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Once again, a DIY miniature house by sheep~! <^v^>/ (Laughs) ↓

This model is by far, the most colorful one I have done. After all, it’s a shop for babies therefore, vibrant and cheerful colors!

Imagine if baby shops are painted in monotone colors such as black and gray.. In that event, babies who grew up with such memory might either be some emo punk or a psychopath. So yea..I think environment does play a part in shaping an individual — heck, sheep is drifting to another topic here, you say? Baa! My apologies! <≥A≤>

Here are some pictures~! ↓

When inspecting whether I got everything in the checklist, I was rather  flabbergasted to discover that the glue dried up so with that, I had to use my own super glue.

Although super glue is way better because it really glues the parts firmly, I advise you – Please don’t use super glue.

If you are very good in handling glue, maybe it’s not so bad. But I tell you solemnly (something everyone knows) — Once you accidentally glue your own skin — It’s fucking painful! <`A´>

Yesterday while assembling, I accidentally glued my fingers together!!


It took a lot of effort to free my fingers. <;__;>

Now they are quite sore… I wonder if my finger print has been messed up in the process. Or partially removed.. (Laughs nervously)

<u__u> That would be so troublesome…

This moment had reminded me of one time when I was a kid, my fingers got stuck in the freezer. Back then I used to like scrapping for ice but what I didn’t know was I could get my fingers stuck on dry ice. <OAO>

Anyway, try not to resort to super glue especially when you’re assembling miniature parts. Glue residue is bound to get on your fingers!

Don’t touch that shit…for real!


Well then….Another addition to my street of houses~ <^-^>/ ↓

Before I go, let me introduce you to my newly adopted pet — ↓

Got this lil sheep from Lovely Lace. Original price is RM59.90 but there’s a 10% discount for all items going on so y~ay!

I asked my mother what should I name it and she suggested my baby name which is — Don’t laugh —

[ . . . ]


<^-^> Yea…My….baby name…. XD

So there you have it~

Babak and Bebe~! (Laughs)

Speaking of baby name, do you have one? And do your parents/family still call you by that name? <.___.>

Don’t be shy! We’re not going to laugh at you~ At most, we’ll go “Awwww~~~How cute~~~!” <^ω^> (Laughs)