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At first, I thought of putting the title as “– Running Dry” instead of “– Going Dry” however, my brain is not running at all hence the latter title. <x__x>

Yes, it’s that bad and for this reason, sheep has been away from the blog. This noon, I tried to finish up a blog entry which I’ll be posting about… It’s really far from completion! <;__;> (Cries)

Face also become so dummified! <≥A≤>/

Oh by the way, I straightened my hair. It doesn’t look so messy as before, does it? <´•__•`> (Laughs nervously)

My ex-schoolmate suggested that I should straighten it. Apparently it suits me and since he saw me in straight wool before, I half-heartedly took his word. Well…He was partly right, it looks much more neater and is more manageable however, I do miss my messy hair because — it shields me face, most especially, my eyes! ↓

I’m the type of person who is scared of eye contacts. Somehow, looking into people’s eyes makes me feel weird. Not to say the person is unpleasant to look at — I just find myself to be rude for gazing into his/her iris. Sometimes I feel they don’t like it when I look into their eyes either. It’s like a forbidden rule for me.

And when people look into mine, well — exposure and insecurity gets to me like a sudden splash of icy water onto my face.

I read that eye contact is the most powerful charm to drive a person into falling in love with you. In poems, movies, fictions, real life stories or a testimonial from a friend — the eyes, more often than not, is partly the reason why people fall in love and feel the attraction simply from looking into the eyes.

A sense of sincerity? Adoration?  Attention?

I can’t tell you with experience as I’ve not felt such surges when engaging eyes with another. In fact, I can’t bloody last for 5 seconds.

So those of you who have met me or when any of you meet me for that matter, please know that if sheep averts her eyes away from yours, it doesn’t mean she finds you weird or indecent to look at. It’s mostly because sheep has this phobia.

(Laughs) I think the fear and lack of eye engagement is quite a common problem, among introvert people especially.

Baa…  <u__u>

Are eyes really sexy to look at and study? <.__.>

I’d say anime eyes are really sexy (referring to male characters, most definitely!) But in the real world…is this why many women are hard up for double eyelids and for huger eyes? Because it plays an absolutely essential role in captivating potential quarry?

I can go on asking all sorts of noob questions but let’s stop here, shall we?


Tell me, do you have problems establishing eye contacts with people? If you don’t have such a problem, how did you go about to doing it without the worries that we shy people live with? Apart from being not shy, of course. <^v^>/


What kind of thoughts do you get running in your head when someone is looking into your eyes? Do you enjoy the attention? Or feel disgusted? <OAO>!!!

Answers and opinions from you are most welcomed! <^x^>/

PS: Bought 2 new diaries from Action City. Small book: RM19.++. Medium size: RM22.++

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1.  Dino-chan
October 22nd, 2010 at 2:43 pm

Nice diaries!~ I am still using my last year’s diary and it haven’t reached half of the book yet =.=”"”

Eye contact ka… *gulp* I only look into people’s eyes who are very close with me. Sore dake. If new people or long ago friends, I will look into their eyes too but it lasted for few seconds and I will look around him/her. Or maybe I will look at his/her hair, hand…clothes,bag…etc

If I am full of confident or very happy that day, also the same to the kinds of people i stated…0___0 ahahaha…..

Is weird ne, ;( I find it scary sometimes when a person who is talking to you, looking straight into your eyes. As if that person is trying to eat you like a tiger/lion. LOL! Or I am mad. I dun really like to talk to people because I find my voice is ugly LOL

If I have to be not rude and keep on staring at that person …. I guess the way it I nod my head when I feel I want to look elsewhere, at least that would make me stay focus for temporarily

nyaaaannnn O_O

2.  Ms Aya
October 23rd, 2010 at 10:53 pm

Dear Dino-chan

You haven’t been writing much in your diary? Maybe it’s because you blog them or talk to your friends, that’s why! XD
My diary still consist of mostly unused pages too!

Baa..So it varies on the type of people you are with and your mood? In all honesty, I don’t think Dino has a bad voice. You’re cute and you can sing! XD

And looks as if they are going to eat you? Lions and tigers are no match for Dino~~~!

…Why you nyaaan suddenly? (o_o) Hahahaha~ XD

3.  bubuchacha
October 24th, 2010 at 10:35 pm

Welcome back ms aya!

I share the same dilemma as you do, but it only applies when I’m in front of my crush, I can’t even look at him directly in his eyes, I dont know why, also with strangers, I find it rude, looking at them straight on their faces.

But with friends, its a totally different thing, eye contact is highly encouraged, this shows sincerity and the like.

You look good with straight hair ms aya! but it isnt comparable to your wavy hair cause you still look stunning even before! Straight hair just suggest a new image/look– more neat perhaps.

