Thank You, Gentlemen~!

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This is Ms Aya the sheep who will be returning to JB tomorrow.

Home sweet home~

Missing my naughty yet dearest Auwlithe~

Oh well…

Sheep enjoyed her time in PJ thanks to these 2 gentlemen~. ↓

↑ SpitxFire — who attempted to eat my book of ideas. Good thing he did not consume it otherwise, he might suffer a series of weird sheepish dreams. (Laughs)

Then there’s my former high school senior – Nic-sempai~! ↓

– whom sheep has not come in contact for 7 years! (Gasps)

The content of our conversation is strictly classified — not for your ears!

[ . . . ]


Hahaha, mweh. We talked a lot about movies and games. <^-^>

With that said…

Thank you so much for your time, both of you! Hope to meet up sometime soon~!

Oh, I met Nic~

She had some things to pass to sheep; Fe’s scrapbook. ↓

And it was really sweet of her to present a late birthday gift~

(Laughs) Cute doggies. From the time I knew Nic, she has always been a dog lover.

Overall, at least this time sheep met up with some people right? (Laughs)

I think — For this year…I have enough social! <^v^>/


[ . . . ]

Sheep better get going…brain is not functioning too well…too hyper and might type more nonsense therefore —

Toodles~ <^ω^>/

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2 comments so far

1.  Dino-chan
September 24th, 2010 at 11:16 am

Nice bag ;) I should try and find a bag with sheep print on XDXDXD

Book of idea O_O I wonder once consumed it, will I keep dreaming of sheeps? And instead of hair growth, it became wool growth? hehehehehe

2.  Ms Aya
September 24th, 2010 at 9:13 pm

Dear Dino-chan

If you do find a bag like that, let sheep know~ 絶対買いたいです!

Who knows~ It’s a mystery, kana~ XD


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