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It seems that Photobucket is hard-up for money again. ↓

(Laughs nervously)

I think I should start searching for another picture host, huh? <.___.>{?]

Trying out Flickr at the moment…can’t seem to get use to the navigation and also, can’t seem to share photos here. <´•__•`>

[ . . . ]

So…Any suggestions, people? Know of any good picture host? <.___.>{?]

Baa… <u__u>

Oh yea, my latest artwork. ↓

The theme is ‘The Need to Fix’, featuring an incomplete man-made girl trying to fix other things because she feels the need to fix things, as much as she should be fixed herself.

Well…When I have the time, I’m going to redraw this picture to be more expressive in its tale. <^-^>/

Baa… <u_u>

Got to go now~!

By the way, I’m going to my bro’s place next week therefore, PaperDiaries might be a little dead then. <^-^*>

So…my apologies! <TAT>

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In this post, your sheepish Ms Aya is going to blog about ‘First Nightmare.

Do you by any chance remember your very first nightmare? <.__.>{?]

Like…how old were you then, what was it about and how badly it frightened the shit out of you that perhaps, it’s the cause of some of your phobias?

Well, I was reflecting the dreams I had and recalled my first time experiencing a nightmare. It’s so memorable and it has taught me one very valuable lesson:

“Never sleep facing the door!”


According to Feng Shui which is an ancient Chinese belief, apparently if you sleep with your head facing the door, you will get nightmares. <´•__•`>

When I was 5 years old, my mother told me about such a thing. However that night itself despite being warned, I positioned myself to face the door. I didn’t mean to disobey my mother’s words, I just didn’t know I would fall asleep instantly.

In fact, I didn’t even know I fell asleep because when I thought I rested my eyes for maybe minutes, a cry jolted me to my consciousness. I got up to find myself in the same position which is facing the door. Upon surroundings, the master room was seemingly normal however the atmosphere was different and somewhat unusual. The room was in dead silence and still.

My mother and brother were no where in sight. Thinking that they could be downstairs watching TV, I got out of my bed but as I was doing so, I felt heavy, so much so it was difficult for me to even set my little foot on the ground.

When I finally stood on the cold parquet floor and ready to walk, a sudden cry was once more heard. Frightened, I jumped back onto my bed. Many questions came channeling in my head and I was really afraid that I clung on tight to the pillar of the bed.

I looked under my bed, the windows and all around the room to see where that cry was coming from but to no discovery. The eerie cries came on and off but each time, sounded more violent and the pangness I felt became stronger and heavier.

Somehow by a hunch, I figured it was coming from my side of the closet. Believing so, I managed to summon enough courage to leave my bed and open the closet.

Indeed, the awful cries were coming from my closet. But I just couldn’t see anything in the darkness. As I was trying to look into the darkness, the cries simmered down, making it harder for me to find anything.

I knew something spooky was in there but regardless, I ruffled through my clothes to then find…

My brother…

…curled up in the corner and staring at me in the most creepy and eerie manner ever. Both of us, motionless and in silence, I wondered what was my brother doing in my closet. We liked to hide in wardrobes during the day but we don’t do that at night.

Anyway, I then broke the silence by calling my brother to come out. In response, he hissed and made more eerie sounds. It was very disturbing to see him in such a behavior and it was really creeping me out.  The more I tried to pull him out, the more he resisted and became violent to the point he scratched my hands.

Worried, I hurried downstairs to seek for mum.

I always dreaded our staircase because it has gaps in between and each step taken, it makes a loud heart throbbing DONG! sound. Moreover, I used to have this imagination that some creature is under the staircase, always waiting to grab my feet in between the steps.

In any case, I ignored that fear and hurried down to find mum in the hall, watching TV. I pestered her to come upstairs because Ed is acting strangely. She didn’t seem to hear me nor affected by my constant pulls on her sleeves.

It was as if she was in a trance.