4.  Ian
October 27th, 2010 at 2:30 am

How Did You Come Up With Your Blog Name? Im Trying To Come Up With One, But I Have No Idea What To Call It?(:

5.  Ian
October 27th, 2010 at 3:15 am

ALSO! What Host Do You Use?(:

6.  Ms Aya
October 27th, 2010 at 6:45 pm

Dear Bubuchacha

Oh~~~ Someone has a crush currently? XD

Hmm…look into friends’ eyes….I find that forbidden too! (O_O)
But yes, it’s a good thing you don’t share this dilemma. It’s a horror, I tell you. (_ _)

And thanks~ Hahaha~ When my hair grows longer, I might to curl it again. Now…Off to your blog~ XD

Dear Ian

I’m using WordPress as my blog’s platform.
Well it depends on what you are going to blog throughout the time. Choose a name that sums up your individuality perhaps?

7.  Monkeyd
October 28th, 2010 at 2:07 am

Ahh !!
I am no girl, but can understand what you are trying to say (is that bad??). I am a supa-introvert. I barely look into peoples (strangers) eyes and when I do make eye contact, it is like something is itching me to look away. I also find it rude when people keep look directly into your eyes as-if they are trying to read every action you do. Its ok with friends, as they have the right to know what you are doing since you are in their company.
I guess this idiotic behavior of me is very rare, since the whole reason the fashion industry is always booming is because people (boy/girl) want to be looked at. My friends know me, and they do not have any problems with me being the way I am since I guess they ARE my friends.

8.  Dino
October 28th, 2010 at 9:30 am

I nyaaaaan because I dunno how to end the sentence LMAO!!!!!
The diaries look so classic. Makes me want to own one too now.
Magic spells…XD let’s put spell on Yooi.

9.  Aiko
October 28th, 2010 at 4:53 pm

Nice hair, Aya nii-chan ~ You looked more mature than your previous hair. :’) Oh also, with your question, when someone is looking through my eyes, I feel he admires me even just a second? or somewhat disgusted at times. But as me, if I look at other people, I really focus them through their eyes. But when my crush is having conversation with me, I can look into his eyes but I smile a looooot. SO it means, my eyes is so chinese look, despite I’m a chinese. ;D

10.  Aiko
October 28th, 2010 at 4:57 pm

Oh I mean, I have chinese eyes because obviously I’m a chinese. [replacing; my eyes is so chinese look, despite I'm a chinese]

11.  Ms Aya
October 29th, 2010 at 10:31 am

Dear Monkeyd

No, it’s not bad. (Laughs) Good that you sort of understand what I’m saying at the same time, it’s not so good to be supa-introvert. XD
It gets lonely and creates paranoia against people. (x__x) As well as lack of confidence.
Well I guess if those who know the way you are and accepts it/try to help you out, then they are friends…which is good. (^-^)

Hahaha…fashion huh? Nowadays, girls like to wear colored contact lenses (in my area) so yea…perhaps eye contacts are that important to impress another… (=__=)


Dear Dino-chan

What kind of spells to cast upon Yooi?

Turn him into — usagi? XD


Dear Aiko

Thank you, thank you~ Good to know my money is well spent. XD Hohohoho~

How nice! You have the courage to look into your crush’s eyes AND smile. (o_o) Something I can’t bring myself to do. *is a coward*

Chinese eyes aren’t bad. I think it’s more of how one look with their eyes. If they are good people, their eyes won’t look sinister or unattractive. Same goes for face.

But yea, giving direct attention to a person and smiling is definitely a knock-out. XD

12.  Dino
October 29th, 2010 at 10:37 am

Turn him into turtle ;p

13.  Aiko
October 29th, 2010 at 10:39 pm

Yeah, you really look beautiful on your new hair [seriously].

Yeah, I don’t know why? Last two months[i think?], my seatmate was my crush at that time. So it was a really really good news for me. I also wondered why he smiled when our teacher announced that we will going to be seatmates for the 1st quarter. So when he sat down in his chair, I also did the same thing, just beside him. But I just noticed, whenever I look at him, I usually smiles at him and look at him straight in his eyes[actually, his eyes looks like a doll]. My friends are also wondering why i could look staright at him. LOOOL ~ But I’m also blushing ~ Can’t help iitt :’>

Yea, especially when chinese people smile. I think, they look cute[including us]. Hahaha :) )

14.  Ms Aya
October 30th, 2010 at 11:32 am

Dear Dino-chan

Turn him into many things!

You know? Let’s just turn him into money! Then we can go buy cute stuffs! Wonder how much he is worth… (Laughs)


Dear Aiko

Wait — doll eyes? The very huge and lovely type or the scary and eerie type? (o_o)

Ah~ Youth~ How nice. XD For your sake, hope you can get somewhere with this guy.

And yea, when Chinese/Japanese/Asian people smile, their eyes can become like: (^_^) Cat-like eyes!


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