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Mood: On cloud nine

Howdy, my cupcakes~!

I’m Ms Aya, your sheepish blogger, blogging to you in high spirits~

Was I absent from the blog for too long? <.__.>

I’m not going to pin any faults on my offline work so please, just pardon sheep.. <_  _>lll

(Laughs nervously)

Anyway it’s September now so I would like to wish all the Virgos, “Happy Birthday~<^ω^>/

Last month was pretty hectic for me as work was rather tough. But it’s all worthwhile because when I got my salary..I finally bought something I’ve been longing for…

For the fun of it… Would you like to make a few guesses? <.__.>{?]

Did sheep buy…

  1. a handphone? → No, I already have a very good and awesome handphone which is the Samsung Star.
  2. new laptop since sheep hates Windows Vista and it’s condemned? → I thought of getting a new laptop but bro gave me his so no more a need for that. Phew~! <´v`>
  3. house decorations? → Nope.
  4. beautiful and branded clothes? → Nope.
  5. some product to boost my boobies’ growth? → Ng, milk is the cheapest investment so sheep is going to stick to that! XD
  6. a boyfriend? → We can purchase boyfriends? <.__.>

Come on, make several more guesses! (Laughs)

[ . . . ]

[ . . . ]

[ . . . ]

Ok, I’ll break it to you now.

[ . . . ]

Sheep bought a … ↓



I love cycling because it takes me to places. Even though cars are more practical, isn’t it good and healthy to cycle?

Not to say we should cycle to very far places unless you are a hardcore biker. Otherwise…Maybe to parks or around the neighborhood.

Ah~ well…Can’t wait to cycle out to the Waffle House tomorrow~ <^ε^>

When I bought this bicycle, I was so happy that I cycled home. (Laughs)

Now that I got myself a bicycle using my hard earned salary, what should I buy next I wonder~ <^ε^>

Oh wait..There won’t be a next salary because…

I resigned. <´•__•`>

Baa… <u_u>

So yea, what would you/do you do/buy with your salary?

I’m thinking that some of you will buy handphones… (Chuckles)

Or video games!

Baa, time to put a full-stop. Baa-bai and hope to blog more and chat more with everyone~!