I then heard my brother’s voice. This time, it sounded like his usual self. He was calling for me and mum from outside of the house. I went to the door and saw my brother. It was definitely him, unlike the one upstairs who seemed so sinister. My real brother has a very angelic and naive look.

There he was, standing quite far from the door. He seemed like he was struggling to the door but is pulled back by a mysterious force. I tried to unlock the grill but to no avail. I kept calling for mum but she didn’t seem to be bothered as though occupied in her own world.

Some black human-shapes begun emerging from the darkness and closing in on my brother. I couldn’t tell what was going on but I had a bad feeling.

I was really afraid those black shadows would harm and take my brother away and all I could do was shake the grill and cry while they close in on my brother.

What happened next?

I have no idea.

And really glad there was no continuation to it because…

I woke up.

The minute I got up, I went to look for my brother first to find him in a normal state. Mum was like usual, talking away and everything were normal.

Only then I realized what I experienced was called a nightmare. (Laughs nervously)

[ . . . ]

Lame story, huh?

At that time and age, it was a really frightening experience, to have absolutely no control over situations and the thought of losing my brother was an unbearable horror. <;__;>

Come to think if it — when we have nightmares, there’s always some sort of danger in it, correct? <.__.>

In most of my nightmares, the danger is either losing my brother or evil possession. <;__;>

Baa… <u__u>

I guess… what we fear most is losing our loved ones, ne..

Oh well, enough about sheep~ <^ω^>

Do you remember your first nightmare?

And usually, what is the danger in your nightmares? <^-^>/

Speak up~!


PS: While I was drafting this blog entry, my mother told me that she placed my uncle’s mattress outside my room. When I came out to check, I got angry at her for positioning the mattress to face the door. She then placed it else where, which does not face the door at all. Seriously, of all times? <T_T>

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Howdy, my cupcakes~!

I’m Ms Aya, your sheepish blogger, blogging to you in high spirits~

Was I absent from the blog for too long? <.__.>

I’m not going to pin any faults on my offline work so please, just pardon sheep.. <_  _>lll

(Laughs nervously)

Anyway it’s September now so I would like to wish all the Virgos, “Happy Birthday~<^ω^>/

Last month was pretty hectic for me as work was rather tough. But it’s all worthwhile because when I got my salary..I finally bought something I’ve been longing for…

For the fun of it… Would you like to make a few guesses? <.__.>{?]

Did sheep buy…

  1. a handphone? → No, I already have a very good and awesome handphone which is the Samsung Star.
  2. new laptop since sheep hates Windows Vista and it’s condemned? → I thought of getting a new laptop but bro gave me his so no more a need for that. Phew~! <´v`>
  3. house decorations? → Nope.
  4. beautiful and branded clothes? → Nope.
  5. some product to boost my boobies’ growth? → Ng, milk is the cheapest investment so sheep is going to stick to that! XD
  6. a boyfriend? → We can purchase boyfriends? <.__.>

Come on, make several more guesses! (Laughs)

[ . . . ]

[ . . . ]

[ . . . ]

Ok, I’ll break it to you now.

[ . . . ]

Sheep bought a … ↓



I love cycling because it takes me to places. Even though cars are more practical, isn’t it good and healthy to cycle?

Not to say we should cycle to very far places unless you are a hardcore biker. Otherwise…Maybe to parks or around the neighborhood.

Ah~ well…Can’t wait to cycle out to the Waffle House tomorrow~ <^ε^>

When I bought this bicycle, I was so happy that I cycled home. (Laughs)

Now that I got myself a bicycle using my hard earned salary, what should I buy next I wonder~ <^ε^>

Oh wait..There won’t be a next salary because…

I resigned. <´•__•`>

Baa… <u_u>

So yea, what would you/do you do/buy with your salary?

I’m thinking that some of you will buy handphones… (Chuckles)

Or video games!

Baa, time to put a full-stop. Baa-bai and hope to blog more and chat more with everyone~!