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Mood: Relaxing

Blogging to you is Ms Aya who has yet to have gotten used to glasses… ↓

The glasses helps me to see better however, somehow I feel my scope has been narrowed and constricted. It’s as if I’m constantly looking through a sniper-scope sort of feeling →  (but without the cross hair).

(Laughs nervously)

So ok..It’s a Sunday and here I am — reporting for this week’s happening!

Let see what sheep can share with thee…


[ . . . ]

[ . . . ]

[ . . . ]

[ . . . ]

AHAKS! That day when ——

Oh wait…It’s too dangerous to talk about that matter publicly…

[ . . . ]

Seriously, is my life so uneventful?

I remember Fishy Fe → once said that it’s not about how big the events are in a day. It’s the little things that makes a day good.

Also I was thinking about this phrase, “Your life is your canvas. Paint it in however way you want”—- along those lines.

Now I realized that my canvas of life seems very empty. There’s really nothing on it. And the thing is — I seem to be erasing and clearing instead of adding.

I threw away all my school magazines, trophies, medals, some photos and even fondly things.

A couple of days ago, I cleared my Facebook and contacts as well.

What is sheep trying to achieve? Who knows…A clean slate?

Anyway, this is for sheep to ponder. Suppose you are going through the same phase as sheep, let’s get a drink (coffee) and wallow till our feets are ready to walk again, ok? (Laughs)


Oh yes! My latest drawing~! ↓

The original idea was to draw a girl with super long hair and things stuck in her hair. Initially I thought spider webs would be cool however, I wanted an excuse to use my red marker instead of always using black thus the idea of lollipops. <^-^>lll

I had problems drawing the hands as you can see above.

Spit even said it looks like she Karate Chopped her own hands! XD (Laughs)

So her hands has been changed to… ↓

<^v^>/ Aah~ If only the weekends could prolong, I would like to draw more~♥

De, this is all from Ms Aya~

Have a good week ahead, everyone~

And oh~ Happy National Day Singapore~!

Mood: Flabbergasted

On the home stretch, motorcycle-after-motorcycle came darting from the back of our car.

The highway was already very crowded, with little space for anyone to squeeze through and yet they persist. <=__=>

At the expense of trying their luck to zigzag other vehicles, they either scratch other people’s vehicle, damage side mirrors, give you a heart attack — or all at once.

Fucking annoying.

Plus, their attitude is very fucked up. You signal your car to the right and about to cut in, suddenly a motorbike that was so far behind speeds up, hons and demands that you wait and make way for him to pass by.

Why the fuck do we have to give way to you? We are not obliged to and besides, we gave an early signal — you wait mother fucker.

Some more, dare to give that fucked up, not-satisfied face…You know? The ‘gawk-at-you and murmur-some-shit’ face. Makes you want to get out your car, grab that asshole’s face and tear it!

Then to further annoyance, once you let one motorcyclist pass, a beeline of them follows — giving you absolutely no chance to cross at all.

Dumb fucks.

Sometimes when these people get into a horrible accident, I wonder… Should we pity them or laugh out loud and say, “You should have seen that coming!”?

Gah! イライラス!<¯ヘ¯>凸

[ . . . ]

[ . . . ]

Oooh, look at my finger, it’s thin~! <°Δ°> (Laughs)

No Eyecandy for Sheep!

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers

Mood: <^-^>/

Before anybody gets this brilliant idea about asking me whether I’ve found any guy I fancied at work…allow me to bring this up first. <TAT>


[ . . . ]

There aren’t any which caught my eyes.

For crying out loud, the male population in my office is few and…

They are old enough to be my father. ↑ <x__x>

See? They even wear their pants so high up! <≥A≤>/

Well…I know it’s common for people to have crushes and eye candies whether they are at work, school or regular hangout places. (Sighs) I’m not even spared to have a bit of such normal leisure. <x__x>

I don’t mean I deserve much better for I know my self-value however… (Laughs) Perhaps sheep shouldn’t be thinking and prospecting for a soulmate yet. Most important thing to do right now is work hard, earn some money and then venture into an online business. <—ω—>/

Have been planning to start a blog shop since a long time already. Time to make plans fall into places, ne? (Laughs)

Yosh~! It should take my mind off bishies (handsome guys)~


Well then, sheep shall sleep early for tomorrow’s work~!

Everyone, it’s a pleasure blogging and reporting to you all! <^v^>/

Have a good week and stay tune! <^x^>/

PS: Do you have an eyecandy? I wonder when people usually have eye candies, do they really intend to make advances or just stay that way? RocketLife’s Dan, say something! XD (Laughs)