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Mood: Annoyed


This is Ms Aya who unexpectedly woke up rather early thanks to the noises outside that were caused by Auwlithe~

Also, Auwlithe jumped on my bed in desperation to get the reluctant sheep out of bed. <x__x>

The neighbor who lives a few houses away from mine owns a Golden Retriever named, Golden. In this week, Golden seems to be out of the house on his own more often than ever. The first time I caught Golden lingering outside my house was one night which initiated Auwlithe’s hatred for the big bugger. His owner said their automatic gate spoiled and somehow Golden budged his way out. I didn’t hold any grudges because I took his word that it wasn’t on purpose however, this few mornings and nights, the dog has been roaming out — more specifically, in front of my house.

What harm does the dog do? <.__.>

Well, he treats my front garden as his toilet. The dog is killing my mother’s plants and being a nuisance! And the thing is — The dog refuses to go back home!

I did go over to tell Golden’s household but one of them just said, “Don’t worry! He will come back by himself!” and continued to watch TV like a couch potato. <-__->

Heh..I didn’t come over with worries that your dog will go missing.

It’s past 12am; your dog is stomping all over my plants, peeing all over the place and Auwlithe won’t stop barking until your GR leaves. Also seeing how cool he was about the dog going out, it seemed like he allowed the dog to do so.

In the end, I had to drag the animal back to the house and close the gate. Guess what? Not a word of apology or thanks came from the man. I was very angry that night so I sort of refused to just leave quietly.

I scolded him…and hoped that after this, he will tell the people in the house not to simply let the dog out as he treats my house as his private loo.

But noooo~

They still do it.

And this morning, the stupid dog came over as usual.

Pissed, I took Auwlithe with me and went over to Golden’s house to have a word with the owner. Now, I didn’t really have an idea whether the dog ran out by himself or they let him out so I started out by casually saying, “Your dog seems to be going out on his own lately.”

The retired mister smiled and said that he let him out on purpose, to see if the dog knows how to come back on his own. He even said, the dog will go to my house and then only return home.

I was very flabbergasted knowing it was on purpose and he knew…his dog will hang around my house. Cannot he hear my dog barking the whole night because of his dog? It’s disturbing everyone’s peace! And they don’t monitor their dog! Instead they shut their doors and pretend no one is home. I have to bring the dog back!

I don’t want this to be a part of my routine, damn it!

Anyway, I told him off that his dog treats my house as his toilet and no way am I telling my Auwlithe to shut up because it is his job to bark at intruders. My dog attacked Golden a couple of times and I’m not going to take any responsibilities for any harm done.

Is sheep being harsh?

I have to because they are not the only irresponsible neighbors who leisurely allow their dogs to do their disposals in front of my house.

There’s this man who lives in the back row. Every morning he goes out for a jog with 2 dogs; one leashed up and another loose. Each time this trio by pass my house, mum and I would find unpleasant drops outside. And the thing about this man is — he has the cheek to smile at us whenever he passes by and in the act of his dogs’ crime!

This time, my mother couldn’t take it so she waited for this asshole to jog by and scolded the man.

Of all the mother fucking places, he chooses to let the dog piss/shit in front of my house. There’s an empty space opposite which dogs can do their business but no — they choose our home.

It’s not like we have done anything bad to them. In fact, we were really nice to Golden’s family and sometimes, we give food to them.

Sigh….could it be? They think there are only ladies in the house hence they are not afraid?

Grr…They should know…We have a brave man in the house — and he is Auwlithe~! ↓

Love my dear baby~

And love him even more for behaving himself and not simply going to people’s house. Though…he has the tendency to scold people outside their homes. <_   _>

So one advice for any of you who are having such problems with your neighbors: Go ahead and tell them off!

What’s the point of wanting to maintain a good relationship with your neighbors but they are inconsiderate towards you?

All these pet problems may sound petty however, it gets on anyone’s nerves and you don’t have to clean after and endure them!

[ . . . ]

Owkie…I think I’m being too long winded with my rants so —- sheep is going to start her day now~! \<^ε^>


Enjoy yours and if you have any complaints about your neighbors and wish to rant as well, by all means go ahead~! <^-^>/

Release your tension! (Laughs)

PS: Speaking of which, when I was telling Golden’s master off, Auwlithe was also growling and barking at Golden. When we left their premises, Auwlithe seemed really pleased! I guess…he also gave Golden a piece of his mind~! (Laughs)