of people are in this bandwagon:

  1. whoever’s birthday falls on that date
  2. gamblers who bet numbers at Toto/Magnum
  3. couples who are about to get married

…Marriage… (Laughs)

A few days ago, my mother’s friend gave me this book. ↓

We were former neighbors so she sort of know that my social life is crap. <^-^>lll

She has 2 grown up daughters of her own and she does worry about their love life a lot. It seems that her daughters are too busy working and they just can’t find a suitable man to bring home and proudly introduce to their family.

My mother is beginning to worry about mine too. (Laughs)

I do wonder why is it so difficult for some of us (men and women) to find The One. Is it because the time is not right? We are not riped? We are searching the wrong places? Wrong person?

Ladies…You think you know what kind of man you want as your hubby. You must have written out a whole book (or shall we say ‘manual’) on what you want him to be, do, look like and so on. In the most lame way of saying, you ‘customize’ him. <—ω—>≈

And gentlemen, you know darn well the kind of woman you’d like to have cooking and supporting you always by your side.

I wonder…by thinking that we know what or who we that enough as a map to help us look for The One… <u__u>

[ . . . ]


What’s with this topic?

We’re still young, aren’t we? <^v^>/ Ladies..Our biological clocks aren’t due so soon anyway. <^x^>lll

Truthfully…I don’t see myself whisking down the aisl —- I don’t even know what it’s called (and whether ‘whisking’ can be used here). It would be a lie if I told you I don’t dream of love. I do and it does get me riled up like a little child running inside the candy store.

But dreams are dreams; they are perfect in the mind however in reality, it’s a fucking a myth.

This, I blame romance novels and poets for injecting false beliefs into our heads! <`A´>/


Anyway —

Speaking of parents worrying for their children’s love life…

Don’t you find it funny that when you were schooling, your parents forbid you from getting into a relationship and now that you are older, they are pushing you to get started with your love life?

Some of you may have very open minded parents who will chill with whatever you’re up to regardless of your age. For some…you have strict parents who would interrogate you each time you receive a phone call from ‘a friend’ ?

(Laughs) How many of you here have strict parents and liberal ones, I wonder.

And if you want to express about your parents being overly protective, go right ahead. Sheep won’t inform your parents what you have written. Hohohoho~ ← The “Cannot-be-trusted” face. (Laughs)

Mine is pretty liberal and they didn’t have to worry about me coming home with a guy. Such an obedient sheep, ne?

さてっと~Sheep should be making her move now. <^-^>

Everyone, have a good day~

PS: If somehow..Sheep is able to find and marry her beloved bishie  — IF! Do you suppose sheep can make it for 11/11/11? Or maximum — 12/12/12? <o_o>