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Hey darlings~♥

It appears there’s a new collection to my street of lil houses~ (Laughs nervously)

From the time I woke up, I spent the whole day assembling this set. <_  _>lll ↓

It makes a really a good past time. Really. I suggest to all the lonely and bored old folks out there… please do take up such hobbies rather than whining, nagging, complaining and … more whining. <x__x>

I mean…have a look below.. ↓

It’s not that hard to assemble them. If it’s too time consuming well — You got all the time in the world, more than your children and grandchildren. If it’s too small or your eyes aren’t good….Then take up puzzles. <_  _>

(Laughs) Ok just so you know…I’ve not been aggravated by any old timers hence saying such things about them. I’m just trying to stress out how this sort of hobbies can really kill time for the absolutely bored-nothing-to-do people (eg. old timers). <^-^>

Oh by the way, there’s a stall in The Curve, Damansara IKANO POWER CENTRE which sells miniature sets such as mine. It’s on the 2nd floor (If my memory serves me right), in front of Harvey Norman. ↓

Those who have asked me where to get it, well you can try searching at The Curve Ikano~<^v^>/

That aside…

At the moment, life is picking up very slowly on my side. Ever since I stopped working, I’ve been napping, playing RE5 and reading most of the time. <—ω—>

Sheep enjoys such a carefree life however, don’t you think that’s more suited for a retired old hag? <^-^> (would be darn weird having an old sheep playing PS3 though)

Well sheep is going on a job hunt again and hopefully this time, it will be a job which sheep adores and can stick to.

After all, it’s always much better to work in a field that you’re passionate about rather than out of obligation or by force, don’t you think?

Sadly, I’m still in the grays regarding what I’d like to do.

I suppose some of you do have the same regards? <.__.>{?]

..whereby you aren’t sure what you love doing and then ended up stuck in a job you totally hate yet — you have no other choice?

Or you aren’t doing anything at all because you are lost and not prepared. <;__;>

Ah well…. We all have our own dilemma, don’t we? <u__u>

With that said, I’m going to bury my head and thoughts into some of the books I’ve bought last week~

One of them being: ↓

It’s an artbook compiling art works by several Gothic artist such as Yoh, Eri Kamijo and so on.

Among the compilation, my most favorite would be Yoh’s Monochrome World, as seen above. ↑

You can view more of her artwork at:

HimeYou’s is lovely and enchanting too~ (


Sheep admires these artists for they do not fear expressing their visions no matter how whimsical and weird they may be.

Yosh~ Let’s take this as something to learn~

We must not suppress our potential —– ! <TAT>/

[ . . . ]

However if there’s an evil motive behind it…Yes! Do suppress by all means! <≥A≤>

[ . . . ]

Gomen! <TAT>

!! runs away !!

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1.  bubuchacha
September 25th, 2010 at 11:17 am

when you reach 30 i guess you’ll have a house full of miniature set miss aya!

but it takes a lot of effort and patience to finish one?! and i dont have both! hahaha!

anyway, nice books! reminds me of gothic lolita dresses in japan! im dying to buy one of those outfits! :)

good luck to your job hunting!

2.  dino-chan
September 26th, 2010 at 9:16 pm

So this is sheep-chan’s favourite art direction ne ^_^
My favourite art direction is…less details the better xDDDDDD I am more to colour kana, black and white art collection bored me a bit eventhough is very interesting to look at.

Aha~ The curve, my friend told me about that though. Unfortunately, to go there is a bit problem for me compare to 1utama T_T ~~~~ I guess I wun be buying DIY sets at the moment. :P Concentrating to complete the current set.

Grocery shop! Are you selling carrots? *laughs* Uwaaa…ya know what? By looking at the overall picture of your DIY collections, I accidentally imagined your room looks like fairy tale-ish. Dun you think so? ^^
Hehehe isshouni ganbarou on the job hunting.
As you know, I am still clueless on what am I liking to do/work as.
Never though job hunting would be pretty ‘challenging’

3.  Ms Aya
September 27th, 2010 at 2:53 pm

Dear Bubuchacha

Hahaha~ My inheritance, those will be!

Yes, it does takes patience but not too much because they are small. I’ve seen really big ones with lots of parts to assemble. Those are really time consuming and — lots of work. (-__-)lll

Lolita dresses~ Does your place sell them? As in is it easily available? And does it cost a lot? There are few shops in my place that sells such fashion but it’s very costly. Also, not many people wear them so if you do, you’d stand out like a sore thumb. XD


Dear Dino-chan

Baa~ Sheep likes black and white art. Colors are nice but never good at coloring. (Laughs nervously) Last time when there were coloring contest, sheep never wins. XD
Anyway, i think Dino-chan is more suited with colors because Dino-chan is a fan of very cute things.

Eh? I thought there’s a shuttle bus to Ikano from 1U.

And correction: The stall can be found in IKANO, not The Curve. My apologies. I tend to think they are the same mall. (x__x)

Etou, how close is Dino-chan to finishing the horticulture set? Is it difficult?

Sheep’s room is — like a girl’s room. Trying to turn it into a vintage looking room though. (Laughs)

Hai, isshouni ganbarimasho!

Well..hunting for job takes time and considerations such as the distant, nature of the job and so on. Therefore, we shouldn’t hurry ourselves and the same time take too long? (.__.)?

4.  bubuchacha
September 28th, 2010 at 9:04 pm

Not here in our place, im just browsing online!

those are really expensive (sigh), but i think its worth it! hahaha!

hows your job hunting going on miss aya?

5.  Ms Aya
September 28th, 2010 at 9:49 pm

Dear Bubuchacha

Well just make sure you get good ones. I’ve seen some of them that are sold here. The material is cheap and workmanship is poor; threads are visible. So if you are to fork out a sum of money for a lolita dress, make sure it’s worth it all the way~ *starts to sound like an aunty sheep* XD

Hahaha…Still hunting. There’s a Japanese restaurant with a job vacancy. But it was written in Chinese so I couldn’t tell. Then again, don’t intend to work full-time as a waitress. So yea…sheep is still looking.

Thanks for asking. (^-^)/

6.  bubuchacha
September 30th, 2010 at 8:25 am

Yeah you’re right!

haha! Nah! but you look young miss aya!

Have you heard of the maid cafe? there’s one in Japan, their waitresses dresses in cute maid dresses, and I guess their job is not that tiring!

7.  Ms Aya
September 30th, 2010 at 11:07 pm

Dear Bubuchacha

No, I don’t look young. Today a girl called me an aunty and it really drove a dagger through my chest. Oh~~the horror~~~ (Cries)

Yup, I heard of maid cafes where the waitresses wear maid costumes. Apparently, it’s not a healthy job in Japan because it caters to otakus and unhealthy fetishes. (-__-)lll

But heck, the costumes are lovely and sweet~~~~~!


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