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At first, I thought of putting the title as “– Running Dry” instead of “– Going Dry” however, my brain is not running at all hence the latter title. <x__x>

Yes, it’s that bad and for this reason, sheep has been away from the blog. This noon, I tried to finish up a blog entry which I’ll be posting about… It’s really far from completion! <;__;> (Cries)

Face also become so dummified! <≥A≤>/

Oh by the way, I straightened my hair. It doesn’t look so messy as before, does it? <´•__•`> (Laughs nervously)

My ex-schoolmate suggested that I should straighten it. Apparently it suits me and since he saw me in straight wool before, I half-heartedly took his word. Well…He was partly right, it looks much more neater and is more manageable however, I do miss my messy hair because — it shields me face, most especially, my eyes! ↓

I’m the type of person who is scared of eye contacts. Somehow, looking into people’s eyes makes me feel weird. Not to say the person is unpleasant to look at — I just find myself to be rude for gazing into his/her iris. Sometimes I feel they don’t like it when I look into their eyes either. It’s like a forbidden rule for me.

And when people look into mine, well — exposure and insecurity gets to me like a sudden splash of icy water onto my face.

I read that eye contact is the most powerful charm to drive a person into falling in love with you. In poems, movies, fictions, real life stories or a testimonial from a friend — the eyes, more often than not, is partly the reason why people fall in love and feel the attraction simply from looking into the eyes.

A sense of sincerity? Adoration?  Attention?

I can’t tell you with experience as I’ve not felt such surges when engaging eyes with another. In fact, I can’t bloody last for 5 seconds.

So those of you who have met me or when any of you meet me for that matter, please know that if sheep averts her eyes away from yours, it doesn’t mean she finds you weird or indecent to look at. It’s mostly because sheep has this phobia.

(Laughs) I think the fear and lack of eye engagement is quite a common problem, among introvert people especially.

Baa…  <u__u>

Are eyes really sexy to look at and study? <.__.>

I’d say anime eyes are really sexy (referring to male characters, most definitely!) But in the real world…is this why many women are hard up for double eyelids and for huger eyes? Because it plays an absolutely essential role in captivating potential quarry?

I can go on asking all sorts of noob questions but let’s stop here, shall we?


Tell me, do you have problems establishing eye contacts with people? If you don’t have such a problem, how did you go about to doing it without the worries that we shy people live with? Apart from being not shy, of course. <^v^>/


What kind of thoughts do you get running in your head when someone is looking into your eyes? Do you enjoy the attention? Or feel disgusted? <OAO>!!!

Answers and opinions from you are most welcomed! <^x^>/

PS: Bought 2 new diaries from Action City. Small book: RM19.++. Medium size: RM22.++