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… my nap was interrupted by the noises outside; Auwlithe barking and children yelling.

I wasn’t very irritated with Auwlithe but more pissed off by the Malay kids outside.

I could hear them taunting my dog with names and even though I did not see the actual bullying, I could tell they were using gestures to disturb Auwlithe.

Flabbergasted and reluctantly, I got out of my bed and went outside to the garden to then find 2 kids hiding somewhere behind my house, discussing how they should disturb Auwlithe.

When the 2 kids were done with planning, they hurried over to catch me frowning at them.

The little girl gasped and clung on to her big brother, I assume, and they whispered to each other. I could hear the boy telling the little girl that it’s alright and that I WON’T DO ANYTHING.

Sheep’s angry level increased by 6/10 at this point. However…

True… <u__u>

Angry as I was…

I just stood there despite wanting to choke both of them badly. Calm and collected…I just stood there and ready to let them slip away without a word…Until the girl waved at me and said,

“Hello AUNTY~!”

[ . . . ]

[ Aunty.... ]

!! Rage !!

I snapped….

And yelled at them.

Fucking kids with no manners and culture. Dare you mess with my dear, dear Auwlithe and call me an ‘Aunty’ later.

Little fuckers!

I hate kids (and adults) who enjoy taunting animals. You know? The type that when they see an animal, they must poke, call names and disturb them. Not out of fondness in which we go Aw~~so cute~~~ but instead, try to test the animal’s patience. They pleasure in puzzling the poor creature, or to feel superior over animals — heck, I don’t know what they think of.

Anyway, I scolded those 2 buggers and I really don’t want to see them cross my path anymore with that kind of attitude. Auwlithe isn’t the type of dog that barks at anything, everything. So they have no reason to bother him as they do to him.


Oh well…I’m sure you’ve crossed these sort of children, right?

Now on a completely different note…

Yesterday I met up with a friend whom I’ve not seen for a very long time~. ↓

This is NinjaJoy. We were neighbors once and attended the same school. The period of time we got to know each other was rather short as I suddenly transferred school but we somehow managed to keep in touch.

So yes, meeting her after 5 years later — I must say she has been through a transformation, from head to toe. <OAO>

We hung out in Sentosa, Singapore and talked mostly about working life and sisterhood.

Some of the things she told me was really interesting and quite an eye-opener regarding XX + XX relationships…perhaps something you’d like to know..

However, I won’t be sharing the content of our conversation as it might come across as incredibly sensitive and offending to some.

Ergo let’s shush about it, ok? (Laughs nervously)

Also…Sheep is quite lazy to spew her thoughts. <—ω—> (Laughs shamelessly)

Lately, sheep is very lazy to tweet and blog.

Won’t say there’s anything wearing sheep down but just — lack of energy and inspiration. You get what I mean?

Baa… <u_u> Whatever the reason may be, hope it goes away soon and energy, please come back! (Cries)

This blog entry is brought to you by the expected, Ordinary O type girl, Ms Aya~

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1.  Pixy
October 1st, 2010 at 10:38 am

Can’t blame the Malay kids though, the REAL things is their parents didn’t teach and discipline them properly … and they dunno how old are you, whether you are married or not … so that’s why they simply call u ‘auntie’ in in suddenly …

About ‘taunting’ animals, sheep … heh, is happening all around the world

2.  krayle
October 2nd, 2010 at 8:48 am

Sheep-chan! 久しぶり! *glomps!* ^^ hehehh~

Perhaps the kids were taunting Auwlithe BECAUSE he didn’t bark? Anyway how did those kids get into your house area?? I hope you gave them a hell of a scolding!

that being said, Sheep-chan’s reaction was very cute ^^

3.  Ms Aya
October 2nd, 2010 at 9:47 am

Dear Pixy

Yes it happens everywhere and throughout the ages.
I don’t think some parents are at fault. Some children will behave themselves in the presence of an adult however once they are alone, they tend to try things out.

There is this other neighbor behind me, the 2 kids like to disturb Auwlithe. The girl doesn’t really disturb. She just calls him “Anjing” and like to look whereas the boy tries to get Auwlithe’s attention by running. Just afraid some kids might throw things at Auwlithe. Furthermore, my dog is quite revengeful. He remembers and if he gets a chance to run and catch them, he’ll definitely attack them.

Mmmm….Set up Proximity Mines around my house. XD That should keep them away!

Speaking of which, you should use Proximity Mines with Midnight Wesker la. It’s damn good! Like if got a group of majinis tailing before you, place one on the ground before you climb the ladder. But not too close to the ladder or you’ll pick up!


Dear Krayle-chan

They didn’t get into my house compound, just outside the gate. But I think I heard them tried to open my gate. That’s when I forced myself out of the bed. XD Hahaha.

Mmmm Sheep needs to borrow Krayle-chan’s super fierce, killer eyes. XD jodai jodai~! (Laughs)

4.  dino-chan
October 2nd, 2010 at 1:12 pm

BAD BAD KIDS……………..=.= Where are their manners gone to?
Aunty?! … that’s it! Sheep-chan, what are you waiting for ….. open the gate and scream at them =.=

XX+XX relationships…;) wow

5.  krayle
October 2nd, 2010 at 5:07 pm

You’re welcome to borrow them! hahahaa (: Well if they had gotten in then you can always call the police. It’s considered trespassing right? (:

6.  bubuchacha
October 2nd, 2010 at 11:20 pm

I can totally relate with your experience ms aya!

we had a visitor before who annoyed my pet cat one evening. I was really mad, but i cant do anything because he’s a visitor and way too older than I.

hahaha! you should have spank those kids! you have all the right in the world to punish them for waking you up and disturbing your dog’s peaceful night. :)


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